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Setting the date

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Published 5 years ago
When I arrived home from work the following night, I walked inthe back door to find Wifey and Donna having a coffee in the kitchen. 'Donna said you ran with her and Mark last night'. Donna winked and put her finger to her lips, we would keep what happened a secret for now. Donna was inviting us over to dinner on Saturday night. They had been living next door for a few months and we had never really got to know each other properly. Donna was seriously flirting with Wifey. She was in tight jeans and a loose lowcut top. Her eyes were focused on Wifey, she as tossing her hair, touching her ears and neck, giggling at Wifey's jikes and leaning forward to give Wifey a veiw of her glorious cleavage. Wifey was flushed and arroused, her nipples visibly erect through her gym top. After Donna left, a dinner date set for Saturday night, Wifey commented, 'I think Donna was flifting with me'. 'Really, I didn't notice, I was to busy looking at her tits.' She flicked me with a tea towel. 'Great tits weren't they. Thought they were going to pop out. Do you think they would play with us?' 'I don't know, I guess we will find our Saturday.' I said, already knowing the answer. Latter, Wifey was bringing in the washing and I went out to help. She was just standing, looking next door, rubbing her crotch. 'Something on your mind' 'Shh, listen.' From next door we could hear Donna moaning, and she was calling Wifey's name. That night, as I was eating Wifey's cunt she called out 'Donna' as she squirted all over my face. I was thinking about having Mark pound my arse as I ate Donna's pussy. Saturday could not come round quick enough.
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