2 Dec 2015

It's not so much that my husband would not love to see me handled, fondled and fucked by other men so much, it's just that as I think back, I think he loves to see me orgasm, he really loves to see me, to watch me, watch me build, watch me stretch out and finally to release my orgasms right in front of him. He loves to see me really let go.

He really enjoys thinking of the many and varied ways he can make my furry little hole moist and sticky, to bring about the most serious ache in my lower body and planning just how he is going to bring me off this time.

I think so much of this comes from our early days of fucking, days when with my youthful naked body I would lay my boyfriend (now husband) on his back, climb onto and straddle my boyfriends (now husband's) beautiful sexy hard cock and I would, with my naked body proudly, fully displaying my wares, ride him hard, loving the thick penetration, his penetration into me, until I orgasmed. (I would have to press my fingers into his chest to slow down his orgasm or my show and my orgasm, would be over way too prematurely)

He would always get to lay back there watching my beautiful body slide backwards and forwards on his rigid dick, pleasuring myself, driven on by my building desire, working myself to a sexual frenzy, drifting off to my special place, that special place that makes me quiver and spasm, bringing me to my flooding orgasm. His eyes would never leave me, watching my whole naked show.

However it never ended there, I was never shy with any of my previous boyfriend's dicks either, thrusting my hands into their pants, finding the amazing hardness of their lust for my body, the lust that desired my nakedness and what my lusting body offered, but on his cock I always came back for more, I would always, after my orgasm, thrust around on his engorged cock one more time, riding him, this time without the fingers in his chest, this orgasm would be for him, I would watch his eyes widen as I rode, feel his perfect organ swell, my cervix reaching down to passionately kiss the tiny lips of his cock ( I always knew as my boyfriend, now husband, was about to cum) I would leap off his cock (always reluctantly, not because I didn't want feel the thick warm splashing in my pussy, I really desperately knew I wanted cum, but in those early days of sex I couldn't have my boyfriends cum in me) I would cover the head of his cock softly with my mouth, wrap my hand round his shaft and look straight into his eyes, (I have loved to suck cocks to orgasm, giving my boyfriends the best orgasm possible, I really knew the thick, creamy seed was meant for my pussy, but as my pussy was then a "no cum zone" I wanted to simulate that pussy sensation for my boyfriends as best I could) he would look back with amazement in his eyes, I would have him cum in my mouth, the warmth of his seed, the pulsing of his seed, would flow over my tongue, filling my mouth. We would stare into each other, eyes to eye, in a moment of beautiful excitement as his thick creamy flow would pulse wildly into my mouth, my hand gently stroking, my lips holding, covering, preventing any fluid loss and then his strong flow would begin to finally ebb.

I would then stand up, in my full nakedness, mouth closed, wipe a little missed sperm from my lips with a finger and holding a mouthful of his warm sperm, pad sexily off to the bathroom (in the early days I did not swallow, I cannot believe now I wasted all that sweet creamy sperm) his eyes would follow my sexy bottom as it swayed out of the room.

He was always watching as I would return to the room, proudly naked, mouth empty but his semen taste still strongly on my tongue, I would lay my sexy body down against his, my breasts against his manly chest and we would drift off together, naked, sweaty and entwined. My hand on his chest feeling it gently rise and fall.

Now for that naughty fantasy...

Who is he? I wonder from under my restraints. How had he gotten into my home? I almost trip over my own feet as he pushes me forward. I cry out under the cloth belt wrapped tightly between my teeth, and he squeezes my arm harder, "I told you. No noise and I don't have to hurt you. Don't make me hurt you!" He squeezes harder, and I shake my head vigorously, a muffled, "No! No!" escaping from under the cloth between my teeth.

Blindfolded, gagged, and with my hands tied behind me this way, I'm forced into a car, taken to a remote area. I tried to count the turns, and to count the distance between turns, the way I'd seen in movies. But I got confused, forgetting what I'd previously counted.

Where is he taking me?

When we arrive, my wrists are untied, and I'm slammed backwards against a tree, my hands taken and bound again around behind it. My button-down blouse is poor defense as his fingers slowly, tauntingly trace lines along my shoulders and down the centre of my chest. He's playing with my body, and his touch threatens to excite me against my will.

I try to hold my head defiantly, I try to keep my breathing steady and controlled, but my captor expertly takes his time exploring my ribs, my belly, my neck and my breasts with his fingertips, touching me as though he knew exactly how to turn me on. I become wet, my body betraying me. He begins kissing my neck, his unrestrained confidence exciting me. I realise I'm powerless to escape him or to avoid him, and the thought adds more moisture between my legs. I am, confused and angry at my body's reaction.

Suddenly his hands shred my blouse from my body. I'm now exposed. I feel vulnerable to him...and my body starts to tremble, knowing how sensitive my nipples are, and how he could use this against me.

He steps back away from my body. Was he admiring his handiwork? "Oh yeah," he says, his throaty voice possessing me as much as his hands. "And you can't even stop me," he laughs.

It's obvious to me that he's excited by this unhampered exploration of my body, that he gets off taking what is mine alone....that he can touch me as long as he likes, any way he's obvious this gives him a thrill. Knowing that he is preying deliberately on my vulnerability, it unexpectedly excites me...but I stand rigid, fighting my desire to moan.

"Oh yes" he whispers, sliding his rough hands up and down my ribs. When I struggle, writhing to shake his hands off me, he gets annoyed and grabs the back of my head and pulls my hair, "Don't piss me off - if you make me hurt you I will." To demonstrate, he yanks my hair tighter, making me yelp. In fear, I abandon my defiance and he's pleased. He hums appreciation at my cooperation and releases my hair slightly, relaxing the painful tension.

