Written by irishboy

8 Mar 2013

i arrived at the meet and greet very nervous i only knew a few people but i had been told that it would be easy too get to know others,as soon as i arrived i couldnt keep my eyes of one lady she had the the most beautiful legs you ever saw with a little anklet to make it even sexier,she sat beside later on during the night and i (accidently) brushed my hands over her legs a few times after a while we talked for a bit and she asked what i was into and i told her i had a thing for legs and feet at which a wry smile came over her lips she grabbed my hand and placed it on her inner thigh and i eased my hand up and down i was as hard as a rock now and asked if i could see her feet at which she stood up and brought me with her to the back of a hiace or tarago van,we both got in the back and she took of her shoes and her feet were gorgeous with french polised toe nails andwell manicured feet,she asked me to take off my pants and she lifted her skirt so i could see her neatly trimmed fat lipped pussy,she kneeled down and took my cock in her mouth with lots of spit then lay back and wrapped her feet around my cock and slid them back and forth while i looked at her legs pussy and into her eyes,it wasnt long before i could feel the pressure buiding up and i told her i was going to cum and she picked up one of her high heel and kept jacking me with her feet as soon as i started to shoot my spunk she put a bit inside her high heel and the rest she let go all over her feet then she held up her foot to my face and smiled as licked down her leg and asked me to suck my cum off her feet and spit it in her shoe,extremely nervously i did and straight away she put her shoes on gave me a long kiss and got dressed too go, one day this will happen im sure until then i will just have too wank about it