Written by Turtlefins

12 Jun 2018

The conference in Las Vegas had been great. Interesting new equipment on show, some new contacts made, some old re-enforced and hopefully good business in the year ahead. I had adjusted my schedule this year so that I was actually headed towards home at 4.00pm on the final day instead of winding down in my hotel on the last night and heading out really early in the morning for the long drive home.

So 4 hours out of Vegas and towards home I’m looking for a small town with a decent hotel and a local bar for a good meal and a few beers before bed. Hopefully I’ll be back home before lunch tomorrow to check on a few jobs and plan the back to work schedule.

Never heard of Diago before I saw the sign but I decided to give it a try, just 5 miles off the freeway. Cruised through town and saw what looked like my dinner/bar place and had turned back to the first small hotel on the west of town I had passed on the way in.

Stepped into the small reception and rang the bell. A woman in her 50’s I would say came from out the back said hi asked me could she help. Asked for a nice room for one night.

“Sure all our rooms are nice. ‘llI give you no.10 at the end has a nice shady deck at the back”

“Don’t think I will see too much daylight – I want to be away early tomorrow” I said.

“Well you can have it any way” she smiled.

So we do the paperwork, credit card and I asked for advice for dinner before I headed to my room. As it turns out it was a great room but when I tried the a/c it was dead. I sigh and reach for the hotel phone and my friendly receptionist answers and as I explain my problem she sounds a little irritated but explains that she will send her husband down to check it out. I tell her that I’m headed for a quick shower and to let himself in and deal with it.

Well the shower and bathroom are great and as I step out of the shower I hear the room door open and close. I dry off do the deodorant and hair thing and step out of the bathroom in just comfortable shorts hoping that there is progress. As I look around for the man of the establishment I’m surprised to feel the a/c pumping away but out on the deck is not the husband but my receptionist back to me bent at the waist picking up some loose sticks and leaves.

This part of the body had been covered by the counter at our first meeting but now a short skirt with pink g-string was highlighting a delictable arse and pair of legs. I took a minute to admire the view then stepped out onto the deck and thanked her for fixing the a/c. She slowly stood up and turned toward me. “Hopefully you are going to reward me for all my effort” she said.

“Of course I will” I said. “How?”

“Help me here at the edge of the deck will you”

I stepped to where she indicated and turned back towards her and she was right behind me, went down in a squat undid my shorts dropping them to the ground and sucked my cock into her mouth, all in one action. One hand came up to the base of my cock and the other cupped my balls. I took a sharp intake of air in surprise and then all my cock disappeared into her mouth.

She was good and experienced at this. Working my shaft in and out of her mouth, sucking on the whole length as it thickened and hardened from her attention. Should I stop her, complain, ask her why. Fuck it just enjoy it.

My cock was moved to one side now and she went to work on my balls, sucking and licking even reaching back behind my bag with her tongue which really had me gasping. She stopped momentarily, looked up and said, “ forgive me I never get any good cock these days, I have to get whatever I can when I can.”

“Well I am happy to be able to help you out” I say.

“Good. Do me one more favour and bend over this chair” she says

I not sure why, but I step from my shorts and bend over the back of the chair as she moves behind me grasping my cock and stroking my arse gently touching my arsehole and sending shivers through me.

“Hhmm you like some attention here” she says as her finger pushes at my hole. I just nod as I push back against that finger while she kneels down behind me wanking at my cock vigously with one hand and pulling at my cheeks with the other. She moves in now and places her tongue against my hairy arsehole and I let out a loud moan of appreciation.

No more encouragement is needed and she goes to work pulling at my cock and licking at my arse.

“I wont last long like this” I say. “Okay just let me know when you are going to come” she mumbles into my arsehole. I’m riding this delightful feeling of tongue in my arse and hand pulling at my cock. I can feel the precum dripping from me and my balls twitch so I mumble its time and she pulls my cock down between my legs and sucks it into her mouth as I spurt cum and cry out and tense up in ecstacy. A great orgasm and my delightful attendant sucks me dry and licks me clean.

Still gasping and panting a little I say “Is there something I can do for you?”

“You should eat and have a few drinks” she says, “I will call back when I see you come back. Then we’ll see how much stamina you have”