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Published 7 years ago
Your laying on your stomach naked i straddle you and kiss the back of your neck. I lightly bite it as i move across your shoulders and slowly down your back. moving slowly down with gentle kisses and bites i get to your ass cheeks and massage them with my hands before i kiss them each one in turn every now and then biting , teasing you. i put a pillow under your hips as you move your legs apart i can see your beautiful pussy ready for the taking. i move my mouth down and place it on your pussy as you moan i gently lick you ,you spread your legs more as i slowly insert my tongue into you. i start fucking you as you play with your clit with your fingers, i explore your pussy with my tongue deeper and deeper you taste so sweet. i dart my tongue in and out as you rub yourself i move my tongue from your pussy and lick your asshole. i tongue your ass as you fuck your pussy with your fingers you cum as i fuck your ass with my tongue and as i pull your ass cheeks apart exploring you deeper . i stop and kneel between your legs and place my hard cock in your pussy you arch up begging for my cock to enter you. i slowly push it in deeper and deeper . you cum instantly . i slowly fuck your pussy deep and slow building up speed i grab your hips and pound into you i fuck you harder and harder as you moan and buck with pleasure i hit your pussy harder as i explode deep inside your pussy filling you up with my hot cum.

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