Written by Turtlefins

13 Jun 2018

I’ve wandered up to the bar from my room after Sue (I was at least polite enough to ask her name) receptionist left amazed at what had just happened, how good it was. This kinda stuff never happened to me. But what now? How long should I be up here. I had been ready and raring to go at her until she sent me off to dinner.

The Bar was nice, clean and the food smells coming from the kitchen had my stomach sending out ‘hurray up’ signals. At the waitress’s advice I ordered the pork ribs and a IPA beer to go with it. Now I’m waiting for my food telling myself to take your time – enjoy your food drink a couple of beers and head back relaxed. If nothing happens, hit the sack and be gone early tomorrow.

The walk back to the hotel in the cool air is over in 10 minutes. I unlock my room step inside and switch the lights on – empty room. I fuss about tidy up put things I don’t need in my bag and strip down to underwear ready for bed. Then there’s a knock at the door and I – as casual as I can – step to the door and open it wide. Sue is now in brief denim shorts and and a white business style shirt. She steps pass me and tells me to lock the door.

When I turn back from the door she is waiting for me and the shirt is gone. She has beautiful breasts, nothing false here, they’re all woman, they have dropped a little but they are luscious and I inadvertently lick my lips. “Your gonna start with these” she tells me then drops her shorts to reveal a freshly shaved pussy. Turning she says “Out here” and walks out on the deck and sits her ass in a chair and waves me behind her.

I step out of my underwear and do as I am told. She reaches for my hands and places them one on each breast. They are magnificent, full, heavy and as I stroke my fingers across them and squeeze the biggest nipples I have ever scene present themselves and I instinctively bend down behind her to take one in my mouth. “No – wait” I’m told. Endless minutes pass as I obediently massage tease tug at those breasts before she touches my right hand, “Suck this one” and I bend over her to take it in my mouth. At the same time she has moved my now free hand to the top of her slit, “Gently just there” Im instructed. I moan in delight and frustration – Im flicking this engorged nipple with my tongue but being teased with just a tiny touch of that pussy. I push the boundaries stretching out my fingers down her slit until I hit her little button.

Her mouth is against my ear now, “Don’t be bad” Sue whispers and then her teeth hold my ear lobe. I hold back patiently working her nipple and clit, listening to the gently gasps and sighs knowing she is enjoying my attentiveness. “Stand up” she commands and as I do she rises with me, steps to the table, spreads those fine American legs and bends over. “Now you are going to tongue my arse and if you impress me there you will get the whole enchilada”

I kneel behind her and stare longingly at this beauty’s gorgeous butt, my mind is saying go slow – she likes slow. My hands caress her cheeks working in to brush against her hole then out again as I lean in kissing and licking her – keeping the hands working up her thighs and over her butt. As my tongue brushes her hole she pushes back and I close in flicking and teasing her. Her thighs and arse tense and relax so I push my tongue against her hole until it gives just a little. “OOoohh Good Boy – again.”

I push again then. “YOU BITCH”. I look around and see an average size guy step out behind the bushes surrounding the deck and step towards us. Sue stands up and walks directly to him then wacks him with a right punch. “You stupid dick, George” she yells. George is slightly stunned and a little unsteady when she grabs a handful of his hair and drags him to a chair on the deck. He is shoved into the chair and his belt is ripped off him and wrapped around his right leg and wrist and strapped to the chair. Sue steps inside and returns with her own belt from her shorts and restrains his left wrist and leg before Georges chairs is laid back with him in it on his back. She kneels over his face and says, “Finish my arse babe”. My adrenalin is pumping and I am still trying to work it all out but I get straight down behind her and shove my tongue as deep into her arse as I can. “Yes, yes yes, do it, cmon”.

George is coming to his senses and making some noise that worry’s me a little, but suddenly she has a sock that she is stuffing in his mouth and the noise level drops. She is pushing and twitching now, moaning in delight as she enjoys my tongue, and her own hand working her pussy. But without any notice she stands spreads her legs wide again bends until her head is nearly in Georges crotch. Her pussy is totally exposed and open and I lean in to take my reward and her finger slips inside her own arsehole lubed with her pussy juice.

This is a crazy scenario. A guy tied in a chair on its back, a gorgeous naked woman standing over him legs wide and me kneeling behind her my balls sitting on Georges forehead, cock hard licking, slurping and sucking at her pussy. It obviously is working for her because she is pushing back against me getting the most from my tongue and now Sue is making a lot of noise.

“Okay, okay fuck me now. Stick it in me” she pants. “Watch this George. Watch what a real cock does for this pussy”. I am seriously turned on by this whole scenario and I line my cock up with her pussy and push my knob into her hot wet hole. “All of it now” she demands, so I bury myself into her hoping I have enough to supply her. No need to worry though as within 2 or 3 full strokes she is cumming hard. Juice is gushing from her, we are now squelching as I continue to pump her and she gasps and moans until she pulls off me, squats over Georges face and wipes herself all over him. “See that George” she says.

I am trying to lift her back up because I am ready, if not desperate to blow my load inside her. Eventually she rises back into position but she has one hand wrapped around my cock and as the other spreads her pussy juice over her arse she says, “ You put that cock in my arse stud. You makes sure it goes all the way. You don’t dare cum until you are balls deep inside me.”

I know I will have to work fast here as I think I will cum as soon as my knob is inside that tight hole. She lines me up and I push forward. “ OOooww shit” I gasp, and then I feel her hand grab my balls and squeeze. Agony – ecstacy – stop no don’t stop. She controls my orgasm as she rolls my balls around her hand and pushes her arse back until she has all my cock in her arse.

“Now fuck me – fill my arse with your cum” she says as my balls are released. With my hands gripping her hips I pump her with the whole length, spurting deep inside her watching some of that cum squeezing out around my shaft until I am spent, a little week at the knees leaning on her.

She gives me a few seconds but then pulls forward catching my softening shaft in her hand as it pops from her arse. Turning, she gives me a quick kiss on the lips and goes down on her knees so that her arse is on Georges face. Looking at me with a wide grin on her face she wiggles back and forth and I am sure she is pushing that cum from her arse all over George. My cock goes into her mouth , and I twitch and gasp as she cleans me all up.