Written by furrybear

1 Feb 2014

I had been on the road a few day now a move from Melbourne to Darwin for my job. As I drove i had the window down and my shirt off and the top of my pants unzipped, the heat of the sun beaming in giving me a healthy pink glow of one who had been too long in the south and rugged up for winter.

Sweat trickled down my front, the hot northern air blowing into the car not making much difference to the temperature but helped with the sweat pooling in my lap.

I cursed the god of mechanics and air conditioning for the umpteenth time that day, " Perfect running order my ass could have done it myself if I wasn't in a hurry" , I grumble as a particularly large droplet gets in my ear and blurred my vision for a few seconds.

The heat was unbearable and relentless as i looked over the hazy distance of blacktop, nothing for miles except for a large white van, the type that they put speed camera's in. Slowing down from warp speed I look innocent as i pass and see a skinny blond with the hood up on the van, "Hello!" I think to myself as i pull up and do a U turn to see if I can help.

She was bent over the front of the vans open front looking inside as i pulled up . A ass that you could safely say enjoyed regular work outs at the gym and set of breasts that definitely gave her problems in her current predicament , as i could see she was definitely burning her nipples on the radiator to get to something deep in the engine bay, making her jump every time they touched it.

"Hey , need any help?" I shout from the car, secretly hoping she would say yes .

Startled she flew upwards whacking her head on the bonnet , which had me smiling from ear to ear trying not to laugh and then smirking like a idiot as she looked across at me with a cross face while rubbing the back of her head. "Yeah sure, it seems to have stopped and I really don't know what I'm looking for." She looked into the engine bay with a frown of one looking at a alien being doing obscene acts to small animals.

Getting out of the car, I took one step and found myself naked from head to toe. My pants that had been undone falling in a heap at my ankles and her staring wide eyed at me. Stopping like i had just hit a wall i looked back , red faced as what happens natu most males faced with the woman of that calibre does. It shrunk to peanut size and if it could would have retracted inside at my embarrassment. Slowly i bend down and pick up my pants buttoning it and zipping up the front.

I awkwardly cough , "Sorry.... it was hot and I.."

"No need to apologise.. I understand, besides I have seen plenty before at the hospital." she says with a slight smirk of her own now. "My names Maria' she says holding out a hand. It seems to pull me across the road with its invitation and I don't resist.

Coming to my senses I smile "Ian" Letting her hand go and turn looking into the engine bay. "So whats the problem?"

"Well it sort of started coughing and then died. Its got plenty of fuel and the mechanic said it was good for the trip."

I laugh, telling her about how mine had said the same thing to me before leaving Melbourne to drive up the middle of Australia.

" I swear that must be in a manual somewhere to tell the customer, no matter what." We laugh and nod.

"Sounds like you have a fuel problem. Fuel out here is a bit dodgy so its probably the filter is blocked." I walk round to the side to find the door open and a find a man in a wheel chair inside. "OH! .. Hi, didn't know you were there.

"Hi my names Frank." He thrust out his hand like a dare to touch one crippled. I took the hand and gave it a shake while judging his strengths . If his hand shake was the judge he would be 7 foot tall and ripped with muscles and he smiled knowing that he could crush my hand like a baby. "So you met my wife. What do you think of her..." I nervously look over my shoulder at Maria, still attached to the gorilla like grip of the cripple in the chair.

"Um seem a nice lady" I say nervously.

Frank glares at me and nods slowly, seemingly passing me through some test he had and releasing me.

I felt like I had been thoroughly read and put in my place as i clutched at my hand for a second. "Well .. lets have a look at that fuel filter." I slide under the van, barely wedging myself between the road and the van, swearing as my bare back finds out that still hurt after all these years. Looking round i spy the filter. I move a foot over to the shapely ankle and give it a tap and see a face appear. "Could you get a pair of pliers from the emergency tool kit. If it doesn't have one there is one in my small tool kit in the back of my car.

"Sure" she chirps at me.

'Damn thats nice... shame she's married.' I thought to myself, Just the thought of her was enough to have me semi hard in moments and me daydreaming about things that would never happen.

The sound of the pair talking was muted as Maria asked something and Frank told her something and laughed. 'Probably doesn't know were the tool kit is.' I chuckled to myself, as I started to work on the filter to remove it from its cradle.

The zipper on my pants was suddenly pulled down and my cock pulled out by a soft pair of hands. I smash my head against the exhaust and I moan. A soft sound of approval coming from my middle and a pair of shapely ankles as my dick hardens to its full hight of seven inchs. "What the hells going on out there?" I shout almost panicked.

"Don't worry Ian , my wife has decided that you would make a good addition to her collection" says Frank in a half laugh.

