8 Mar 2019

Gary & Anna:

It was a sunny autumn weekend, the weather was starting to cool down from summer. The bedroom door began to jamb as a result of extra moisture in the air. We had arranged for a Carpenter to come around on the weekend.


I arrived at the house and was greeted by Gary, he took me upstairs, showed me to the room with the door that was binding. Gary mention he was in a rush to pick up something from the post office before they shut. He said “my wife, Anna is upstairs still sleeping”. He mentioned they had a big night out, then left. After a few minutes of getting organised, set up outside. I went upstairs and began removing the spare bedrooms door, Anna was obviously up as the shower was running, but the bedroom door had be left slightly ajar. I continued working, the door had been removed. Downstairs I’d trimmed the door and given it an undercoat of primer and painted. Back up stairs to reinstall the door. I noticed the shower had stopped, the en-suite door was still shut. Then just before i turned back to resume the door, the en suite door opens. Standing at the door is the most stunning women you’ve even seen, a lovely hour glass shaped body and firm breasts with an absolutely stunning face.

Anna said “ can I help you” in a rather serious tone. I replied “ I think we can help each other”. Then she walked off into the other part of the room which was out of view. Not sure what just happened, I began putting the door back on and had finished. I had not noticed Anna standing in her robe at the door. When I did noticed, she said “ well are you going to help me or not?” I replied “of course I will” and followed her into the master bedroom. She immediately dropped the robe and was naked with that beautiful body, she wasn’t messing around. She said “now your turn” . I got undressed as fast as humanly possible. She was laying on the bed and had began masterbating, her long legs spread and a great view of her pussy. I lay next to her and take over masterbating her, she had grabbed my penis and was stroking it. It felt so good, she was getting so wet and I so hard, I moved positions began to lick her moist very wet pussy, while she sucked on my throbbing penis. I couldn’t believe this was happening and in the moment hadn’t give a thought to Garys return.


It was a great feeling having a hot young tradie licking my pussy, he’d put two fingers inside me, I was loving every minute of it. Having his hard penis in my mouth, that excitement from when he saw me at the bathroom door. Something I’ve been missing in recent times from Gary except when planned to spice things up. I was ready, I need Naes cock inside me, Now. I positioned myself with my legs spread and ready to take his eager cock inside me. I said “fuck me hard” he aligned himself ready and slowly pushed his cock into my dripping wet pussy. It felt great, I began moaning as he went deeper and faster. He held my legs in the air to get deeper, I could feel an orgasm coming, I said “harder” with that I started to orgasm. He changed rhythm, to short quick strokes, he’d moved his hands onto my firm butt. It wasn’t long before I came again. I could tell Naes, was getting close. He asked “where should I cum?” I replied “inside me” without hesitation I felt him stiffen and felt the warm sperm leaving his body with each pulse and filling my pussy up.


I left to go out, but it wasn’t to the post office as I had told Naes, Anna & I had been trying out new things to spice up our relationship. We’d been toying with various ideas and different fantasies, settling on “The Carpenter” fantasy. Having a tradie come over to fix something minor and letting Anna have some fun with him. I’d still gone out but it was only to grab a coffee, 3mins down the road. I sat at the cafe and had a coffee and read the paper, giving Anna a 30mins head start as it were. I got in the car and drove back, but parked on the street, making sure not to disturb them. I walked in the house and I could hear Anna moaning from upstairs. I began the descent upstairs. I down the hallway, the moans getting louder, Anna saying “harder” & just as I reached the door she orgasmed. I peered though door and saw Naes still fucking Anna, this was so hot, he both hands firmly on her arse, trusting into her at a decent pace, Anna moaning before cumming a second time soon after, Naes asks were to cum. Anna replies “inside me” . I stood at the door and watched as this young guy stiffen and was unloading all his cum inside my wife. I was turned on & ready to fuck her.

I entered the room, of course Naes freaks out as I’ve just busted him on my wife, pants off and he butt naked. I explained that it wasn’t an accident and we had planned it. He still seemed on edge but after a few moments relaxed. Anna was about to get up and go clean herself. When I said “where do you think your going?” She replies”to clean up” I then tell her and Naes to lay down, I tell Naes he needs to watch as I clean up. Anna has her cheeky smile on her face, spreads her legs expectantly, then I proceed to lick the cum out of her wet pussy. My cock was rock hard and I couldn’t resist it any longer, I had to fuck her. The pants and shirt were off, Naes was laying next to Anna and was stroking himself. Anna had positioned herself in doggystyle and I was ready to go. She was still so wet and it just slid right in aided by both of their cum. She was really into it, pushing back on each trust, moaning. I was giving her a couple of light spanks. I noticed Naes was hard again, I asked Anna “did you want to try Double penetration”

She replied “yes”. We paused as she got on top of Naes, I was behind Anna & she was about to have her first double penetration. Naes slid his cock into her pussy, then I slid mine into her, she let out a loud moan, and slowly slid back, allowing us to stretch her pussy, she was shaking a little and was struggling. After a while of slow movements, she was comfortable and we had a nice rhythm going, she was enjoying it so much, the neighbours probably were wondering what the hell was going on. She had orgasmed once and then Naes with a second load inside her, he laid on the bed again, her on top with the cum dripping down on to him. I began to tense and shot my load deep inside her, I hadn’t came that hard in a long time.

We cleaned up, we thanked Naes for his efforts.

It certainly helped spice things up, we had such passionate sex for the next few weeks and were keen to find the next fantasies to for fill

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