Written by Running Man

19 Aug 2015

We walked next door. Donna opened the door for us before we could knock and greated us both with a kiss on the check. She had gone little black dress too. Her dress was tight, it cling to her and showed of her athletic figure and fantastic d cup tits. Short too, as she walked ahead of us through to the lounge you could see the tops of her stockings as the dress rode up.

Mark came in from the kitchen with champagne. We sat opposite each other on theit leather lounge. Small talk, champagne and Mark and Donna both flirting with Wifey. Wifey was rubbing my leg as they flirted with us, her hand gravitating towards my cock then pulling back because it wasn't time yet. Every time Donna lent forward to get her drink off the table, she would give us a great show of cleavage, but better yet she would spread her legs and give us a flash of panties. Donna went to get more champagne and Mark to check the food in the kitchen.

Wifey whispered to me what she wanted to do to Mark and Donna. Donna came back and sat down again. As she poured us another drink, she spread her legs again and exposed her self to us, she had removed her panties and we had a great view of her smooth pussy. Wifey dug her nails into my leg and let out a little whimper. A little later Wifey excused herself and can back sans knickers. She took pleasure in crossing and uncrossing her legs. Donna and Mark were stairing at her crotch. Donna kept flashing her pussy and continually touched her nipples and Mark's cock.

Somehow we made it through dinner and desert with our clothes on. We talked and drank a lot and found out we had a lot in common, similar careers, similar hobbies. When Wifey left the room for a nature call, Donna jumped me, French kissing me and rubbing my cock. I told her to hold up, she was meant to be seducing Wifey.

After dinner we want back into the lounge. Donna and Wifey sat next to each other and Mark and I sat opposite with a good view of both their pussys. both their dresses had ridden up and they were either too drunk or too aroused to pull them down. Stocking tops and suspenders were exposed. They were complimenting each other on their outfits and comparing notes on lingerie shops, touching each other under the guise of testing fabric. Mark and I just sat back, beer in hand, hardon in pants and enjoyed the show.

Donna's hand crept up Wifey's thigh, she must have been close to touching her pussy, they were leaning in to each other whispering. Wifey took the initiative and swung a leg over Donna, straddling her lap. Her dress rode right up exposing her bare ass to Mark and I, as she pulled Donna to her and they started pashing. Donna's hand roved Wifey's body, she found the zip to her dress and unzipped it, exposing Wifey's breasts to her. She broke from the kiss and started licking her nipples as one hand went between Wifey's legs and dipped a finger into her pussy. Wifey ground into Donnas hand.

Mark and I watched the show. My cock was straining against my pants so I let it out. I had a slow wank as I watched the show. Mark got his cock out too, we sat back and slowly wanked each other.

Wifey had removed Donnas dress. They were both naked but for stockings and suspenders. They continued to kiss and lick at each others tits as Donna fingered Wifey. Wifey had her back to us, and shielded most of Donna's body, so we only caught glimpses of Donna's big melons and puffy nipples and Wifey's pert b cups and pointy nips. Donna fingered Wifey and rubbed her clit, from the groans she was driving Wifey close to orgasm. She pulled Wifey to her and nibbled her ear and pressed a finger into Wifey's arse hole. Wifey shuddered through an orgasm. Mark was wanking my cock fast, I put my hand over his to slow him down.

'I think the boys need some attention.' Wifey and Donna separated and crawled around the coffee table towards us.

Wifey went to Mark and Donna came to me. They started sucking our dicks as the removed our pants. I had forgotten how good Donna was at giving head. After getting my cock good and wet, she straddled me. I slid straight in to her hot wet cunt. As she removed my shirt I enjoyed the sight of her tits and nipples up close, last time I saw them they were covered in 13 guys cum. I carresed them, licked them, gently bit them as Donna rocked up and down on my cock. Next to me Wifey had mounted Mark, he was paying a lot of attention to her nipples and was rubbing her clit as she bounced on his cock. Wifey and Donna lent in to each other and kissed as we they fucked us.

'Do we need protection? I'm close to cuming.' Mark asked.

