Written by juangarianojuan

6 Jun 2012


Some years ago I was crossing the Nullarbor to visit my friends in Sydney and at one stage I came to some old limestone caves just off the road, not far from Eucla and a little before sunset and there I decided to camp. It looked like rain and though the chances of a shower in the desert are remote, this was nonetheless winter and when it rains, I am told, it can really pour down. So I camped in a big limestone overhang, rather than in the caves proper which had very uneven floors and were dark and spooky and went on and down for ever. I noticed that my overhang was generously decorated with the outlines of hands, with stylised kangaroos and emus and with other animals. It was also decorated with human figures, sticklike, but the men had very fleshy, hanging testicles and long erect penises, and the women had full, long, pointed breasts, and gaping love holes. None were joined in intercourse but were facing each other, two by two and the effect was quite erotic. I felt myself lengthen just looking at them. I tried to forget the feeling and made camp.

That night, by the light of my campfire, I read in my guidebook that these caves were a sacred site and were supposed to give those witchdoctors who used them the power to travel long distances in little time, silently, flying over the land at tree height or going frankly as crows. I was far from being uneasy at this and even thought in a jocular fashion that if only it worked for me I might fly over the land till I found a human settlement and there descent on a sleeping woman and cover her, penetrate her, in the manner of the old succubus demons and thus relieve my feelings. Aroused by this thought and unable to contain myself any longer I built up the fire, lay naked upon my sleeping bag and pumped myself till I spurted out my semen while thinking of ripe breasts and hot slippery holes. I came, dressed and crawled back into the sleeping bag.

The night was silent, the fire burned and I was soon asleep. I dreamed.

In my dream I flew over the land for many hours it seemed. The sun was shining and I watched the desert flow past my feet. Then I was over trees and parkland, then mountains, a deep canyon, a harbour. A column of smoke rose from the eucalyptus forest and soon I was over a bay of the harbour and over a little settlement of crude bark huts, of tents, of small rather home-made brick cottages. There was however a large, rambling, two storey house and there I went, sinking down towards the ground. Inside I walked along a cool, clay-floored corridor. A maid of some kind, little more than a girl really, passed me, glanced at me then continued. She wore a calico shift and nothing else for her full breasts moved under the light cloth and her nipples made two obvious little mounds. She had a mob cap on her lank black hair and her face was plump and she had little dark eyes and a look of some preoccupation, but suddenly she stopped and turned back.

"Oh Sir," she said, her smile a shy one. "Are you one of the young gentlemen from the regiment, come for a girl?" Her lips were full and glistening. "I'm free now," she added, eagerly. She came up and stroked my crotch with gentle fingers, then led me by the hand to a side room, shut the door when we had entered and pulled the shift off her full, nut brown body. Her nipples were long and thick, and her aureoles several fingers wide. Obviously she had had a child. This excited me even more and I breathed in her musky perfume as she pulled down my pants, removed shoes and socks and undid my shirt, giggling at the strange design of it all. She stood and pressed against me. "Just out from the old country are ye?" she said, reaching down and squeezing my engorged member. "Why don't you poke me with that then, I'm homesick!" I led her to a low bed bearing nothing but a lumpy mattress and kissed her, fingered her very wet snatch, then seeing that she needed no preparation, I pushed her back and laid her on the bed where she immediately spread her thick legs, offering her engorged hole and copious bush to my gaze. The room had an earth floor and a tiny window with no glass, but so high up that we were in no danger of discovery. My heart was beating hard now as I lay over her and pushed as her hot little fingers guided me into her very ready hole. "Oh yes," she said. "Stuff it in me Sir! Tup me like a bitch in heat!" I don't know why but she had an animal attraction that made me frantic with desire for her and I pounded into her hard and fast and she responded, bucking up beneath me and suddenly crying out and I spurted all my load in thrust after thrust, into her willing little womb. Then she bent over me as I lay there exhausted and licked and sucked me clean then wiped me dry with a rag she found under the bed. She lay there as I dressed, fingering her nipples and sighing. "Do come again to Mary," she said , her dark eyes gazing into mine, and I left.

Further along the corridor I came to a more substantial looking door, and thinking I might find someone who could explain were I was, I opened it and went in. I shut it behind me with a click and the man standing in the room looked up.

"Who the devil are you?" he snapped. I gave him my name and when I mentioned that the settlement in which I had landed seemed quite archaic, he asked me what year I thought it was, damn my eyes. I told him and he gave a snort.

"You're mad, fellow," he said, not without a touch of pity. "I don't recall you among the convicts and certainly would have noticed your fancy dress!" His amusement was gradually overcoming his irascibility and he smiled faintly. "Unless I've finally taken leave of my senses and am imagining you! The strain you know. Not enough food, not enough able bodied and skilled convicts. Rebellious soldiers. Unpredictable Indians..." He finally pulled himself together and came forward.

