Written by Anonymous

18 Feb 2019

We are your average couple who have decided to spice up our sexlife. Well not your average couple for we are playmates ourselves, as she is married and not to me. She has a sexless marriage and we met at a cafe of all places neither looking to spark anything but after talking for a while she came back to my place and we had what could only be described as a much needed fuck. It was not making love, it was strip each other and suck and fuck for a couple of hours. Cum all over her stomach and tits, me satisfied,her satisfied. After this day we meet nearly every weekend. Her husband knows about me and doesn’t really care but she says she loves him and will never leave him. He has a bigger cock than me and she used to like the feel of it so after a year or so our pillow talk became a fantasy of maybe broadening our horizons.

I have to admit i wanted to see her fucking others. We joined a swinger web page and soon the messages flooded in and we met a guy from nearby who had a 9” cock. He sent us pics. She is 63 he is 33 but said he liked fucking the shit out of grannies, his words not mine. We invited him to my place and soon he had her naked and was eating her snatch. I had my cock out, stiff watching and wanking. She came twice then got him up and removed his pants. He was completely stiff, thick and long, she said a little bigger than her husband. She sucked and licked his shaft and his big hairy balls. It wasn’t long before he mounted her mish and slipped up to the balls in her wet slutty cunt. Her old tits bouncing with each insertion.

I got naked and closer hoping she would suck me at the same time she was being fucked. I kneeled above her head and could see his big shaft going in and out. She grabbed my dick and stroked it then he lent forward and began sucking my cock while he fucked her. We all came about the same time, him deep in her cunt me in his mouth and he swallowed it all and her under him.

Later in the night i tasted my first dick ever but thats another story for another time.