Written by kurvy krissy

7 Feb 2017

I t had been a while since they had played. But again the planets were aligned. He had messaged her I'm taking you out for a picnic. She arranged to meet him at a certain location where he would pick her up and take her to a secluded spot up in the hills. She arrived early she was feeling excited and nervous. Although they had played several times now she still felt nervous like a virgin waiting for her first sexual encounter! She wore a short dress with a zip down the front and had decided to wear no bra or panties!. She saw him drive up in his car. Here goes she thought to herself. She unzipped her dress to expose just enough of her breasts.

She hopped into his car they kissed passionately he slipped his fingers down towards her breasts teasing her slowly until his fingers were pinching her nipples. "Well" she said. "I hope you have something nice for me to eat!". "Hell yeah" he said smiling at her. They started on their journey . She lifted her dress up exposing her pussy it was very wet. She placed two fingers inside, she knew he liked watching her. He couldn't help but smile and watch her reminding himself to keep his eyes on the road which was quite a feat! She unzipped her dress further exposing even more of her breasts. He kept one hand on the steering wheel the other hand his fingers gently touching and pinching her nipples. She spread her legs so he could get a better view. "Shit" he said your gonna make me have an accident!" She laughed "Do you want me to stop?". "Hell no" he said with a cheeky grin on his face. As they continued driving she continued playing with herself until she came. She took her fingers out of her pussy and placed them in his mouth. He eagerly licked them. This only excited him more he was busting to get in there to have more of a taste. Finally they arrived at their secret destination. He got the picnic blanket out from the back of the car and grabbed her hand and lead her to a nice secluded spot.

She could see that he was very excited from the bulge in his pants. She quickly unzipped him freeing his hard throbbing cock from his pants and placing it in her mouth. "Mmmmm fuck" he moaned. She loved sucking his cock feeling it inside her mouth licking the tip tasting his pre cum. He loved her sucking his cock it was such a turn on seeing her enjoying it as much as him. Where had she been all his life? She was going to be hard to forget. He could feel himself starting to cum he pulled out and came all over her tits she rubbed it into her nipples. They lied in each others arms chatting and laughing, it was like they had known each other for years. He started kissing her neck, her lips, slowly moving down to her nipples. He traced her nipples with his tongue they started to harden. She was on her back lying down on his picnic blanket she had no idea how sexy (and innocent) she looked lying there with her breasts exposed and her shaved pussy glistening in the sunlight. He was just your normal average bloke he didn't know how he had got so lucky! She could have anyone she wanted?! But yet she wanted him. He spread her legs and put his hard cock inside her she was playing with her nipples. He began thrusting slowly at first then adjusting his rhythm every now and then. They were so engrossed in what they were doing, so in the moment, that they didn't notice someone was watching them! All of a sudden they both heard a noise, they looked up and saw him! A tall, handsome, broad shouldered police officer was looking down at them both.

"You know your breaking the law don't you!" he said in a sexy voice. "We're not hurting anyone" he replied. "Sorry officer" she said with a sexy smile. He looked at her and the officer and said "Maybe you could look past it this time".

She didn't know how long he had been standing there watching but he had a noticeable bulge in his pants. "Maybe you might like to join in?" he said to him looking at her and winking. He knew that a threesome was one of the things on her bucket list! The officer leant down and started kissing her and playing with her nipples. Whilst at the other end he continued thrusting his cock into her wet pussy. She quickly unzips the officers pants and frees his huge cock OMG she thinks to herself. He puts his cock into her mouth she begins to suck and lick it. Oh wow she thinks to herself this is even better then anything I could have imagined.. She continues sucking his cock whilst at the other end is being pleasured with his cock. He is watching her enjoying herself sucking another mans cock she has no idea what a turn on it is for him!. As the officer pulls out and blows his load all over her tits she lets out a moan mmmm she follows quickly cuming seconds after the officer. It doesn't take long and he cums inside her pussy.

The officer pulls up his pants looks at both of them smiling and says "I guess I can let it go this time" and walks off.

The both lay back on the blanket laughing he turns to her and says "So what else do you have on your bucket list?................