"Well, Sir Apparition, you feel real enough." For he had clasped my hand in greeting. A shrewd look came over his nondescript features. "Or are you a French spy?" His changes of mood were starting to unnerve me. The fellow must indeed have been under great strain. He sat down at his table, took a bottle of sherry from a shelf behind him and filled two cut glass goblets, also from the shelf. He offered me one and indicated the chair opposite him at the table. .

"Your health!" he said and took a swig. I sat and did the same. I had been mulling things over as he spoke and now a crazy idea occurred to me.

"You wouldn't by any chance be Arthur Phillip? Commander Phillip?" I ventured.

"The same," he said, dryly. His eyes were pale blue, watery, weak, his hair a mousy brown peppered with grey. A man of about fifty, but older in appearance. He was missing one of his incisors, which gave him a slightly piratical look when he smiled that ill accorded with his role as governor of this colony. He was wearing a loose, billowing shirt and knee breaches, white stockings and buckled shoes. He frowned as he caught my scrutiny.

"And the year is 1791," he said, as if reading my thoughts. "January. The third anniversary of our landing on this forsaken shore just past."

I knew the history of the colony, for I was interested in that period, and knew that even now, and for some years to come, the little settlement of Englishmen were faced with constant starvation. It had always puzzled me that the first colony had been planted at Port Jackson, when the Queensland coast, a week or two's sailing to the north, was so much richer in soil, in tropical fruits, in fish and game. So much better watered. I told the commander and he looked at me in astonishment, then shrugged his shoulders.

"Well, I suppose you would know, Sir Ghost, since you come from a time when the land has been thoroughly explored."

"And settled," I added.

"Ah," he said, a dreamy look in his eyes. "And how is my little colony going to prosper?"

I told him and his interest grew with my telling. I could see that part of him refused to believe my unlikely tale, but that another part wanted it so much to be true that he was willing to suspend his disbelief, at least for the time being. I went on at some length about the future people of this continent, their wealth, their numbers. He poured us both another glass of sherry and went on to ask about King George, about France, and all that was to happen in the wide world in the years to come, and appeared mightily entertained by my account.

I turned the conversation to other matters. Why, I asked, did he not bring down small groups of natives from the Dutch East Indies to farm the land, since he lacked skilled farmers? Then he and his fellow Englishmen could trade with them for food and have it always in abundant supply and use their women.

He sat in thought a while, then smote the table.

"But come," he said, rising. "I still have an hour of siesta and have not paid attention to the ladies. You will join me I trust?" He grinned boyishly and rang a little hand bell. Shortly after four young ladies came in, dressed in a finer way than Mary had been, but with their blouses cut so low as almost to reveal their nipples. Their skirts were quite gauzy too and showed their thighs and the dark patch between them. One, a tall, dark haired lass with curly locks, came over to the Governor and led him off with a little whinny of desire to the corridor, then, after a certain amount of giggling, a little redhead came over to me , linked arms and led me off too.

This time the room she led me to was up some three steps and had a wooden floor, a wooden dresser and a larger bed. We undressed each other eagerly, for I was again aroused and lay on the bed, but then she wriggled around and lay head down and began sucking on my erection, and I played with her love slit till her swollen piss lips were quite slippery and glistening. I was now so hard and stiff that I was in danger of spilling my seed, and so I suddenly pulled her back the right way up, kissed her deeply, fondled her long goat udders with the erect nipples and then pulled her off the bed and onto the floor. She began to protest, but when I made her get down on all fours she understood and was quiet as I slid into her from behind, making her scream faintly as I forced her a little, for as I have said she was not a big girl. Then we went at it and I pushed in and out of her and paused every now and then to heft her breasts and to tweak those wonderful nipples. She began to moan and finally spasmed around me and I could contain myself no longer and spent in her, shooting my load in several spasms. We collapsed on the floor, completely sated. "What is your name, girl?" I asked, stroking her face and gazing into those wonderful green eyes. I saw her mouth open, but I did not hear her reply for I was suddenly caught up and whirled away

When I awoke I was lying next to the aromatic and smouldering remains of my camp fire. As magpie was trilling in a tree nearby and the first light of dawn filled the sky and gilded the long, fleecy lines of cloud. I ate a quick breakfast of uncooked rolled oats, sultanas and milk powder, stirred to a mush with a bit of water, and packed. I wanted to be on my way and to cross the border at Eucla early, so I could start practising my Malay which was, after all, the official language of the Eastern States.

I thought no more of my dream.