8 Oct 2019

Having spent years traveling for work and staying in hotels, I decided to try air b’nb for a change. After a couple of stays with jaded single people looking to supplement income with their need for therapy, it was refreshing to find a new venue with a recently retired couple. He, a fit medico keeping active and she, slightly cuddly and an extremely naughty smile.

We spent the first night with a general chat that just flowed until midnight and a few red wines along the way. All seemed ok however a note the next morning thanking me for the “stimulating conversation” made me think my Super Host may have a little more to her that needed to be explored.

I got home from work and after some small chat with my hosts, I retired to the separate accommodation thinking I should have been a little more open in conversation and had missed my opportunity. How wrong I was !

My room was basic but well presented, tv/lounge to bed area to bathroom. I stripped off and jumped in the shower pre bed. Not bothering with the blinds, I had no idea an admirer had seen me from her vantage point in her house.

I though a little about her naughty smile, full breasts and round arse, my cock now rock hard in the shower as I soaped my balls, imagining her wrapping her lips around my cock as her hubby watched on. I ached to cum but something made me stop and I hopped out, drying off and walking back to my bed, hanging my towel from my cock for a laugh like a teenager flexing.

Sliding into my bed, I felt something in the sheets.....I reached in to find white knickers, written on them in pen..... “ leave your door unlocked”

I looked at them, noticing the marks in the crotch.......she had been wearing them and had placed them with all her wetness spilling out. I placed the knickers on the pillow beside me and lay there in tender anticipation. It wasn’t long before I heard the footsteps on the gravel path outside, the door open and her form in the moonlight appear. Quietly, she slipped into the bed, whispering in my ear “I need your cum” before sliding down the bed and taking me in her mouth. I lay there mesmerized by her exquisite technique, flicking her tongue on the tip and then sliding into a full deep throat, gently cupping my balls and lightly probing my arse.......heaven. As much as I wanted it to go all night, before long she felt my balls tighten as I gushed my cum into her mouth. To my surprise, she swirled the cum around my cock, keeping a good thick dollop on the top......

Hold still she instructed me, the cum perched on my cock as she rose from the sheets.....straddling me she then lowered her arse onto my cock, my cum lubing her as she slid down, moaning deeply and smiling at me as my cock completely filled her arse. Somehow I was still rock hard and so horny, loving this I barely noticed the movement outside the window. I held her still, and asked her, “is your husband outside watching?” I asked....yes, we were not sure how you would react she replied.

Ask him to come in....E asked him in and A sheepishly entered. Come join us I told him, looking at E, I instructed her, suck him hard, we are going to fill you babe. A stood above me, as she took him in her mouth, he was already reasonably hard from watching us. Have you ever been filled before? I asked E. “ Never”, she replied “ But I want to try “

I instructed A to lay on the bed, E to face away from me and lower her pussy onto his cock, and then.....stopped them. “ Wait a moment, I want her pussy first” I instructed and in one move rolled her on her back and opened her legs, a dripping wet pussy open for me. I slid my hard cock deep inside her, what a wonderful tight pussy......clearly she had good tone and all of a sudden I could feel her pussy milking my cock.....”Please, Please fill me” she asked.......and I just had to oblige, the sound of the wetness as my balls slapped her and the juices flowing, I couldn’t control, myself and I just started to spurt more cum deep inside her. 2 loads together, it was like my youth had returned, not knowing where my energy had come from I wasn’t planning on letting this sexy lady remain empty !

I pulled m cock from her pussy, walking around I fed it to her willing mouth. I looked down at her pussy, my cum running out “clean her up”’ I instructed her husband A. He started to walk to the bathroom to get a cloth, “Stop A, I said clean her up, no towel, tongue, get down there and lick that pussy clean” I instructed him. E looked at me, “I’ve always wanted him to do this” she said. I placed her hand on his head , Hold him there until your done” I instructed her as she finished cleaning my cum and her juices from my cock.

I sat back on the lounge, watching this sexy lady have her hubby suck my com from her pussy, as she writhing in ecstasy started to cal out A not to stop. Soon she was a shaking tears mess, having had one of the biggest orgasms of her life. “Just wait, you have a bigger one in you” I said, “A, on your back” and as he complied, I help lift her tender body and lowered onto his waiting cock. Lowering her forward, she instinctively started to bring her pussy onto his cock as I maneuvered behind E. Placing my hand on the small of her back, I slid my hard again cock into her arse, feeling her husbands cock in her pussy and hearing the gasp from E as she realized how full she was. “I’ve fantasized about this for years” said E as she started to grind back and forward on us, faster she began to fuck like a porn queen, taking more assertive control as she called out “fuck me my men, fuck my pussy hard, fuck my arse and just fuck me all night” she cried out before being overcome in a shaking messy orgasm. At the same time, A blew his mega load in her and surprised himself at staying hard. I held her form and then started my time, hands on her hips, driving my cock deep into her arse in long steady deep strokes. As I thought it could be topped, A called out, “fuck her pussy while I’m still in there”..... shocking me but Turin gets me on immensely. She was tight before, I didn’t think it would work but with E encouraging her husband on, I pulled out her tight arse and gently pressed my cock between his and her pussy entrance......slowly she began to yield and suddenly my cock just slid in as she relaxed. Deep rhythmic pumping, A has already filled her with cum helping lube E and before long, I reached forward, gently holding her hair tight as I blew my final load for the evening.....

Rolling off, A and I were either side of E as we fell asleep. 5 am I woke, showered, dressed and looked at A and E, now snuggled together. “Thanks” said E as I walked out the door......please rate us was the last I heard as I checked out, knowing I’d book again if returning.....