I try to wiggle out from under the van but find that one small foot on my stomach has me pinned in place like a frog on a exam table. "I'm flattered ... but your ..your married." I swear as I said it I got harder and a throaty chuckle comes from the pair outside.

Her hands were like silk over my throbbing hardness and soon I couldn't of gotten away if I had wanted to. Pinned under the van as I was, all i could see was the dirty underside of the van and feel every single thing she did to me like a unexpected shock to my system. I twitched and moaned as Maria brought me to almost climaxing and left me twitching like a fish out of water and gasping for breath. She did this time and again jerking me off till I was almost screaming with want. Frank said something and with a suddeness that I didn't know could happen, her finger pushed past my aching balls to push into my ass to finger the one button I had never played with.

The scream I let out was one of release as my whole body tensed and I came the hardest I had in my whole life. If I could of seen it I swear that it would of arched over the van and hit the ground on the other side with my release.

It must of been something since all i could hear was excited laughing from Maria and pleased sounds from Frank.

I swear I was spent , nothing would coming out of me for a month after that, but unfortunately I was cursed with a never ending hardon. It was something I discovered as I grew up and had started dating , the usual fumblings in the dark and then the first few sexual experiences, that I wasn't like other guys.

Girls would whisper about me after sex and I got the nickname 'Eveready', after cumming , I just didn't go down.

I once went to a doctor about it since it is frustrating to have a hard on but not to lose it for a hour after. He asked me a few questions and determined it must of been when I had taken a cricket ball to the nuts when I was young and had to be hospitalised.

Maria crow of delight at my still hard cock was like the sound of train coming down the tracks to run me down. I saw the panties hit the ground, wet with Maria's love juices and her step out of them . "NO!.. I'm finished I don't have any more to give." I said shakily.

It didn't do any good as i saw the legs lower and her dress drap over my middle hiding what I new was probably the hottest body I would every get to be with. Her hand reached under the dress grasping my pulsing shaft and guided it home. It was like sticking my cock into a furnace, and as she lowered herself with a satisfied gasp all i could feel was the heat of her tunnel and how she fitted round me like a glove , her inner folds softly stretching to fit me and then the firm ending pushing hard up against my tip.

"OH GOD YOUR SO GOOD!" I moan from under the van, only to be acknowlegdes bye a sultry chuck and a wiggle of her but pushing me in further.

"You have been a good boy till now, now its my turn to have some fun" Maria said with a bit of a panting breath as she slowly began to ride me. Her most intimate of muscles seemed to suck me in further with each stroke she took , it was like have sex and a head job at the same time and i could feel the blood of my cock being milked into the head each time.

I writhed and moaned trying to do something, desperately wishing i could pump upwards into this heavenly hole, but unable to move more than a inch. Some say control is the ultimate aphrodisiac, but I have to say being the one controlled would probably be a damn close second.

I came like Mnt vesuvious and was met with cries of delight as I blasted a load into Maria that must of rivaled my first.

Panting i flopped under Maria only to notice that she wasn't stopping. She was getting faster and faster pants and whimpers of desperation coming from her as she began to get closer and closer to her goal. Her inner muscles worked like they were trying to rip my cock off. Even if i wanted to pull out I doubt she would let me. Her pounding was relentless. She was close i could tell and even with the second cumming I couldn't help but be turned on. "Cum on me baby, I don't have anything left to cum with you".

I should of shut my mouth. Her finger was in my ass faster that speedy gonzales and every time I pumped her, she pumped me.

As she came she slammed the finger home finding my button and emptying me of the last of my reserves. In torrents she flowed, like a river had burst over my cock and I was now the river Nile over my middle, totally soaking my shorts and half my chest.

I could hear heavy breathing as maria's twitching pussy milked the last out of me. "That was good... pant... I needed that darling" . Frank rumbled something to her, making her get off me and let me free.

I didn't have the strength to just pull myself out from under with my arms, so had to wriggle out and lay looking up at the pair as they looked from inside the side door smiling.

"Did you enjoy that Ian" said Frank a large smile on his face. "I'm sorry for the ruse but my wife has needs and a small town has wagging tongues. We come out here regularly and get helpfull men and couples to ... keep her happy.

All i could do was nod, still not having the energy to get up. The van door closed and with a purr the engine started, moving the van away from the side of the road and drove off.

I always wonder to this day why I didn't go after them and off to be their undying slave or something.

Maybe it was the fact I was stunned with the sex or the fact I had been used so thoroughly like a dish rag and then dumped.

Since that day I have had some experience with women, tight ones, loose ones , even a virgin or two...but what i experienced that day was nothing short of something angelic falling to earth and making love to you. It ruined me for life since forever I will compare what I experienced as nothing short of a magical.