Written by Mrs_tri_jon_1

21 Jul 2010


The traffic home this afternoon was atrocious! Cars were bumper to bumper, stopping, starting, moving what seemed only inches at a time. What made it worse was the heat. It was unbelievable, the humidity was intense. I had turned the cars air-conditioning up as high as it would go, but it didn’t feel like it was doing anything.

After moving along like a snail for about fifteen minutes, the cause of the delay was now visible. A medium sized caravan, half in one lane, half on the side of the road. In big letters on the side were

“P O L I C E” in slighter smaller lettering were the words Random Breath Testing. It looked like the boys in blue were finished for the afternoon and awaiting the arrival of something to tow them home.

As I inched past them in my car, I glanced over and saw two very well built, fit looking police officers, obviously as hot and frustrated as everyone else. As I turned back to the road, there came a terrible hissing sound from my car. Having heard this noise only once before I knew my car had over heated, and so I pulled the car off to the shoulder, only a little in front of the Police caravan.

It was far too hot to sit in the car and wait for it too cool down. I thought I’d get out and ask the “Boy’s in Blue” if I could impose on their air-conditioned van, the most they could do, would be to tell me it would be inappropriate.

As I walked towards the officers, I noticed one looking at the shortness of my skirt, while the other appeared to be looking at my breasts. When I approached them they asked if I needed any assistance, when I explained the car had only over-heated and needed time to cool off I felt comfortable enough to ask if the van was air-conditioned.

They were more than willing to invite me back into the van. They were looking for an excuse to escape the heat they said, while waiting for the truck. Inside was wonderful, it was like stepping straight from hell into an over-sized ice cooler. Once we had adjusted to the temperature difference, a matter of a few seconds, the Police officers introduced themselves. Police officer number one, was Brett, he was the one admiring my breasts, number two, was Troy. I introduced myself and apologised for my car’s behaviour.

Conversation was light, talking about the weather mainly. Brett started talking about heat exhaustion and how it could really knock you about, especially if your fluid intake was low. I said then that I was thirsty, and laughingly mentioned being a R.B.T. van I guessed they didn’t have anything to drink. Both guys laughed, but then Troy said something, which left me dumbfounded. His comment was simple, “There isn’t anything cool to drink, but he could arrange for me to drink something”. I hesitated before speaking, “If I answered the question rightly or wrongly would I be carted off?”

Brett smiled, gave me a wink, and said it would depend on my answer. Sensing they were losing me to nerves, they both laughed and said, “Not to worry, we were only mucking about”. Feeling totally refreshed from the air-conditioning, perhaps now feeling cool I blankly asked what they had in mind. Well those half a dozen words suddenly changed the whole atmosphere in the van.

Troy, who was behind me, gently placed his hands on my hips, and then started nibbling at my neck. Apart from the initial shock, it sent a warm shock through to my pussy. I guess seeing the affect his partner was having on me, and obviously not wanting to miss out, Brett approached from the front.

His rather large hands ran either side of my bra, along to the front. He motioned to Troy, who with a flick of his wrist, had my bra undone. While Troy cupped my breasts in his hands, Brett kissed and licked at my nipples. I leant back against Troy and felt his cock pushing against me. With my eyes closed, I decided not to resist and let the “Boyz in Blue” take charge.

Troy turned me slowly around to face him, placing his mouth first on my lips then onto my breast. Brett was now behind me, undoing my skirt and slowly pulling it down. As he was doing this he was leaving kisses along the way. He started in the hollow of my back, down over my arse. He had his hands on the inside of my thighs parting them a little. He tugged at my knickers until they were on the floor.

He reached up and placed a hand in the small of my back pushing it down. As I slowly leaned forward, I could feel his warm breath close to my wet pussy. As I was bending over, I glanced up at Troy who gave me a smile. I unclipped his gun belt and it fell to the floor. Then proceeding to undo his zip, I momentarily stopped as Brett’s mouth and tongue had now started to explore my wet cunt.

Continuing with Troy’s zip it reached its end. Greeting me was a bare erect cock. As my fingers touched it gently, it jerked a little, I smiled, licked my lips, then flicked my tongue over the head, doing this I released it from its restrictions.

Holding it in one hand I preceded to lick and suck only the head, taking in the smells and tastes. While I was giving this pleasure to Troy, Brett now had two fingers inserted deep in my cunt; his tongue was now taking long lingering strokes. I knew if this continued I would be covering Brett’s face with an explosive orgasm.

I started to suck harder on Troy’s cock; his soft moans told me I was doing a good job. Brett had stood to the side of me, his fingers still inserted, were sliding in and out with a quickened frenzy. I sensed he was watching. With his free hand he grabbed gently at my nipple. I loved the sensation of my breasts when they hung down as I bent over. And now with a cock in my mouth, fingers in my pussy and a hand caressing my breasts, I felt totally alive; I ached for a cock in my cunt so bad.

“How ‘bout my turn?” came a throaty request from Brett. I slowly took Troy’s dick from my mouth giving it one last deep suck.

“Sounds fine to me, I’d love to taste some sweet nectar before I fuck that pussy”, Troy commented enthusiastically.

As I arched up to allow Troy to move, Brett caught me off guard by thrusting his cock into me, once, twice, and on the third stroke he took it out and moved it to right in front of my face. I was a little uncertain at first, I had never tasted my own juices before, but Brett had enjoyed it, so I just took his cock wholly in my mouth and started sucking it clean.

Troy was underneath me; licking at my cunt like it was a soft-serve ice cream, his hand kneading my breast. Sucking my juices from Brett’s cock was divine. It tasted sweet, sort of like macadamia nuts, I’d never be able to eat them again without thinking of the “Boyz in Blue” and this experience, that was for sure.

Brett grabbed at my hair taking a fistful in his hand. He started thrusting a little harder. Troy feeling the change in movement came up behind me and entered my pussy ever so slowly. The sheer anticipation of having his whole cock inside me was making me wetter than I was.

We had a rhythm going, thrusting and sucking in unison. Brett said Troy’s name; Troy said Brett’s name. Brett then said, “Honey, we’re both ready to blow, hope you are too?” I gave a loud moan and with that, we all exploded into orgasm together.

As Brett’s jism spurted into my mouth, I tried hard to keep up swallowing it all, with Troy’s jism starting to ooze from my swollen cunt, I was grateful for the air-conditioning. As I straightened, Brett reached out to my lips, wiped a little spilt jism from the corner of my mouth and said “You missed some”, I sucked my spillage from his finger, as Troy passed me a small hand towel.

As we were dressing, a truck sounded its air-horn, just as well he wasn’t five minutes earlier I thought. As Brett placed his hand on the doorknob he thanked me for alleviating the tension from the heat. I thanked both him and Troy for the use of their air-conditioning and allowing me to cool down while my car did.

As I walked past Brett and into the heat, he whispered that he had my licence plate number, he’d track it down and me real soon for a solo performance