Written by flirty_2009Mr

17 Jun 2014

Spooned, snuggled in tight pressed against your back. Laying there awake while you sleep I slowly caress your body, running my fingers ever so lightly over your arm and down the side of your body in a swirling motion while kissing and nibbling at your neck. Running my hand down over your hot little ass cheek and down your thigh gently kneading and massaging as I go you slowly start to awaken and become aware of my touch yet still lay there enjoying the moment allowing me to touch and play with you all over. I bring my hand back up and lightly play and tease on your belly and brush my hand up under your ample breast slowly and listen to your breathing get heavier and feel your heart race. Sliding my had higher I teasingly massage your breast however stop at touching your nipples. Eventually you awaken fully, stretching and arching your back as to press your bum against me realising my member sliding against your butt crack, reaching behind you and over my body holding me in tighter. At this point I start flicking and playing with your nipples, your skin goose pimples with my touch, you then bring your hand up over mine holding me tighter to your boob while I keep massaging and playing. You realise my getting harder against your bum so lifting your leg and reaching down between you feel for me and position so my knob slides up between your already moist lips and rubs lightly against your clit. We keep playing and teasing for a short time caressing, kissing and massaging you. Before long you are demanding I guide my cock deep into you so sliding back and positioning my swollen knob at the opening to your dripping wet pussy and slowly, inch by inch glide into you. Once fully inside you I start making long slow thrusts with you meeting my thrusts and pushing back against me. After a while your body starts to tremble in anticipation of your building orgasm. Your juices start trickling down my shaft as your pussy tightens and pulsates around me then your body quivers and bucks from the intensity of your orgasm. My body responds, losing control and with deep thrusts I orgasm filling you with my hot gooey cum and our juices combine and squirt out and down our thighs. Once we have come down from our ecstasy, cuddle in together and dose back off to sleep, my cock starting to soften but still inside you