Written by aussiefudd

14 Sep 2012

As you lay on your bed, a soft silken sheet covers your naked body. I stand above you silently watching you in your deep slumber. Your breasts rise and fall with every breath you take. Moonlight dances through your open window casting shadows on your peaceful face. Silently i watch as a cool breeze blows through the window. It's magical effect on your body causes your nipples to harden. You stir, causing the covers to slide off your body. Your body now exposed in it's full beauty. The rise and fall of your breast is too much to take, i lower my head to your breast, tongue extended to touch your nipple. It finds it's mark, i gently flick my tongue across your nipple, not believing it could get any harder. My tongue circles your nipple and relentlessly flicks it back and forth. My lips open to take you into my mouth, gently sucking, my tongue continues it's dance.

> I adjust my position to give some attention to your other nipple. I am startled to see your awake, smiling at me and motioning me to continue. I don't hesitate for a second and my actions continue. My tongue continues to flick, my lips continue to kiss and suck, my teeth gently nip at you nipple. Back and forth from breast to breast never wanting to stop. I cup your breasts in my hands with a firm but gently grip, sucking on your nipples i pull my head back until they pop out of my mouth. From the noises coming from your lips i know you are enjoying the attention.

> Slowly my tongue traces its way to your neck, i cover your neck with kisses and gentle bites, just enough to send wild sensations down your spine. Higher now to your ear, i nibble at your lobe and trace my tongue around your ear. My tongue darts in and out of your ear then back to your lobe. Down to your neck i kiss and lick then around to the other side so i can devote more attention there. Your hands cup your breasts and your fingers tweak your hard nipples as i feast upon your ears and neck. I stop to glare into your eyes, like magnets our lips are pulled together. We kiss, lips entwined, tongues probing into each others mouths, tongues being sucked deep into each other, lips are licked, sucked and bitten in a wild frenzy. I escape our embrace for a moment to kiss your neck. Slowly now my tongue moves lower, kissing, licking lower still. Past your breasts and lower, your body is being covered by mouth. Lower still, i reach your navel and with a mind of it's own, without any thought process your legs slightly part. My tongue traces circles lower, getting closer and closer to your love. I kiss your thigh and you cant stop the movement of your legs. Your legs open, you are exposed, there is nothing left to hide. You offer yourself without hesitation. I will take all you have to offer. My kisses and tongue move from thigh to thigh, ever so slowly getting closer and closer to your womanhood. I take a deep breath to take in your scent. You fill my nostrils with your aroma, i need to taste you. I lower my head between your thighs and have my first taste of your honey. It's divine. My tongue softly brushes against your lips, just enough to know something is there. I savoir the taste, the moment, the fragrance. Never touching your clitoris i continue lapping at your honey. I push a harder with my tongue to open your lips wider. With long lashes i start at the bottom of your lips and lick all the way to your clit. At the first touch to your clit you shudder with excitement. My tongue explores your depths over and over again. My tongue finds your clit, relentlessly it flicks it ever so lightly, never stopping, i pull it's hood back to reveal your pearl. Still my tongue never stops it's assault, your moans tell me don't stop. I cant wait any longer i place my lips over your clit and suck it into my mouth, i suck it hard and pull on it, all the while my tongue flicks it wildly. I reach beneath you and insert a finger into your hot wet pussy. It slides in easily, another finger quickly joins it. I probe deep with my fingers as your clit is in the grip of my lips. Your body shudders and you are about to climax. A third finger is inserted and i suck harder. Bang! You explode!!!

As the sensation subsides, I move my tongue higher, tracing circles over your tummy and higher still. My hand remains, gently massaging your throbbing clit, tickling, rubbing, squeezing, pulling. Higher my tongue travels, reaching your breasts once again. I take each nipple into my mouth one at a time, wetting each nipple and blowing softly and gently on each one to harden them to the point of aching. Higher still my tongue and lips travel, licking, kissing biting the flesh of your neck. I lift my head, stare into your eyes and lower my lips to yours. In one swift movement, our lips connect into a deep passionate kiss. Tongues entangled sucking deeper into each others mouths. I bite your lip as I open your womanhood with my fingers and plunge them in deep, reaching in and up to find your g spot. Kissing hard and deep, massaging your insides, you start to shudder as you prepare to climax one again. My thumb finds your clit as my fingers probe your depths, I suck your tongue into my mouth as if to perform oral sex on you. Again, you lose control and cum hard as you try and regain your breath.

You reach down to grasp my rock hard cock, but no, I stop you. This is your time, this is all about you, this is for you to lay back and be treated like a queen. This is your time to satisfied beyond your wildest dreams. I tell you to lay back and enjoy your night.

I move my body on top of you, my cock is nestled at your slit. I position the head of my cock to rest on your clit and slowly rotate my hips to rub your clit as if you were masturbating. I caress your hair and cover your face and neck with gentle kisses. My hips move faster, rubbing harder now on your clit. You reach around me and claw at my back with your nails. Your nails dig deep, leaving their mark. My back arches with the sweet sensation of pleasure and pain and my cock slips lower, finding the opening of your wet hungry cunt. The head of my cock slips into you. I hold it still so as not to give to much at once and slowly pull it back out. Again your fingernails find there mark, deeper and harder you scratch down my back. My cock slips in again, this time is different. One swift push and i sink deep into your depths. I hold firm, my cock has you impaled deep and your eyes roll back. A deep throatal moan escapes your lips. I begin slow, deep, but forceful movements with my hips. You legs tremble as they open wider to allow me to penetrate deeper and deeper. With each thrust I hear your breathing quicken, faster now I plunge deep into your hungry cunt. I grab a handful of hair to pull your head back as I bite you neck and begin to fuck you hard and fast. My cock is like a piston ramming you relentlessly. With every thrust, your moans become louder. Harder, faster, your close yet again. The pumping action continues for what seems like forever. Your body goes into a spasm as you release your pent up frustrations.

My movements slow back to a gentle rhythmic motion while you catch your breath. As you gain you senses, I motion you to roll over, your happy to oblige. I position your body on the bed so your arse is high in the air and I can stand behind you on the floor. I grab your hips and dig my fingers in with a firm grip, my cock finds it's mark and without notice slams you deep from behind. No mercy is shown, deep, hard, thrusting is what you need. As I fuck you hard and fast, the slapping sound of or bodies connecting sounds like a gun shot. I slap your arse and you squeal, whack, again and again, your arse glows bright red as it becomes tender. The fucking continues, long deep strokes as I enter you deeper and deeper. The pounding doesn't stop. 'yeessss' you scream, 'yeesss, yeesss', your screams egg my on. Harder, faster, deeper, 'whack', your arse is struck again. Closer now, I'm ready to fill you with my cream. Harder, faster, deeper, 'whack', so close, any second now. My legs tremble, I feel the sensation building from deep within. Now, now is the time, I yell as I push my cock in to the hilt and hold it deep inside you as I cum inside you. You arch your back so my cock can enter you deeper than thought possible and your whole body shudders as your orgazam with me. From deep within you feel my cock twitch as my hot sticky cum is filling you.

You collapse on the bed and I fall on top of you. Still, your feel my cock inside you. It remains hard for a while as it enjoys the feeling of our juices combined. I roll off you and we embrace each other, gentle kissing and caressing continues. The glowing smile of your face, is evidence you are satisfied. As we lay on the bed, arms wrapped around each other we fall into a deep restful sleep.....