Slowly he resumes his exploration, pulling down my bra and touching my breast with his free hand, rolling my nipple between his fingers, and still maintaining his firm grip on my hair at the same time with the other. I whimper and moan in pleasure, no longer able to repress my body's response to his strength his control, his hands. At that moment I know he's won - he's dominated my's only a matter of time before my mind can no longer fight.

His hand slides between my legs, and I clutch them together desperately. Forcing his hand toward the heat is just a game for him, and he pulls my hair hard enough to make me relax.

"Open wide!" His tone mocks me. Then pulling my hair in one final harsh tug, he pulls my panties aside and thrusts two fingers deep inside me. I squeal in frustration and agony...and in the pleasure that I don't want to feel.

He pulls his hand back, replaces my skimpy panties to their original position, then starts massaging me over the top of them, gently pressing his fingers against me. I try to resist being aroused, but he doesn't stop, rubbing a circle into my hot flesh. He releases my hair and begins to fondle and suck my nipples while rubbing me. "You're going to be so wet for's going be sooooo good..." My excitement escalates and I moan, weakening...

He stands back, and I hear shuffling. Then he lifts my skirt, pulling the waistband of my panties away from me, and snips (or did he slice?) through them on both sides. He yanks my panties out from between my legs. I try to stifle my response to him, and hold my body stiff.

He holds the moist gusset to his nose and inhales before casting them to the ground as he makes for the real thing.

His hands move again over my body, my inner thighs, my breasts, my belly, my ass...

He gropes every inch of me possessively, touching me as though owning my body, as though taking me, as though searching for something beneath every curve. "Oh yeah....soooo, so nice....this is gonna be so good...oh yeahhhhh..."

After this long exploration of my body, my skirt is pulled up, my knees are hoisted roughly into the air, and he thrusts himself inside me, the wetness I tried to deny him only helps him. Out of control, I can do nothing to prevent him -- I'm made to yield myself to my captor. He grunts his pleasure, thrusting himself into me, first slamming in hard and deep, then slowly sliding back out, over and over again. My body responds despite me, and my head falls to the side, my eyes closed from the weight of the lust in my veins, my whimpers turned to low moans. I practically feel the weight of his eyes staring at me, watching my every move. And when I moan again he laughs...he knows he's conquering me. "There's nothing you can do about it, is there? I'll take whatever I want from you..." electric waves course through my body at his words. I feel weak.

His pace quickens, and he pounds into me with no regard for my pleasure, lustily pleasing himself with my body. His aggressive command heightens the electricity, making my head spin.

I feel like I'm high. My moans climb, my resistance and self-composure become broken and interrupted by my repeated grunts and moaning. "You can't hide it," he growls, "I know you like this," and he pounds into me more forcefully, forcing me closer to the edge of orgasm. "I'm gonna fuck you so good, so hard, you're gonna want more and more, baby!"

He presses his body against me, presses his chest into mine. In my ear he loudly whispers, "I want you to BEG for me, my pretty little bitch, you're gonna BEG." He punctuates his sentence by pounding roughly inside me, forcing me over the edge and into orgasm. "Oooo yeah, now you're mine," he says, knowing my body is yielding to him. But he doesn't slow down, doesn't release me...he pounds harder, making my orgasm escalate even higher, making it last longer than I thought possible.

I gasp and pant and grunt, almost to the point of tears at the intensity of the non-stop explosion. He rips the gag out of my mouth with his teeth, spitting, "Beg me to fuck you harder, bitch! BEG me!" Again and again he pounds into me, making me think he'd never stop. I cry out, gasping, grunting, pleading for release, my body on fire with the pleasure. "BEG! BEG me to FUCK you, slut!" He slams into me violently, "BEG ME! BEG ME! BEG ME!"

Then he body finally relaxes, the intensity subsides, and I'm silent but for my breathing and occasional whimpers. I think that maybe he came, maybe he'll free me now.

Then suddenly he barrages me again, fucking me hard, deep and fast... The pleasure is overwhelming, and the electricity explodes in my body again. My mind is lost in the turbulent storm of lust, and my voice acts as though from someone else, screaming, "YES FUCK me OH GOD FUCK ME." My captor, pleased and encouraged, complies with my requests, driving me into yet another endless mind blowing explosion. I cry out, my body completely surrendering to him, "OHYES!!! PLEASE FUCKMEFUCKMEFUCKME..."

He forces my orgasm to continue, not giving me any time to relax, timing his rhythm to make me gasp in pleasure. Excited by the pleasure he steals from me, proud of the actions he's pushed me to, he grunts louder, braces his muscles against me, then slams into me violently as he cums inside me, pouring his molten sperm into my body, the heat is so intense I nearly pass out. After many contractions, he clutches himself against me, pressing the sweat of his body into my pores. Minutes later, he releases my legs and withdraws....

Hours passing, I'm made to succumb to him this way many times, I cannot believe one man can penetrate me this frequently, my captivity seems to spur him on, I cannot believe my orgasms.

Finally I am left lying in a wet, sticky pool of cum, my pussy is so swollen, interspersed between the sex I have been being fed a little food and water, now my limp, abused body is being returned to my home, and I'm thrown (still blindfolded) face down onto my bed, and my captor escapes unseen.

"I'll be back" he whispers before leaving.

Now where is my Ric, I need cock penetration, I need something fat and real...