Written by huneybadger

12 Oct 2011

The weather was foul as she walked down the road to the station undewr her umbrella , Th erain was late as usual and she was really cold. standing on the platform .

Suddenly she heard a voice behind her" woe your umbrella looks an awfull lot like mine . must have left mine on the train awhile back "

My name is Jay , what say I give you a lift to the city as this train idnt going to come any time soon?

With this Jay grabbed Chloe's arm and walked her towards the cat , as they got to the toilet block , he whispered in her ear want to slip in there and remove all the restricting stUff ,

its much easier ? chloe was not able to refuse remerging their first meeting on the train when he had fingered her to orgasm in a full carriage and left his umbrella behind.

I guess said Chloe hesitantly thinking I am glad I have on proper stockings with Garters and not tights .

As she emerged from the door , Jay took her arm and sideled up to her under the umbrella , and heads for the car.

As always Chloe was horny her nipples were hard from the icy weather and expectation , her cunt was starting to get wet and as she had no underwear so she was so very aware of her softly rubbing jumper on her enlarged nipples , and wet with horny anticipation .

Reaching the car Jay said hop in and started driving out of the parking lot, The car had barely turned left onto the road and Chloe felt his hand slip under her coat and skirt , and slowly rub her thighs , as his thumb brushed her clit she shudderd nearly cumming there and then , she spread her legs and said we need to find a place to fuck this is good but not enough . said Jay , and took a right turn . In a thrice he pulled into a drive way and into the garage . I live here he said no one is at home but I am not going to take you into the house .

Get out he ordered and very quickly helped Chloe remove her clothes , he did like wise and knelt down in front of her licking her clit and wet glistening cunt yntil she grabbed his hair and pulled and moaning as she came in his mouth .

Chloe sank to her knees and ordered him to stand she couldn't wait to grab his cock and slid her lips and tongue over it , Jay pulled her head forward by her hair and felt his cock slide down her throat . Chloe was good very good as her hands tongue lips and mouth milked his cock until jay to came with such force and volume that his cum oozed from the corners of her mouth onto her tits , love it moaned Chloe Fuck your good chimed in Jay .

Jay now lead chloe to his work bench , bent her over and spread her legs . pinning her arms behind her back , he massaged her dripping cunt until it was again swollen with pleasure . and roughly forced his rejuvenated cock into her hole filling it , he gave her a slap on her great arse , move your but women he said , and pumped Chloe for all he was worth , she bucked groaned gasped but she was trapped by his body weight and the grip on her arms , as he fucked her mercilessly until they came together .

Chloe loved being covered in cum and slipped back into her clothes , she put on her bra but left her panties in her bag .

Asthey drove Jay had a finger or 2 up her cunt or on her clit the whole way .

He dropped her off at her station and said keep the umbrella, when ever you want a morning fuck leave in a conspicuous place next to you on the seat at the station or on the train . Never know your luck.

Luckily all knew the trains were late so no raised eyebrows on Chloe's late arrival , and slightly bedraggled look. She smiled feeling her cunt juice still dribbling down her inner thighs.