Written by openmyeyes

4 Sep 2012

We go down to a secluded spot on the beach for a champagne breakfast after several glasses and some chat you relax and remove your shirt and slowly remove your bra your nipples are already hard.You stroke and lick them in front of me the ocean breeze blowing across them gives you goose bumps.My dick begins to go hard watching you as i take off my shirt.You spread your legs and show me that you have no panties on your shaven pussy is glistening as you lick your fingers and start to rub your clit.I release my hard cock and start to gently stroke it your eyes light up as you slide a finger inside yourself.You take the empty bottle and slide it in your pussy fucking yourself slowly as i move over and take a hard nipple in my mouth you moan loudly you get on all fours and raise your ass up for me to explore it with my tongue while you speed up your motion on the bottle.You gasp as you feel my tongue dive in and you come for the first time i smell your sex and see your juices flowing.I kneel behind you and place my cock against your arse you push back letting me know you want it.I push forward and your ass welcomes me in holding it there i feel the bottle in your pussy going in and out on my cock. You shudder and squirt as i start to fuck your ass i can feel your juice on my balls you start to thrust back in sync with the bottle i can't handle it anymore and let you know as i cum hard into your ass you hold me there and come multiple times removing the bottle you rub your clit.Taking in the warmth and glow of your orgasms i pull out of your ass and move under your pussy and start to kiss it taking in your juices mixed with champagne you sit on my face and i fuck you with my tongue you keep playing with your clit until you explode filling my mouth with your sweet nectar i lay there savoring you until we get the energy to walk down to the water and clean ourselves before going home to excite ourselves with other outside adventures.