'Nope, I'm on the pill and Hubby's had the snip' Wifey replied.

Mark gave a grunt as he came in Wifey's pussy. I knew she would be using her cunt to milk every drop out of him.

As I fucked Donna, I rubbed her clit and fingered her ass, using her pussy juices as lube.

She whispered in my ear 'I want anal.'

She dismounted from me and turned to the coffee table, I got up to take her from behind.

'No, sit down next to Mark again, I want to be on top' she grabbed a bottle of lube from the coffee table draw and put a good coating on my cock and over her arse hole. With her back to me, she sat down, guiding my cock into her arse. She took my thick 8 inches easily, it felt great as she bounced up and down, not letting me do any work.

She lent across and kissed Wifey, who was trying to get Mark hard again.

'He'll get hard again soon enough, come down here and lick my pussy.'

Wifey jumped off Mark and dove between our legs and started licking and fingering Donna's pussy and my arse, well lubed by Donna.

'When you are ready, come round here and fuck my arse, i love anal' she said to Mark. He was starting to harden, I reached across and helped him.

Donna collapsed back, writhing in ecstacy, her back against my chest, her head next to mine. We kissed as I bucked up deep into her anus, and pawed at her tits, squeezing her nipples and enjoying the feel of her tight body.

Wifey growled, a good sound from her. Mark had recovered and was fucking her arse like a madman. Wifey growled and moaned as her head was rammed into Donna's pussy, she managed to continue fingering my arse, it felt like three fingers.

Donna let out a shreak as she came, her anus claimed tight like it was trying to squeeze me out and pull me in deeper at the same time. She gushed over Wifey's face, I could feel her juices running over my balls. Wifey came too, using Donna's pussy to muffle her cries, as she came she drove her fingers deep into my arse, finding my g-spot and making me unload onto Donna.

Mark kept pounding Wifeys arse till he came. He pulled out of Wifey and started rimming her. He sucked all his cum out of her, then went and kissed Donna, sharing the cum. Donna climbed off me and presented her arse to Mark. He licked and sucked my cum from Donna's arse while she used her mouth to clean me. They kissed and exchanged cum.

Donna and Wifey started to 69. Mark crawled to me, still seated on the couch and started to suck and rub my cock, getting me rock hard again. He gave great head, he licked my shaft, sucked my balls and deepthroated me effortlessly. Occasionally he would rim me, and finger my arsehole. I put my hands on his head and controlled him, holding his head as I thrust down his throat.

Wifey gave an excited giggle. Donna had got some toys out and Wifey was putting on a strap on.

'Can I fuck Mark?'

'That's why we have it. He loves it, go for it.'

Mark heard this and reached back, spreading his checks as he continued to deep throating me. Donna helped lube the dildo and Mark's arse, slipping a few fingers in and stretching him open. Then she guided Wifey's plastic cock into Mark's back package.

Wifey pounded Mark hard. He pulled away from me and collapsed into the floor. Arse in the air, Wifey fucked him hard. She was practically pushing him under the couch. As she drove the dildo in and out of Mark, she twisted her nipples and fingered her clit, she was in the zone and wasn't going to stop till the both came. From experience, she would then fuck him again.

Donna grabbed me hand and pulled me up off the couch. 'Let them have their fun' she said as she led me to the bedroom. A king size bed sat in the center of the room, pulled out from the walls so all four sides were accessible. She lay on her back in the middle if the bed and waited for me. I walked around the bed admiring this big breasted goddess.

I crawled onto the bed and started kissing up her leg, around her pussy, over her belly to her tits. I circled my tongue over her large puffy nipples and moved up to her neck, earlobes and finally her lips. We kissed, tongues dancing as my cock rubbed against her pussy lips. She yeilded, spreading her legs a little and I slid straight in. We fucked slowly, sliding in and out as we French kissed.

