Written by Morongo299

1 Nov 2012

On a cold and windy autumn night, a striking young woman embarks on a journey to pursue her object of lust and desire. Dressed in a long black trench coat with her pretty little head turned away from view, the mysterious young woman shuts the door of her modern high-rise apartment and proceeds down a long and shady corridor towards the elevator hub of the building. Encased in dark-tinted plexiglass and looking out towards the vast expanse of the city’s skyline, the woman enters the scenic elevator pod and plunges many stories downward to the underground parking garage of her building.

Upon exiting the small confines of the elevator capsule, the long black trench coat has disappeared and the young woman’s concealed identity is disclosed to us. She is Bat-Girl and the violet and gold latex body suit stretching tightly around her corpulent and curvaceous figure is unmistakable to all the fair citizens of Gotham City. The piercing clang of her stiletto heeled go-go boots echo noisily through the large subterranean concrete garage as Bat-Girl makes her way to her shiny purple Yamaha superbike. As she mounts her pristine and powerful motorbike, Bat-girl pulls back her gorgeous head of long, black hair and methodically plaits her beautiful mane into an elaborate French Braid. With a firm leather grip on the bike’s throttle and her solid gold motorcycle helmet securely fastened, Bat-Girl peels out of the apartment complex garage and onto the street like ‘A Bat out of Hell’.

With hardly any traffic in sight at this unusual hour of the night, Bat-Girl weaves her motorcycle through an infinite labyrinth of parked cars and city intersections with amazing skill and agility. Soon the bright city lights fade into darkness and oblivion as Bat-Girl speeds towards the Gotham City Turnpike on the outskirts of town. As you might have guessed, Bat-Girl is on her way to the sheltered, country location of the infamous Bat Cave to seduce the ‘Caped Crusader’ himself.

Together with the cool, billowing air of the mountainous countryside, the speed and velocity at which the supercharged motorbike is travelling over the hard bitumen send shivers through Bat-Girl’s arched body. Faster than a speeding bullet and more powerful than a locomotive, the intense vibrations emanating from the potent Yamaha engine between her sinuous thighs begin to tingle profusely at her tight crotch. Suddenly an unyielding warming sensation tantalises her hard clitoris and Bat-Girl becomes consumed by lascivious daydreams of what she might do to Batman if she has her way. At the sign post up ahead, Bat-Girl notices the lavish home of Wayne Manor resting above the covert location of the Bat Cave. She has finally reached her destination but needs to devise a contrived plan to alert the Caped Crusader’s attention in the middle of the night!

‘Crash…Boom…Ka-Pow!’ In the fraction of an instant, Bat-Girl leaps off her pristine motorcycle as it crashes and explodes near the entrance to the Bat Cave. Because of her super-human strength and resilience, Bat-Girl walks away from the incident virtually unscathed. The loud explosion alarms the occupants of Wayne Manor as every light within the palatial home are turned on almost immediately. Knowing that the crash will soon trigger the magnetic force field around the Bat Cave Complex, Bat-Girl then catapults herself towards the hidden entrance of the lair, lying in wait for Batman to arrive and assess the scene.

As the impenetrable and fortified steel gate of the Bat Cave is raised, Bat-Girl ominously stares at the formidable physique of Batman while secretly hiding behind some adjacent shrubbery. Standing heroically in front of the entrance of his lair, Batman is alerted by the tremendous explosion he has just heard and darts in the direction of the burning wreckage of Bat-Girl’s superbike at the side of the road. He then kneels down beside the fiery debris with his wrist pressed against his lowered brow. Fearing the worst has happened to Bat-Girl, solemn tears spill through the eyelets of his mask as Batman weeps for his fallen protégé and confidante.

With his dark cape fluttering in the wind and his defined musculature illuminated by the gleaming moonlight above, Batman raises himself off the ground and douses the flames of the burning wreck with the convenient fire extinguisher attached to his belt. Bat-Girl feels remorseful and ashamed of what she has done after seeing Batman’s grief and admiration for her. Wearing nothing more than her golden cape, velvet mask, and high-heeled go-go boots, she races towards Batman to apologise for her actions.

