Written by Miss_B

22 Oct 2011

More daily fucking of strangers is taking its toll on me.

I am tired and sore, and when I get home he is demanding of

me, he fantasizes about me with the other men and wants to

play it out for hours. If I don't obey him, he ties me

to a bed, spanks me hard or totally ignores me for days on

end and it drives me crazy. Today I am out again. Two men done and just arriving at the

third hotel where there is an old grinning man with an obvious

hard on waiting out the front for me. I step out of the car and he giggles, he hugs me tight and runs

his hand down over my butt cheek. He smells of body odor and

cheap after-shave. He holds me close and walks me around the back of the building

where there are some old wooden stairs. He guides me up the

steps, giggling with excitement and panting hard as we

enter the small, dark room. Heavy velvet curtains cover the small window and he turns

the light on to reveal sad wallpaper and an old double bed

with well worn coverings on it. This was his room. A dresser

stood to the side of the bed with an army photo on it and a few

personal possessions. He takes my hand and presses it on his crotch, giggling he

unzips his trousers and releases his stiff, short, fat

cock. It was oozing pre-cum and he wiped it off with a fat

weather beaten finger and then wiped it across my chest.

I was undoing my blouse, standing in front of him as he stroked

himself, I turned to remove my thong, but before I could,

he pushed past it and entered me. He pumped inside me fast

and hard, grunting and gasping as he reached his orgasm

and spurted inside me. He stepped away, giggled again and pulled down my thong.

He turned me around and guided me back onto the bed. We fucked for two hours solid, he came over and over again,

I don't know where his energy came from but he gave it

to me in all holes as well as all over my chest and even spurted

in my hair. I was amazed and horrified at the thought that when he finished

with me I would have to ask for a shower. I couldn't go

home with cum in my hair. He showed me to the bathroom, it was down the hallway, dirty

and smelly but the water was hot and I quickly washed myself

off from this encounter with him. I was spent, I staggered from his room and slumped into the

car. The driver sneered at me, he was going to get his soon

enough, speeding along the freeway until we entered the

garage and he closed the door. I lay back and took him. It was a frenzied fuck, the recollection

of my day in conversations with him had him very horny. When he finished I stepped from the car and knocked on the

door. It opened immediately and I smiled. There was no smile looking

back at me, instead he grabbed my hair and dragged me inside.

He pulled me to the spare bedroom, tore my clothes from me

and pushed me onto the bed face down. He spread my arms and

legs wide and tied them tightly. I had no idea what I had done

to upset him and I was scared. He lashed me with the belt 200 times, making me count each

one, not allowing me time to prepare between the slaps of

the leather across my arse, legs and back. I was hysterical,

writhing on the bed begging him to stop but he continued

until I yelled the number two hundred. He turned and walked from the room leaving me tied up and

in agony.

Laying there, my body stinging and aching I hated him, hated

the life that he made me lead and hated everyone that I had

fucked for him. I made a decision to get out. I wanted my life back, to make

decisions for myself and to be in control of my life.

He returned to the room later in the night. He released me

but before he had time to speak, I stormed out of the room,

dressed myself and packed my bag of my few belongings that

were in his house. I made my way to the front door and to my

surprise he was standing there, holding it open. He looked at me and warned me that if I took one step outside

the door it was all over. The lifestyle, the huge house,

the nice car, the money that I had been banking, the clothing

that he had bought for me and the Caribbean holiday that

he had planned to tell me about tonight. I stood still in silence, my mind racing. I looked at him and asked what I had done wrong. He told me that the last guy that I did was supposed to only

do me once, not the five or six times that he got out of me,

and that because I had unprotected sex with him for the first

fuck, I couldn't be used again bare-back until I was

tested. He also told me that I was never going to be free from him,

that he would always be able to find me, and that he had sold

my apartment, my car and all my furniture months ago, banking

the money for me to have when we mutually split.

