27 Mar 2020

Social isolation

The states had plunged into total lockdown, leaving everyone stuck isolated and with little to do. Many found odd jobs to do while they waited, painting, home renovations, gardening etc. but a few people had some more exciting things planned.

Paul, had been stuck in his house for a few days now, doing the usual shopping etc, then returning home with little to occupy his wandering mind. He turned to the internet for entertainment as many did in these times, chat forums and the like. He started watching porn more frequently, he decided after watching a rather a few videos on tantric masturbation, he laid himself on his bed, undressed, leaving his muscular body and penis bare, he leant over to the night stand and picked up the bottle of lube, following the instructions of the video. Slowly rubbing his penis up and down, till his penis became firm, using his other hand to slowly massage his balls, the thoughts of Kate his neighbour entering his mind as he continued to slowly stroke his large penis which had swollen up with tension and was aching for release, holding back and stopping if he felt close to orgasm. The instructions were clear in that you had to tease yourself for as long as possible, he reached so close to orgasm over 45mins while stroking his penis, till the image of Kate sunbathing in the backyard topless that one time over came his urge to hold back and he unleashed a loud groan as torrents of sperm left his penis and sprayed onto his chest.

Kate, had taken this time to focus on herself, finally getting an opportunity to get a much needed tan before the winter whiteness would eventually take over, she would lay out in the backyard and purposely provoke the neighbours by laying topless in the only spot visible by their windows, pretending to be blissfully unaware of them glazing upon her tight firm breasts and her slim gorgeous body, she would do this at least once a day, before returning inside were she would often leave the Curtains facing one particular neighbour, as she lay on the bed with her naked body and a few toys to keep her company. The audience was a bonus. Laid on her back, legs spread and her shaven vagina facing the window. She slowly worked the outside of vagina before moving her wet juices up to her clitoris, after a few minutes of that she was ready for some additional help from the toys, three to be exact, the starter, the finisher and the extra. She slid the starter into her wet tight vagina, it was a short thin glass dildo without any vibration functions, slowly pushing it into herself, noting the onlooker had begun stroking himself over the live show. She enjoyed the way it made the isolation feel a lot less lonely, she had been working herself closer to Orgasm as she arched her back up and down while sliding it inside of her, she was ready for the helper, a small plug for her nice arse, placing it in she let out a moan of relief and then also swapped to the finisher and large Girthed dildo with 3 modes of vibration, she had to slowly work this one inside of her stretching her vagina feeling every millimeter of it as it descended down deep inside of her soaking wet vagina, moaning, writhing & grasping at the sheets as she finally bottomed out the long shaft inside of her, working it back and forth, cumming several times upon the shaft, with her cum dripping out the entrance of her vagina, till she let out her final loud moan, that her onlooker had definitely heard.

Petra, a stunning woman had made the transition to teaching online during the day, she was the kind of teacher you wanted to be taught everything by those sweet lips, mesmerizing. She often would have a little bit of free time during lunch breaks and later at night, once everyone was asleep. Seeking the conversation of others while captive in the house, she would often be found in chats sharing her sexy photos of the community to drool over, truly inspiring. She’d been PMing a hot young guy she had found on Online tonight they were taking it to the next level with a video call, Petra had set herself up on the bed camera facing towards her in that Lacey underwear and transparent robe. As the video linked up and went live, his only words were “wow you’re stunning” she blushed as she already knew this but felt good to have someone acknowledge it. She had the usual flirting before thing started to really heat up, she was rubbing the outside of her Lacey underwear, him stroking himself with hands in his pants. She ran one hand up her body feeling her breasts and occasional exposing a little more as she became more turned on by the sight of her captive audience and the fact she was getting wet from masturbating the outside of her vagina. She slipped her hand underneath the panties to feel more sensation upon her clitoris, two fingers sliding either side and entering her vagina, to slid back up to provide much needed lubrications for the clitoris to enjoy. Him watching as she moaned and became wild upon that bed, keeping her sexy eyes and face upon the camera. Him imagining he penis in her mouth as she moaned, he pulled he penis out of his pants, she was surprised at the length, this only escalated things she took her panties off vagina in the camera, wet and so inviting. She kept moaning as she became more wet from all the simulation until she finally came all over her fingers, with her body shaking then relaxing back onto the bed. He also came a bit before her spurting his cum all over his monitor in a rather uncontrollable fashion, making a huge mess.

Tony, had been going down the slow path of going crazy at home, the few things keeping sanity in these time was his neighbour Kate, who had been putting on quite the show in recent times with her rather promiscuous ways. She would often be out the back sunbathing then the real fun would begin once she opened the curtain to her bedroom, giving him a clear view of her bedroom and more importantly the bed. He’d tried to make himself discreet the first day, but by the second it was clear she was doing this for him & wanted to be admired. Which honestly wasn’t that hard with a body like hers, Stunning from head to toe, shame about social distancing. He would watch her as she played with her decent selection of toys, the finisher always his favorite to watch as she shook with delight & those sweet moans. It was about lunchtime when the todays show began, she had started off small and was working over her supple body with the starter, he had is hand firmly around his penis stroking it as he watched, not too fast and he knew this wasn’t an entree but a whole meal that took time to fully enjoy, he stroked his penis while standing up in front of the window watching each other as they drew closer to the final ending, him watching and goosing his balls and stroking that log. Until finally watching Kate straddle the finisher was too much and push him over the line. Letting go of all his man juices and adding clean window to the chores list.

Axle watches the screen attentively until finally thing light up on the video chat there on the bed Petra in underwear and a transparent robe, he barely manages a “wow you’re stunning” out overwhelmed with what he was witnessing, he knew she was good looking but just wow. Flirting turning into him rubbing to outside of his groan area, watching her do the same as she kept her attention on his reactions, rubbing the outside wasn’t enough he had moved his hand upon that rock hard shaft, as he watched her. Taking long strokes and admired the incredible woman before him. He stood up dropping his pants, her reaction was great, she looked at him with such lust those eyes disappointed he wasn’t there but excited by the length of his shaft, he stroked it at a reasonable pace making sure she had the best view possible as she rubbed and fingered away at her lovely vagina, with those moans coming though the speakers as if she was there in the room. He bulging member was pulsing with the flow of blood rushing down to help out in tension relief, stiffening up he let out a loud groan before covering his monitor in his warm liquid.

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