As the frosty midnight air pierces her scantily-clad, naked body, Bat-Girl startles the Caped Crusader from behind and says to him in a soft and timid voice, ‘I’m so very sorry about this all this. It was all just a stupid ruse to show you that I am mad about you, Batman!’ Through the façade of his distinctive mask, Batman carefully scrutinises the foolish and attractive woman before him. After a long pause, Batman says to Bat-Girl in a stern tone, ‘I expected a lot more from you, Bat-Girl! You are my protégé and partner in crime-fighting! I simply do not understand your cheekiness and lustful intentions for me!’ In a seductive drawl, Bat-Girl softly replies to him, ‘You are awe-inspiring and very attractive to me, Batman. And there’s much more to life than fighting crime. Come here, my lover and mentor. Let me take you in my mouth now, handsome! With that said, Bat-Girl then kneels down in front of the towering superhero while unloosening his belt to expose his large and throbbing manhood hidden in his tights.

Looking at him through her velvet mask with dark, captivating eyes, Bat-Girl teasingly licks the head of Batman’s cock with her sensuous tongue while playfully fondling his tight testicles with her delicate hand. A large grin stretches across Batman’s face as he slowly feeds the length and girth of his manhood deep inside her succulent mouth. Batman lovingly embraces Bat-Girl’s gorgeous face with his ample hands while looking intensely into her seductive eyes. He then proceeds to face fuck her with increasing stamina and endurance. The hard thrusting of his large member deep inside her mouth coupled the sensation of his rough latex gloves pressing against her tender face invigorate Bat-Girl’s growing rapture and ecstasy. Holding back her pleasurable moans and the unyielding urge to gag, Bat-Girl begins to rub and stimulate herself playfully with her delicate fingertips. Her swollen vagina quickly responds to her manual stimulation by gushing violently onto the bitumen pavement below. After reaching climax, Batgirl then suddenly withdraws her mouth from his throbbing member and gasps for air. Trying to catch her breath, Batgirl then says to Batman, ‘Oh god, you make me so wet, baby! Let’s go inside where it is a bit warmer. I need you to fuck me right now!’ Batman graciously complies with her request as he raises her voluptuous body into his strong arms and carries her into the Bat Cave.

Amidst the flashing lights, advanced computers, and communications centre that is the Bat Cave; Batman gently lowers Bat-Girl onto the bonnet of his prized Batmobile. Her light and creamy complexion is in direct contrast to the glistening phantom black paint of the Batmobile. As Batman leans over to kiss her sensuous lips, Bat-Girl parts her luscious legs and embraces Batman’s muscular physique with her loving arms. Their passionate kiss and warm embrace reignite their fervour and the two lovers make love once again. Batman grabs hold Bat-Girl’s ankles and stretches her nimble legs past her head. With her round, shapely ass in full view and her contorted body lying flat against the bonnet of the car, Batman steadily mounts himself on top of Bat-Girl as he slides his manhood deep inside of her moist sweetness.

With swift speed and increasing rhythm, Batman forcefully penetrates the sultry seductress lying underneath him. Bat-Girl starts to moans loudly and ecstatically as his pelvic thrusts become much more vigorous and frequent. The intense sound and sensation of Batman’s hard abdominal wall slapping against her tender skin soon becomes too overwhelming for Bat-Girl to endure. Her muscles contract wildly as she is overcome by another powerful, body-convulsing orgasm. In a high-pitched tone, Bat-Girl calls out to Batman, ‘Oh god, Batman! I am cumming again!’ Sweating profusely and running out of steam, Batman wails out a melodramatic roar as he withdraws himself from her swollen vagina and promptly ejaculates all over her curvaceous tits and belly.

Feeling tired and exhausted from their passionate love-making, Batman collapses on top of Bat-Girl with the full weight of his formidable and muscular physique upon her. With his strong arms, he affectionately embraces the gorgeous vixen beneath him and says to Bat-Girl, ‘That was so good, baby! When can we do this again sometime? ‘I’m definitely available next week! Why don’t we get together around the same Bat-Time and the same Bat-Channel, Batman?’ Bat-Girl cheekily replies.

The End