Written by Turtlefins

15 Jun 2018

I was up early the next morning. Had a good 6 hours sleep after my two sex mates left, I showered and crashed out. It was about 6.30 am, my bags were packed and in the car, I had my comfy travel shorts and t-shirt on and ready to walk out the door.

I heard the shuffling outside the door and opened it before anyone knocked. There was George with a tray with about 6 boiled eggs, toast and a large pot of coffee. “Heh George, I was just leaving, thanks anyway” I said. “You should wait a minute, Sue really wants to see you” he said.

“Well okay – a quick bite but then I have to go” I said and I took the tray and headed for the well used deck. So I quickly got comfy and poured some coffee and was peeling an egg when Sue stepped through the bushes, her long hair pulled back, a bright sundress on with calf high cowboy boots. She steeped onto the deck as I looked up from my eggs she loosened her dress and let it drop to reveal her beautiful naked self in cowboy boots.

She dropped to her knees in front of me, and reached for my shorts and tried to pull them down. “Sue, I really have to go” I said and tried to stop her from getting to my penis. “Baby, I just need to get one last dose of your cum before you go”. I relented and my shorts came down my cock was free for all of two seconds before she swallowed all of my limpness and went to work, immediately getting some reaction. She pushed me back in the chair and spread my legs to get access.

I lean back and notice some movement in the bushes – George was lurking and I had some hesitation and guilt. As I thought about it, I realized I needed to set some new boundaries. There was some butter on my tray and some marmalade, so I reached down and grabbed a handful of Sue’s hair and pulled her off me, stood up lifting her and bent her over the table as she twisted and complained.

“Just bend over” and pushed her onto the table, rubbed butter over her pussy and grabbed an unpeeled egg. “Im putting this egg in your pussy – you will not let it out until I tell you that its okay” and twisting her hair a little more, “Got it”. “Yes, Yes” she said. My fingers reached for the marmaled and spread it over her arsehole, pushing as much inside as could. “George, get over here” I said. He was beside me almost immediately. “ I want this marmalade cleaned up and don’t forget there is some inside. While your at it get your clothes off”

As he dives in I walk around the table, still with Sue’s hair twisted in my hand till I am in front of her, and hold my cock just out of her reach. She’s trying to reach it but not wanting to get away from Georges tongue now buried deep in her arse. Her hand reaches back as she stretches across and drags George with her until she is stretched across the table. I keep my cock away from her and tell her to roll on her back and help with my handful of hair.

“George I want you on top of Sue in a 69 now and you can work on Sue’s clit, no pussy just clit” I tell him and he jumps up keen to be involved. I grab Georges belt push Sue’s hands under George and around his waist and fasten them together. They are now sort of locked together, Georges cock is bouncing around in Sue’s face and I start to wank him feeling it harden and rubbing it against her lips, but she is not keen to take it in her mouth.

I reach for the last bit of butter and cover my cock with it and line up Georges arse. “No, please no” Sue pleads but I fill her mouth with Georges cock and push into that man arse. George never misses a beat as 2 inches of my cock slips inside him, and I ease back then give him some more. He is pushing back now but keeping his mouth on Sue’s clit and she is slowly feeling the affect pushing her hips up to his face and eventually she takes his cock in her mouth and I start to pump his arse. As Sue works his cock with her mouth and my cock works his arse he is really starting to build towards orgasm, his sphincter is clamping around me and I’m ready to shoot a load up inside him.

Another 30 seconds and he groans and tenses squeezing my cock and releaseing a load into Sue’s mouth. I follow him dumping my load up his arse and I tell Sue,”Don’t let that egg go”. She gives me a foul look but right then Georges arse squeezes me out my cock flops onto her face and I dribble of cum drips from his arse. “There’s that cum you wanted” I say. Now she is struggling, Georges cock has obviously become enjoyable, but my cock is right there, albeit fresh from Georges arse and my cum is dripping from his arse down over his balls down his cock towards her mouth. I take pity on her and release her hands and she grabs Georges cock with one hand and mine with another, licking and sucking cleaning everything up.

I wait while she works vigorously and then walk around to where George is still intent on her pussy and kneel down, push her legs up so I can work on her arsehole, taking a second to tell her, “Do not let that egg out”. George and I are working her over hard now and we can see that pussy clenching and even opening a little, and I growl into her arse and see her clench tight.

I make her wait for another minute until George starts sucking hard on her clit and I say,”Now” and then stick my tongue into her arse. Sue cries out and that egg is almost flung over my head and a small river of cum follows out of her pussy. George dives on the flow lapping it up but I have the vantage of being downhill and my share dribbles down to her arse. We then have a battle of tongues fighting to get inside her wet hole for a little more of her tasty juice. This of course is driving Sue crazy thrusting up against us riding a long fulfilling orgasm, until she collapses, exhausted and George flops on top of her.

I stand up and take a second to look at these crazy 2 and wonder at the sex we have had over the the last 24 hours. I grab my shorts from the ground and say, “I need to pee”. I head inside, grab my keys and phone off the end of the bed and slip quietly out the door with my dick swinging in the breeze. An elderly couple are just outside, like they have been listening at the door and look shocked as I step out, unlock the van throw my shorts in and climb in after, start her up and drive off.

Im thinking I wont ever go back!!