Written by Mrs Squirrell (Squibutt)

9 May 2012

Walking into a bar late one evening, I browsed around the smoke filled room looking at what the night had to offer. There were a few old men drinking and playing cards at a large round table, a group of girls singing karaoke on stage and at the bar, a couple kissing and cuddling. Walking up to the counter the bartender moved to greet me.

“What’ll it be missy?”, he asked in a raspy voice.

“Just a Jack and lemonade with a slice of lemon please.” I said sitting myself down on a stool.

Just as the bartender was returning with my drink the doors of the bar swung open and in walked half a dozen men all dressed in similar attire but different. There was no doubt about it their legendary Stetson hats giving them away, they were definitely cowboys.

“Here ya go missy”. The bartender placed my drink down in front of me and then called out to the group of rowdy men that were heading to the back of the room, “the usual round boys”.

Two men broke away from the group and headed over. “Yeap, beers all ‘round” the first guy said. The other cowboy looked over to where I was sitting, “and one of those too”, he added. The barman handed the tray of drinks to the younger of the two, the older cowboy taking his beer and the other drink off the tray.

“I’ll be there in a minute” he said to his junior colleague who was already walking off in the direction of their group. Taking both drinks into one hand, he raised his other hand to touch the brim of his hat. “Ma’am may I?”

“Sure, seats free”, I said smiling coyly at him.

Sitting down on the vacant stool he placed the glass in front of me. “I hope you don’t mind ma’am, I bought you a drink”

“Thank you”, I said smiling back at him.

“Well darlin’ I haven’t seen you in here before, and by the sounds of it you’re not a local”.

“No I’m not; I’m just passing through trying to see all the beautiful sights your country has to offer”.

The cowboy, who was now staring at me whispers, “Well, I don’t need to go very far to see beauty right now”.

Blushing I shyly smile back and look over to where his mates were sitting. The girls who were previously singing karaoke were now sitting on the laps of a couple of the boys.

“Don’t you want to join your friends?” I asked motioning over to where they were sitting.

“No, unless you prefer I leave you alone”.

Touching his knee I quickly interject, “NO!... I mean, no, stay I haven’t meet anyone yet, specially a guy who is so polite as you”.

He looked down at his knee and placed his hand on top of mine, his fingers encircling my wrist then moving around to pick up my hand, kissing the back of it gently. We sat talking, laughing, drinking and flirting with each other for a few hours. Then looking at my watch I notice the time.

“It’s getting late, I have an early start in the morning”, I say with a pout on my face. “Would you be interested in... well would you like too...” I feel myself flush red trying to find the words to ask him back to my room.

“I’d love to”, he said raising himself from his stool. I hop up off mine and we walked out the door together, the coolness of the night air not only making my head feel light but also my nipples go hard and noticeable through my top.

“I’m just staying over there at that motel”, pointing in its direction.

“Okay let’s go, it’s chilly out tonight” he said as he took his jacket and placed it around my shoulders to keep me warm.

We walked fast over the highway and up the front porch steps to my room. I reach into my purse for the key and tried to slide it into the keyhole. Fumbling they drop and simultaneously bending down to pick up the key our heads meeting with a bang.

“OUCH” we say at the same time looking into each other’s eyes. Picking up his hat and grabbing the key, we rise. Putting one hand to my head I reach over to his, “I am so SORRY”, I giggle to myself. My fingers lightly touched his forehead and then I begin to run them over the top of his freshly shaven scalp. Feeling its smoothness as my fingers make their way down and around his neck, I draw him in close to me.

“Kiss me cowboy”, I murmur and he moves in closer till our lips touch, slightly parting I feel his warm tongue slip in between my lips. Instinctively I push my tongue out to meet his and we kiss passionately for a few seconds. Inserting the key into the door he manages to unlatch it and we stumble inside. Turning me around the cowboy releases the door and it closes shut behind us, he then pushes me up against it while still kissing.

Sliding the jacket off my shoulders and letting it drops to the floor, he runs his hand up my arm as his kisses move down my chin and onto my neck, and around till it finds my earlobe where he begins to lick and suck gently on it. I unbutton his shirt removing it, my fingers lightly moving down his defined chest to the top of his jeans. Unclasping the belt buckle, I undo the button and zip, my hand sliding down inside. “Mmmm”, he moans softly in my ear as my fingers touch his hardened cock. Reaching down he removes my hand and pulls me over to the bed where he lays me down, grabbing my legs and dragging my bottom half to the edge of the mattress, he raises my skirt and spreads my legs. My pink cotton panties noticeably wet.

