15 Sep 2016

The Mediterranean sun was hot and beating down on her already tanned body. She knew she was looking as sexy as fuck and all the guys were checking her out.

She'd never been to this part of the beach before, but had heard all about it. She was horney as hell and nothing would have kept her away.

As she started stripping off her bikini, she already had two guys on her. Hot hard and tanned. One was pinching and sucking her nipples while the other was fingering her… oh my! he was ramming that finger int a her as if it was his cock. She knew that she would cum eventually, so she was going to be patient. She closed her eyes and was lost in the moment.

She felt another set of hands on her and opened her eyes to discover someone else had joined the party of feasting on her body. She was still standing with her legs slightly spread and he was underneath her licking her clit rhythmically…it was hypnotic and like nothing she'd felt before…3 guys all over her at the same time. Her orgasm was moments away, so she surrendered and let it take over. She knew it would be the 1st of many before the sun had set.

she now turned her attention to the guy who'd been working on her tits. His cock was looking good and she wanted it in her mouth. Down onto her knees into the sand she went. it was a good sized cock, one she could get all the way into her mouth and down her throat. She sucked that cock until all that hot cum started squirting down her throat.

She was insatiable by now and just wanted more anymore cock.

There was quite an audience by now and more that a few willing participants. her count ached with a need to be filled. She was so wet her juices were trickling down her legs. She gave the nod to the guy with the biggest cock. She wanted it hard and rough. Bent over the railing, he took her from behind and rammed it deep into her pussy. He roughly grabbed at her tits and slapped her arse hard…just the way she liked it. Then he started fingering her arse but she wanted more than a finger up there, she wanted another hard cock. With that she gave a wink to a hot young tanned guy that had been watching and wanting. he stuck his cock up her arse and she was in heaven. Two at the same time riding her with wild abandon.

The orgasm she had was the most intense she ever had. she would definitely be coming back to this beach again, tomorrow!!!