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Summer Heat

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4 min
Published 9 years ago
It was going to be a quiet weekend after a long week. I was looking forward to a day at the beach. The evening before was so hot and sleep was eluding me. Finally about 4am I decided to drive to the beach and see the sun rise. Within 30mins I was at the beach and removing all my clothing, it was far too hot and I was at a nudist beach, one of my favourites. I had been there several times and always wanted to spend the morning watching the sun rise. I walked a short way down the beach, enjoying the slight breeze caressing my naked body. As I walked along I noticed in the increasing light someone already on the beach. He was naked as well; I thought he must have had the same idea as me. I walked past and said good morning and flashed one of those great smiles. He was stunning, a beautiful smile, smooth clean skin, rippled chest and stomach. Strong arms, I could imagine them wrapped around me pulling me closer. I asked if he minded if I could join him to watch the sun rise. Another beaming smile. I think he said yes, I sat down anyway. We sat there and chatted about being nudists and our experiences. I dared to ask if he had, had any sexual encounters on any nudist beaches. He had not but sheepishly added that one day he would like too. As we talked the day became lighter and I could see the details in his face more, the cut of his jawline, his deep brown eyes. I leaned in and kissed his lips. I could tell he was a little taken back but quickly began to respond to my touch. His tongue caressed my lips and penetrated my mouth. He was an amazing kisser; I could feel my pussy twitching. His hands began to wonder over my body, gently feeling there way over me. His lips never leaving mine. My hands felt their way down to his red hot cock; it was so engorged and wanting. I moved around in front of him and put my leg over his. My breasts were in front of his face, he cupped my large breasts in his hands feeling their weight and then kissing my nipples licking them tweaking my piercing, it was turning me on so much. I wanted to slide down his cock just once. I sat up a little more and reached down grabbing onto his monster cock. I flicked it over my pussy, it felt amazing. I then slowly slid down his cock and when I got to the base I ground my hips in circular motions for a minute. I almost squirted over his cock there and then. I quickly removed his cock and bent down in front of him, my arse in the air sucking our mixed juices off his throbbing cock. I could feel he was close; I didn’t want him to cum – just yet! I kissed him passionately it felt so amazing the warmth of his body, followed by a slightly cool sea breeze. I kissed and nibbled on his ear and neck, I slowly made my way down to his nipples where I licked and teased them reaching down to play with his cock. I was getting so turned on I had to have him and have him now. I turned around and faced the ocean; the sun was still below the horizon. I then squatted down, letting him run his hands over my round arse. I got on my knees and slid his throbbing cock inside my pussy it was enough to make my body convulse. I rocked my hips back and forth. Feeling his cock deep inside me. His arms embraced me and grabbed onto my breasts, massaging them firmly tweaking my piercing and nipples between his fingers. He slid one hand from my breast to my pussy where his fingers began to explore. He rubbed his fingers quicker over my pussy. I was moaning louder now, my hips moving unconsciously, the rhythm increasing, I was ready to explode all down his cock. His moans were increasing each time I clenched my muscles, I was ready to cum. I could feel him ready to explode. Several more thrusts and we were both exploding into and onto each other. We sat there for a few moments breathless watching the sun which had already risen above the horizon. I didn’t mind missing it I just had the most amazing sex with a stranger and I knew I wanted more. We lay there beside each other touching each other’s bodies. I wanted more; my pussy was still aching for more. We decided to take a dip in the ocean. As I walked down to the water’s edge I could feel our juices dripping from my pussy, thinking to myself I want to do that again and again.

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