“Oh darlin you want me bad”, he says as he takes his hands placing one on the soft mound just above my pussy and his other hand underneath me and then he begins to massage my clit and my pussy with his thumbs moving them in tiny circular motions.

“You like that baby?”, he asks.

”uh huh” I moan as my hips start to move up and down slowly against his thumbs and becoming faster as I begin to orgasm hard. My juices soak through my panties and he brings his face in to my crotch and licks the wet material. “Baby I gotta get me a better taste of that”, he says as he pulls my panties down my legs and takes them off.

Spreading my legs again, he moves in and lightly licks my clit with his tongue, taking it between his lips every so often to suck on it. Taking a finger he slides it deep into my pussy, moving in and out twisting it as he goes. “Ohhhh”, I moan as I feel my pussy tighten getting ready to cum again. “Oh hell..”, my body slightly stiffens as I feel myself cum a second time. He removes his finger from my pussy and drags his tongue down to my moist opening where he guide it deep inside to lick the juices as they begin to flow.

Getting up he climbs on top of me we kiss again, I take his tongue into my mouth as I taste the sweetness of myself on his lips. Rolling me on top of him I sit up my knees either side of his hips I take my shirt off revealing my naked breasts, the cowboy reaching out grabbing one in each hand from below them and squeezing firmly running his thumbs over the nipples. I lean forward so he can take a boob into his mouth he sucks as much as he can in and then bringing his lips down till he was just sucking on the nipple...biting and teasing it hard.

I move my body down kissing his neck and dragging my tongue and kisses down his chest, his stomach and to the top of his open jeans, I pull them down and off. I take up a position between his legs on the floor and pick up his cock in my hand. I start to massage the shaft slowly up and down. I look up at him, his eyes closed I then take the head into my mouth and begin to suck as I move my hand. “Mmmmm”, he moans, “that feels so good”.

Feeling pleased I take more of his big cock into my mouth moving my head up and down, each time I take a little more of his throbbing cock until it was being swallowed hungrily by my eager mouth. Placing a hand at the back of my head he pushes me down and holds me there for a while, I suck. Feeling the head of his cock touch the back of my throat I try to move back a little. “Whoa, not yet baby” he says and then his cock swells and I feel and taste his warm salty cum squirt out as it hits the back of my throat and begins to slide down, I swallow hard.

He releases my head and I continue to bob up and down sucking as I go. “C’mon baby this boy’s ready to be ridden”, he says and I stand and take my skirt off. I crawl up and kneel back over his thick swollen cock I take it and slide my tight wet pussy. Moving my hips slowly in a circular motion I start to go faster as he grabs onto my hips and directs me to go back and forth instead. I leaning back placing my hands on his legs for support I thrust my hips hard, moving up and down his cock refusing taking it all in.

“Oh hell no girl I wanna feel your tight little cunt wrapped around all of my cock” he says as he pulls me hard down on it and I scream out, “Fuck!” I continue to move this time fucking his whole cock. After a while he pulls me down and we roll over so I am laying on the bed again and he kneels up between my thighs and starts to thrust his cock hard and fast into my pussy. I start to moan wildly as my muscles tighten around his shaft and I cum again, my wetness coating his cock.

He doesn’t stop fucking me and I start to squirm slightly on the bed. Noticing this he pulls me up onto all fours. Taking his hands and spreading my butt cheeks, he positions the head of his cock at the opening of my asshole. In one firm push he slides his cock deep into my ass right up to his balls. I moan loudly and push back against him as I feel my hole stretch around his hot shaft.

Not moving yet I turn to him, “You gonna fuck my ass or what?”

Smiling he replies, ”You’re gonna get it now darlin’”, and then he starts to pound my ass, hard and fast making me moan out with every deep thrust.

“Your ass is so tight” he moans, “damn girl, I’m cumming”.

I feel his cock swell and with one hard thrust he spews cums deep in my ass. “Ohhhhh yeah darlin”. He removes his cock he and lays himself down on the bed and I take him in my mouth sucking and licking his shaft clean.

Putting his arms out, I lay down beside him, he closes them around my shoulders, leans down, and kisses me on the forehead. “Darlin’, you sure you gotta leave early in the morning?” he asks. I drift off into a blissful sleep as I wonder what would happen if i stayed a little longer.