Written by its_taboo

21 Oct 2013

Such is life

It was one crazy situation. Fuck, there she was and right in the same room. A vision of delight, a dream come true, and I would have her in so many ways. In body, in soul, in mind and in spirit and all in a far away future long in the making.

I had so wanted this to happen. That genie spoke truth. I had been granted a three day pass to go back years in time. Fuck: a chance to meet my current partner when she was a devils dish on the wish list party floor.

I wanted to rush to her side and introduce myself, but that would scare her to death. Impossible to believe. I had to play this differently somehow. There was only one rule that genie had insisted. If you tell her who you are your instantly back, he'd repeatedly said. No curtain call, no warning; just back!

There was a house party going on. Maybe about 30 people and all half way to heaven or hell by the sounds of the loud voices and drunken laughter. Now Abba bleared forth from some speakers. Oh Jesus, a mini skirt hitching up high against gravity as she whirled and danced to the beat. Fish net stockings setting off those long perfect legs. She was laughing and her hair long blonde and natural framed her face in a place called desire. My nose twitched. This place smelt of lust. It smelt of soaked oestrogen hitching a ride on a hot summers night.

The song ended and she turned and walked towards a table. She sat down and turned towards a guy next to her. I jolted, he'd been watching me with a surly look on his face. Yeah, and there is her ex, the gorilla sitting with a sour grape expression all hatched over his much younger face. Shit I thought, no he's not the ex, he's current hubby and what a mongrel.

I had to get up. I had to do something. So I started to mingle and as I wove past the revellers in the room I started to hear snatches of conversation. It mostly seemed to be about sexual exploits. Then she looked my way and I smiled. I just couldn’t help myself. She smiled back, even if it was only for a second and then she said something to hubby. He nodded, stood and walked away into another room.

I edged closer, on automation now. A bee seeks nectar and I sort her. Hello there was all I managed to say and she said hi. OMG, I though. She must think I am so fucking old. I notice that your glass is empty and I think you like bourbon so can I get you one, I said.

She smiled back and then frowned. How do you know I like bourbon, she asked? Before I could answer she kinda shrugged her shoulder and said that’s nice but my husband just went to get me one. Are you here by yourself? Have we meet before somewhere? You seem familiar to me.

I felt so strung up inside. So many questions already. I like to answer honestly and I needed to lie. The lie was easy. No, we haven’t meet before. I looked her straight in the eyes and said that I had to say hello to you. Every time I party I simply make a fool of myself by asking the hottest babe if she needs a drink. I should have noticed that you are married as I looked meaning towards her wedding band.

Don't worry about it, she said. Look I am really thirsty so I will be back in a minute,ok? Sure, I replied and I reached forward and pulled out her chair. This seemed to unsettle her and I swore inwardly. She walked away and I was held spellbound watching that sweet ass rotate in tune to my thoughts. My glass was empty so I followed into the next room which turned out to be a kitchen.

There was her husband with his dick on the table and another woman was stroking it. No words were said except for a flirtatious giggle coming from this other woman. Her husband stood groaning unaware of us both. His head snapped around and his dick fell from the table. The younger woman of my dreams grabbed her full drink from the table. She spun around and nearly collided with me in her haste to flee from the kitchen. I side stepped; allowing her to pass. Ripe anger flared her nostrils wide. I felt heady, the scent of Coco perfume slammed into me. I said nothing to the other two. I walked towards the fridge, opened it and grabbed a cold beer.

Outside again, I looked for her. The seat was empty, forlorn with abandonment. Her hubby rushed past me. His head turned every which way but loose. He disappeared through the front door and I smiled. Fuck him, I thought. I settled into a corner chair and tried to gather my racing thoughts. Is this the eighties, I wondered? What fucking year is this anyway? Music blared. It rocked my mind. I was pumped, wired and yet scared that I’d miss this one chance. Bon fucking jovi sung a truth.

Whooah, we're half way there

Livin' on a prayer

Take my hand and we'll make it - I swear

Livin' on a prayer

Shit! I missed them both 'cause there they were together now. She stood tall, yet swaying and most likely drunk. One of her arms held stiffly out pointing towards the kitchen. Her hand rigid and tipped with blood red nails. This made me turn. That other woman was coming out with a smile on her face. I looked backwards and forwards between them both. It was easy to see unspoken emotion. I was surprised by what come next.

The crazy blonde that I knew so well began shouting. Turn the fucking music off, she kept shouting. The music died and people stood staring. You wanna party, well I’ll give you a party. She tugged at hubbies belt, undid his zipper and pulled out his cock. Of course it rose to the occasion and she knelt and started to suck. People began to cheer and laugh. Most stepped closer and suddenly they were out of my sight. I walked forward. I needed to watch. I lost track of time. So did everyone else. No hand work, just suck. Fuck it! I can remember that suck and I wanted it now! Not later, I wanted to lick, I wanted to smell her scent, I wanted to run my fingertips though her hair just before I entered her. I wanted to get high on her moans. I wanted to feel those nails raking my back. I wanted her to squirt as I squired and become one unholy mess.

I wanted her so much that I missed when he cumm. She continued to suck him dry and I heard some smart ass yell my turn now and I thought no! I heard a squeal or was it a sob as the woman from the kitchen turned away. She looked unhappy or was a look of defeat? I looked back and saw a crazed all knowing sneer on a face framed by silken blonde hair.

Party over. The clink of empty bottles. A staleness of spent energy and I was drunk. I'd blown it somehow. One day gone and only two remained. Would I succeed? Perhaps perhaps it just needs to be told.

Lol I had fun writing this.

In a way I am glad I am no longer at those midway forties. Its said that some spend the first half of their life ducking punches and dreaming about running away, and the next half running from the pain of the first. Now at the midway forties your tired of running. You feel like starting over, but don't know where to head.

C'est la vie … that is life for you. I prefer Ned Kelly's version.....such is life.