Written by batsam

11 Mar 2013

This is a fantasy of mine that I would love to come true.

I meet up with 2 guys for a few drinks down at the hotel & work out a scenario that we could make work when we get back to my place. Hope it works out like this.

We get back to my place & my wife is surprised that I have 2 guys (lets call them A & B) with me. Us 3 guys go onto the verandah to chat & have a few beers. My wife only coming out every now & again to have a smoke. She is wearing my log sleeve white shirt with shorty pyjama shorts & has the shirt unbuttoned just enough to show her beautiful clevage. A & B are very obviously admiring her & trying to get her to stay outside with us. As the night gets a bit longer & us guys a bit pissier A & B start getting a bit friskier when my wife comes out again for a smoke. A touches her arse as she walks past & compliments her on her appearance & B tells her that he loves how sexy she looks in the white shirt. My wife can only blush & say thankyou to them. The next time she comes out I go inside to use the bathroom to leave them alone to see what may happen. It worked well. I arrived back to see that A & B have sat either side of my wife & were chatting to her & I could tell she was enjoying there company. It is then that A reaches around & undoes a button on her shirt to expose more breast & then compliments her again which makes her feels more relaxed with them. B reaches over & slips a hand inside her shirt to feel her large breasts & play with her nipple. A soon follows B & my wife has now 2 guys fondling her ample bosom. B leans in & starts to kiss her neck & moves her shirt off her shoulder to kiss it & back up to her neck (she loves that). While B was occupying her A gets up & kneels in front of my wife, removes her shorts & spreads her legs, she obliges, A goes in & starts to lick her now very moist pussy. B still occupying her with passionate mouth kisses & kissing her neck & shoulder while still fondling her tits. A is going to town downunder & I can tell that my wife is in heaven. My wife reaches to B's pants & releases his rather large cock & starts to stroke him. A then repositions himself on the floor & on seeing this B moves my wife so that she is kneeling with her pussy over A's mouth & his tongue reaches out to touch her pussy lips & he starts to lick her again. B stands in front of my wife & she takes his cock & starts to give him one of her mind blowing headjobs, sucking his shaved balls & running her tongue up the underside of his large cock & taking as much as she can into her warm mouth. A is still giving her a good tongue lashing while massaging her tits & my wife rocking back & forth over his tongue. She starts to build the momentum & bringis herself to a massive orgasm. My wife releases B's cock from her mouth & sits back down to catch her breath. B stands in front of her, grabs her legs & lifts them up to his shoulders. Places his cock at the entrance to her pussy & inserts his large cock into her very wet pussy, my wife gasping as each inch goes in. She loves a good sized cock. B is soon up to his balls in my wifes pussy & starts to fuck her with a perfect rhythm. A stands up & presents his cock to her mouth which she willingly takes in & starts bringing him to ecstacy with her awesome mouth. B keeps pumping her pussy & soon unloads his hot cum into warm pussy with a massive orgasm. A takes his cock out of her mouth & repositions my wife so she has her back to him & he leans her over the back of the chair. He sticks his cock at her cum filled pussy opening & it just slips easily in. A then starts pounding away at her wanting pussy from behind while pulling her hips back into him with each thrust. A then builds to his own orgasm & with one final thrust unloads his serving of hot cum into my wife. A relaxes & pulls out of my wife & B helps her to sit back down & proceeds to light a smoke for her. They all sit there talking about how good a shag it was & that they would love to do it again, my wife agrees. After that smoke A moves next to my wife again & caresses her inner thigh & soon she has spread her legs so A can play with her clit. My wife lays back into the chair & enjoys the pleasure again of having her clit played with. A continues at this until he has brought my wife to climax again. He tells her that that was a thankyou for the great fuck. My wife then goes inside to have a shower & freshen up & arrives back out wearing a white floral sarong that she looks super hot in. A & B hang around for another drink with us & we organise another night to enjoy each others company again.....