1 Feb 2019


I don't know where I am.

I feel strange. I am lying down. I know that much. I am washed by a wave of warmth that floods from my feet, up my legs, rushes into my groin and swirls just below my stomach. It is an intensely sexual feeling. Overwhelming. I feel an orgasm hit me faster than I've ever been taken before. I lose my breath for I don't know how long. And before I catch another breath, another wave hits me again. As if I am being lowered into a warm bath. I see lights swirl in the darkness. I can't tell what colour these lights are. It is movement. Before I can focus, I orgasm again.

A crashing wave sensation centers halfway between my belly button and my clitoris. I have no other feeling in my body. I can't think of anything else. Electrifying. Then I dissolve.

Darkness returns.

I wake in a bed. I see only a white ceiling. I can't turn my head. I do not know what is going on. I do not understand. My body still glows in post-orgasmic bliss. I think I am dreaming.

An image comes to mind. A cock. Flaccid. Shiny and wet. Flushed red. A drop of cum hanging stubbornly from the tip. This cock has just been in a marathon sex session. It is wiped out. Exhausted. Spent. I know this cock. It belongs to my lover. Details start assembling in my memory. He sent this picture to my phone. When I saw it I felt my pussy react. I felt the rawness in my vagina. Tired. Almost painful but wrapped in a layer of pleasure. Enough to make me squirm.

His cock was inside me only minutes ago. We had fucked all night. Timeless. Lying here I could feel him inside me still. Filling me. My muscles grasping around him. Feeling him thrust and move and wanting him deeper, further, faster, all of him, to swallow him, to draw him inside me completely. Losing consciousness and riding a flow of existence that had nothing to do with thought and everything to do with the burning unquenchable ball of heat in my core.

I tried to make sense of what I felt but I could not. A white ceiling. Overpowering sexual memory. The memory so strong it felt more real than anything else. I could not feel anything of myself now just as I was.

He photographed his spent cock and sexted it to me minutes after I left his house. I was in my car. The sky was light but the sun was not yet up. The road was empty. My phone chimed and vibrated and I grabbed it with my left hand. There was that cock. The cock I had milked dry, rode hard, sucked on, licked, chewed, grasped, fondled. I had owned that cock and left nothing inside it. And he sent me that picture. And I took my eyes off the road.

Sudden darkness... I let it take me.

"Hey, good afternoon."

That white ceiling again.

And a voice. A kind voice. A man. Young. Confident and caring. "Good afternoon. I'm your nurse. I just need to give you a quick check." A machine annoyingly beeping somewhere in the room.

That wave from my feet swept up my legs again, bringing with it the same indescribable sexual energy. At once both warm and soothing and, at the same time, igniting a sudden, overwhelming response. Centering in the same place between my belly button and clitoris and just. Lighting. Me. On. Fire. I came.

The whole sensation occurred in the time between the voice saying, "...quick check" and the touch of his hand on my stomach through a starched cotton sheet. "Oh," I heard. A surprised and confused oh. "Are you alright?" His hand on my forehead. Warm and making me aware of my sweaty brow. His face came into view. A nice face, and, for the first time, I became aware that I couldn't move. My head wouldn't turn. My arm would not lift. My leg would not bend.

"You've been in a car accident. You've been here for a week. We didn't know when you'd wake up. Your torso is in a cast and your legs are pretty badly broken..."

The voice faded away. Lost and drowned out by another sexual wave dominating all my senses. I could not focus on anything else. I heard myself groan out loud. It was a sexual groan. Unmistakably sexual. Unmistakably an orgasmic groan. The face above me flushed red. Okay, so he knows what is happening to me. And that only turned me on more. I had no rational thought. I was a slave to an uncontrollable possession and it felt good.

He talked more but I could not concentrate. I felt his hands. His fingers. They gently probed my abdomen. His voice was a blanket, a teddy bear, warm milk. I was so fucking horny. So aroused. Turned on and full of desire. That white heat, butterfly in the stomach, nothing makes sense, please stop fucking around and fuck me now, cock hungry, itch.

Whatever the fuck had happened, this car accident, I was trapped in a cycle of those moments just before an orgasm and the blinding release. I barely knew who I was. Not my name. Just fuck me now, fuck me now, oh fuck. And I passed out again.

I dreamed of sex I'd had. The first time. That klutzy awkward embarrassing first time. The better times. When I found my confidence, demanded what I wanted, took what wanted. The giving of myself. The greedy it's all about me needs. Complete fantasies. The woman in the store who fitted my bra that time. The teenager mowing the lawn all sweaty and shirtless in the sun. The singer on stage who wanted me backstage. The faceless, anonymous random fuck. Being tied up and taken and willingly surrendering my body to him, used for his pleasure.

I woke up exhausted. I felt like I was smiling but I couldn't tell. I relaxed and let it come over me again. The warm flush followed swiftly by an orgasm just as powerful and pleasurable as the first. This wasn't like that time in Uni when I let that boy tie me to a bed and play with my vibrator. I could not count the number of times he forced me to cum but after a while each was slightly less pleasurable and more like exercise. This was not like that. Now I barely had time to catch my breath and I was lowered into insatiable lust once again and wanting it all over again,

I would come to, cum a few times and fall asleep again. And his voice kept coming. He was there when I woke up sometimes. I wanted him. I wanted him. I swear I felt his hard cock through his thin cool scrubs press up against my thigh one time but I was losing my sense of reality. His voice was like warm maple syrup poured over me. I wanted him inside me. I wanted to feel his erect, thick penis slide smoothly straight into my arse.

I do not know how long this lasted. It might have been a day. It might have been a month. It might have been a dream. I could never tell.

Then I woke and was not dominated by the sexual wave. It didn't come. I didn't cum. I was tired and happy and felt like I'd been on a tropical holiday.

But I was in a hospital bed. Eating hospital food. With bright lights. And an annoying machine that beeped. Crisp white freshly laundered sheets changed daily. Visited twice a day by my nurse. I had cum more often with him than with almost any boyfriend. I knew it wasn't real, or I think it wasn't real, but it felt like we were in a sexual relationship. I felt in a perpetual sexual afterglow.

Tags: arousal, climax, craving, Sacral Chakra