Written by august 22

17 Dec 2010

It was hot and even though I sleep naked ,it was still really hot and I could,nt sleep. Thinking David was asleep,I got up to get something to drink.Tip toeing to the kitchen, I opened the fridge door and leaned in ...............MMMMMMMMM cool air washed over me , making my nipples harden.Savoring the cold air on my naked skin ,I didnt hear David come up behind me,untill he touched my ass.Running his hands over the curve of my hip,he whispers....MMMMM....nice.Standing I giggle and turn towards him,he notices my nipples are hard and erect,reaching forward he tweeks one ,I moan and close my eyes.David leans in taking the nipple in his mouth , sucks it , reaching for the other one he twists and pulls on it,leaning into him I moan again.David just smiles and says "lets see what we can do to cool off ".

Turning me around , David tell s me to " sit there ",I smile but sit , " OK lets see what we have" , mayo ,jam,PB and J, mmmm honey . Leaning back against the wall , David drips honey down my frount and on my nipple,letting it run down my tummy towards my pussy, giving the bottle a squeeze, he drops it over my pussy lips,smiling he lets some dribble on his fingers to.

Kissing me he rubs his fingers across my lips letting me lick at the honey as he dips his fingers in my mouth , I suck them ....mmmmmm sweet.David murmors "lets see how sweet " and moves in kissing my lips , neck , tummy ,hip and thigh before coming to breath on my pussy lips.Pushing me back and pulling my hips towards him, runs his tongue down my pussy lips,slipping it in ,flicking my clit.With his fingers he opens me and sqirts in the honey then runs his fingers over the lips and my clit,O.M.G that feels sooooooooo good.

While he pinches my clit,he leans up to kiss me then moves on to my nipples , licking ,sucking off the honey.He pushes my thighs open with his kneesand runs his tongue down my tummy,I moan and lift my hips higher to meet his tongue as he glides it over my smooth pussy. He pushes his fingers back in my pussy then out and to his mouth , he sucks off some of the honey.

I feel his breath on my thigh before his lips touch my pussy,his tongue slidding along the inner folds,following his fingers he pushes his tongue into me,Moaning I raise my hips higher and push up against him.When he looks up at me his face is glazed and slick with a mixture of honey and pussy.He sucks harder ,flicking at my clit and drawing my lips into his mouth.

I pull him up to me and kiss him, bitting his lip, then I push him down and take control. Grabbing the honey ,I have his rock hard cock right in frount of me. I drip honey on the head till it runs down the side ,I rub it around the knob,stoking him up and down,the honey making his cock slick and sticky,I kiss the head ,running my tongue over it and down the shaft.David leans up on his elbows,he likes to watch me, and I like to look at him while I suck his cock, the look in his eyes ,see the pleasure there.

Licking down the shaft ,I caress his balls with my other hand,moving from his cock I suck 1 then the other in my mouth,gently,David lifts his hips slightly telling me he likes this ,I move back to his cock and lick back up the shaft,sucking the knob in and pressing my tongue into the eye,licking the droplet of cum thats there.

I go from his knob to swallowing his cock down my throat,David moans ,he luves the feel of his cock at the back of my throat,I suck harder and faster,useing my tongue to tease him, he starts thrusting in to me and lifting his hips to my mouth.I know he,s about to cum, I stop sucking , I press my thumb to the base of his cock this pressure stops him , I smile up at him and say "OH no you dont , not yet" .Grinning he pushes me back with my legs spread wide,David almost dives into my pussy, his tongue and fingers working to gether,my clit is swollen and on fire, but his thumb never and lips never leave it,I,m loving this and teaseingly I ask " is that all you have ".

Laughing david tells me " your going to pay for that cheeky remark ".I hear the clatter of the ice machine and feel them dropping around me. David puts 1 cubein his mouth and sucks hard at my clit. God the feeling is explosive, with another he rubs it over my nipples ,I start to shiver but not from the cold,David laughs and whispers " cum babe cum for me " and sucks my clit even harder.I shiver and tremble as the orgasm rips through me,opening my eyes I look at David ,he s just sitting there watching me, smiling .Before I can recoverI feel his fingers back in my pussy and I relise with a cold flush that hes putting ice in side me.

Looking up at him he smile and says " you,ll love this ".

I,m not sure how many ice cubes are now inside me ,I just know my pussy is dripping wet and not just from melting ice.

David moves from sucking my clit to bitting my nipples , pulling me up ,he tells me " come ride me ", I dont need to be told twice and move up his body to straddle him.He opens my pussy with his fingers and rubs his cock in the folds getting the head slick,feeding just the head into me,before he can do more i drop my hips and sit taking all of his cock in me .

The feeling is soooooo intence and full,I start rocking back and forth slowly,but David grabs my hips and starts pumping into me fast and hard.I let him set the pace and rythym just enjoying the ride I grind my clit in to him ,both of us moaning with each thrust.David s thrusts are getting frantic and faster , harder,I feel his legs going stiff against my body and know he,s close to exploding ,He bites my nipple and pushes me over the edge again and I lean back groaning, I cum hard shivering in glee,just as I start trembling he explodes,pumping warm sticky,honey flavored cum into my pussy ,MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

With both of us breathing heavy and our bodies slick ,I fall forward on to his chest ,grinning I tell him " you can come and try to cool me off any time you want, David just laughs and says "as long as you return the favor .Leaning down I kiss him and just lay there wraped in his arms.