Having already cum a couple of times i knew I was going to last a while, so I took my time. We fucked in every position we could think of, her on top, doggy, missionary spooning, taking out time and enjoying each other. Donna came repeatedly, she would cum and we would move to a new position. Finally, riding me reverse cowboy she made me come. As she was riding me, I was teasing her puckered anus with my thumb. She leaned forward and started sucking my toes. I'd never experienced that and it sent me over the edge. Crying out, I erupted in her cunt.

Donna milked my cock with her cunt, drawing all my cum out of me. It was exquisite. As my cock softened, she released me and shuffled down so we were 69ing. She cleaned me down with her mouth and I started lapping at her cunt, drawing my cum from her. I licked at her clit, she shuddered and gushed over my face, I drank it up. I was hard again and she was deep throating me.

Wifey and Mark came into the room.

'Can we join you?' more of a suggestion than a question. Mark climbed into the bed and started fucking Donna doggie style, his balls hitting my face as I continued to lick her slit. Wifey still had on the strap on and she started rubbing it over my arse as Donna sucked my cock.

Wifey lubed up my arse, then gently slipped her plastic penis in. She fucked me with a slow rocking motion as Donna sucked me off. As Mark fucked Donna inches from my face, I took the opportunity to lick his shaft and suck his balls. I would flick my tongue over his recently fucked anus as he thrust deep into his wife.

He pulled out of Donna's soggy pussy and put his click in my mouth. I'd never properly blown a guy, but I stared doing the things I liked having done to me. Mark seamed to like it and so did Wifey.

'Aw gawd, I'm going cum again soon. I never thought I'd be spit roasting my husband. You've got to let him cum in your mouth!' she was fucking me hard.

Donna moved off top of me so she could watch, rubbing her clit as she watched and wanked me, giving me the occasional suck. Mark tried to thrust deeper but I gagged and pushed him back.

'The secrets to breath through your nose, and swallow as I push down your throat' he said as he pushed in again. I let him and swallowed. it took a couple of goes, but soon enough he was balls deep in my mouth. He fucked mouth, I felt his cock grow, he pulled back, cried out and released a big load of cum in my mouth. I came all over my chest instantly, which set Wifey off, she thrust in deep then collapsed onto me, I could feel her warm juice dripping over me. Donna came by her own hand.

All spent, we all slipped under the covers and fell to sleep. With four naked bodies in bed, we made love on and off all night.

I woke at one point with Mark spooning me as the girls were cuddling. His cock was hardening and pressing into my arse crack. As he kissed my neck, rubbed my chest and rolled my nipples betweend his fingers, I put an arm back and pulled him into me, letting him know I was awake. Soon he was fully erect, I spread my legs a little, offering my hole to him. Slowly, and gently he entered me, kissing and sucking my neck and shoulder. It felt wonderful, I'd been fucked with a plastic cock plenty of times, but nothing compares to real flesh. As we lay on our sides, Mark fucked me slowly, not able to get to deep. I wanted more, I rolled onto my stomach, spread my legs wide and let Mark have his way with me.

He took me places I never thought were possible as he pounded my arse. I rode wave after wave of orgasms, I kept cuming until my balls hurt. I felt Mark swell and surge inside me filling my anus with come. He collapsed onto me. We rolled back to spooning and fell asleep with Mark still inside me.

I woke in Wifey's arms. Mark and Donna were already up, we could hear the shower running. Wifey rolled on top of me and we made love slowly. Mark came out of the ensuite, naked drying his hair.

'Showers free, there's towels on the vanity. Donna's cooking pancakes, so be quick.'

Wifey showered, and I wandered out to the lounge to find some clothes. No need, Mark was seated naked on the couch drinking coffee. Donna came out of the kitchen with more coffee. Naked but for an apron, sexy as hell. Wifey came out if the bedroom, wrapped in a towel.

'Did you find our clothes?' she saw us all naled and dropped the towel. 'Oh, no need!' She sat down on Mark's lap.

'Go have a shower Stinky, your smell like sex.' said she.

'And hurry, the pancakes are nearly ready! called Donna.

That was the start of a long, beautiful friendship. Later that day, Mark and i cut a gate into our back fence so we could visit each other at ease.