He then pulled me close and told me that if I left in anger,

I wouldn't see a cent. I turned and walked back to my room. Crying, I unpacked my

bag, had a shower and returned to the bed with him. He used my holes, making sure that he wore a condom and continually telling me that it was myfault that he had to wear it.

The next month was very difficult. He used me sparingly

for himself and only sent me out to work a few times. He had

booked the holiday for us and it was only two weeks until

we left. The test came back all clear for me so he celebrated by taking

me to an expensive restaurant wearing a new outfit that

he chose for me. We were seated in the corner booth where

we couldn't be seen by other diners.

He pulled me close to him and as I was panti-less per his instructions

he fingered me while we waited for our waitress. Later he

made a pass at her while stroking my breasts and then as he

was ordering another bottle of expensive wine he offered

me to the wine waiter who accepted his offer and escorted

me past the rest-rooms to a storage room and took me from

behind. In my purse were the white panties that he liked so much and

I had to put them on after the fuck. The wet patch in my crotch

was growing by the second and he pressed on it hard as I sat

back down close beside him.

I picked up my wine glass and to my shock there was a large

diamond ring in the bottom of the glass. I looked at him in

total shock only to have him reach into the glass, pull out

the ring and propose to me. I burst into tears and accepted, the ring was huge and fitted

my finger perfectly. He hugged and kissed me, he pushed his fingers between my

legs hard as he whispered that we were to be married in a few

days whilst on our holiday and that by agreeing to become

his wife I had passed the test, and also committed myself

to him for life.

I nodded my head apprehensively, instinctively spreading

my legs wide so he could push further up into my pussy and

stroke me as we kissed passionately.

We fucked hard all night. He used my holes harder than ever

before and I loved it. He told me that the wedding plans were

all done, I was totally under his control now and had to do

as he wanted. I agreed, totally swept up in the moment I agreed to submit

myself to him.

Next morning I had 3 bookings. He took the ring off me and

sent me on my way. I was reluctant but did it, 3 sleazy men

in 3 sleazy rooms laying on top of me, kissing my neck, breathing

stale breath on me and pushing hard unused cocks deep inside

me until they were drained. Fat fingers explored my pussy

and rough skin massaged my clit while old tongues licked

me and tasted me. All I could thing about was the holiday and my wedding. The

third one done I came out to the car. The driver wanted details, I was non-plussed and he screeched

the car to a halt, pulling off onto a side road and turning

around to face me. He grabbed my arm and pulled me towards

him. He wanted exciting details to turn him on before he fucked

me, he didn't want to hear how unhappy I was fucking

dirty old men.

He pulled be through between the seats and pushed me head

into his crotch, telling me to suck on him until he said to

stop. I unzipped his trousers and put him in my mouth. His hand went up the back of my skirt as he drove with the other

hand on the wheel. His fingers pushed deep into my arse,

pushing my head harder against his crotch and making his

cock twitch in my mouth. Two then three fingers pushed into my hole, twisting and

stretching it as I writhed in pain with his stiff cock in

my mouth. He was hurting me but he didn't care. When we stopped in the garage he pushed my head away and shoved

me back onto the back-seat of the car. He opened the door,

grabbed my legs and pushed them back over my shoulders.

He spat onto my hole, ramming his fingers inside again as

I held my breath and held my legs tightly. He took my hole with force. Pushing and tearing into me while

I cried out in pain he fucked me hard. I wanted to scream,

the pain was so intense and he was so aggressive but he finally

came inside me and pulled away. I lowered my legs and to my horror my future husband was standing

at the door. He had watched the whole thing. He turned to the driver and fired him, pushing him backwards

out of the garage he told him to go and never return. He turned to me and helped me from the car, gently he guided

me as I tried to walk inside the house. He bathed me and cared for me, leaving me to rest for the night,

telling me that he was going to get a new driver and if he broke

the rules I was to tell him about it. The rule for the driver was pussy only. I didn't know

and he assumed that this rule was being obeyed until he saw

for himself.

Tomorrow we leave. Bags all packed I have a busy day, 5 to

see before we fly to our marriage destination.

I am hesitant and can't concentrate.