Written by ammodel75

3 Oct 2013

OK, so here we are sitting around a table in the Highway Inn on Anzac Highway, we've finally caught up again for lunch. We've talked about our lives as before when we met and you've been filling me in on everything that has been happening in your business and you've clearly been very busy!

As you sit opposite me I admire your beautiful long hair as it sweeps down to your shoulders past your extremely kissable neck, sitting opposite you this past hour has really confirmed to me how much I lust after you and I really want you.

I must know.

Our plates have been cleared now and I reach across the table and take your hand in mine, I look you in the eye

"I have to know" I say.

"You have to know what" you reply.

"I have to know if you want to have more than just lunch with me, you're driving me nuts here".

You return me a coy smile and an answer, "I really do find you attractive Chris and the idea is very exciting, but I have to be honest I am really really nervous about the idea, I've never done anything like this before, you know meeting someone just, for eerrr, sex. I don't know what you'd expect of me".

I smile a relieved and also excited smile, at least there is a hint that you may be interested. "I know", I reply "it makes me very nervous too, but you have been making me sooo excited for soo long, I hope we can get together. How about we do one of those other things that we have talked about, maybe I can come over and give you that special massage or maybe that strip show I promised you."

Your eyes flick to the ceiling and I can see you thinking it over, "a strip show might be nice, you say, but there would have to be rules.

"Rules, of course, what had you in mind"

"Well, you'll be doing the stripping not me, let's make that clear, and I won't be touching you and you won't be touching me.... at all"

"You drive a hard bargain I say, but I'll agree on one condition, that you have to take control and tell me what to do."

"OK" you say, "I can give that a go. This way we're not having sex so I won't be so nervous"

"I sure as hell will be I laugh, but I'll love it!"

Well the dinner date soon comes to an end as we both have to get back to doing some work. As we walk out to the carpark I ask you when you are likely to have some free time to catch up, you interrogate your iPhone and say all business like, "how does Thursday morning work for you, 8am sharp, I'll send you my address"

"Great", I reply, "I'll see you then"

"and I shall definitely be seeing you" you laugh.

With a long lingering kiss we part and go to our cars, wow that is only two days away I think! Now I am very nervous.

Soon Thursday morning comes around and I pull up outside your house. I walk up to your door and ring the bell. Within a few seconds you answer the door and usher me inside. As I step in and close the door I put an arm around you and we kiss passionately for a few seconds until you remember yourself, you push me away,

"hey, no touching, you promised" you giggle,

"sorry I was forgetting myself, you look fabulous"

"I thought you might like it, but it is staying on today!"

You are dressed in a little black, very short and very low cut, quite revealing and ohhh so sexy dress and it is staying on today, mmm you didn't mention tomorrow, my little boy excitement kicks in again!

You lead me through into the lounge room and I take a seat on the lounge and you sit in an arm chair opposite me.

"OK" you say "are you sure you want to do this for me?"

"Very much so" I reply.

"Good, then you'd better get started. Stand up let me take a look at you"

I stand up and move to a couple of meters in front of you. I was on my way to work so I am dressed in a blue business shirt and tie and dark pants.

"Slowly turn around" you command me and I oblige you turning around whilst I hear you mumble "mmmmmm"

"Take your tie off"

I silently obey and slip the knot undone, pull off my tie and drop it to the floor.

"Now let me see you caress yourself" you say.

Slowly I being to move my hands over my chest, rubbing myself through my shirt as you've told me.

"Now unbutton it"

"Shirt or pants I ask?"

"Don't be smart with me" you retort, "shirt of course"


I start with the top few buttons, slowly undoing them under your watchful gaze, you're sitting upright now in the chair taking real notice, I'm so glad to see you really getting into the role and enjoying it. I tug my shirt out of my pants to undo the last of the buttons.

"Off with it now",

and like a good boy I slowly drop the shirt off my shoulders, my arms falling naturally out of the loose sleeves and with the fingers of my right hand I toss it to one side along with my tie.

I feel very self conscious now so it is reassuring to hear you say "mmmm, very nice, it's nice to see a man who is comfortable in his own skin"

"Talking of which" you smirk, "I think I need to see more of it now.....take your shoes and socks off"

There is no sexy way of taking shoes and socks off so I simply kneel down, unlace each shoe and put them to one side, pull off my socks and toss them over onto my shoes and I stand up again.

"OK good, now take off your belt"

Once again I do as you ask and unbuckle my belt and as sexy as I can slide it off my pants. Grabbing one end in each hand I pull it across my chest from shoulder to waist.

"mmm kinky, you say, but I don't think we are going to be all leather and chains today, much as you love it!"

"mmm shame" I reply "maybe another time", I throw my belt onto the ever growing pile of my clothes.

"Now you say, I think it is high time those pants came off"

"Your wish is my command" and I instantly undo my top button on my pants and slowly slide down the zip and you glimpse my tight fitting black trunks.

Carefully whilst looking you straight in the eye I slide off my pants and drop them the the floor and step out of them kicking them to one side, I stand up straight in front of you in only my undies.

You say "I can see you are enjoying this" and I am all too aware that the front of my undies is bulging out I've got a complete stiffie for you!

"I'm not ready to see him yet" you tell me "let me see you caress your chest again".

I immediately start to touch myself again, rubbing my chest tantalisingly for you, up and around my nipples squeezing each one for you and obviously to your approval.

You tell me to turn around,

"show me your bum" you say.

I do as directed and pull my undie waist band down over my buttocks. "Stop, that's far enough, now squeeze your bum for me". With a hand on each cheek I gently squeeze and massage each buttock to your delight. I didn't realise that you were a bum girl, but it's good to know for the future.

"Face me again please and caress yourself" you are certainly eager and I can barely keep up with the instructions. As I turn I touch my chest again,

"no lower this time" you command.

I move my hand down and across the I slide my hand up and then back down again slipping my fingers under the waist band and down to touch myself.

"Stop that, naughty boy" you admonish, "I want to see your cock before you touch it" you tell me, "you'd better show me what you've got then, but come closer first"

Stepping forward a couple of paces I stop right in front of your chair, you lean back and part your legs stretching them out and pressing your ankles against mine as if to hold me near to you so I can't move away.

I have your undivided attention as I place a thumb each side of my jocks and slowly lower the elastic allowing my hard cock to spring forth in front of you and I tuck the elastic underneath by balls causing them to be pushed up and out towards you.

"oooo you are a big boy then" you say, you make me laugh "and I've never seen a guy who shaves everything before, but it looks so smooth and sexy.

We both pause for a moment, my dreams have certainly come true, this is an exhibitionists heaven. We make eye contact again for a few moments which really adds to my arousal, you look so beautiful and here you are enjoying watching me get naked for you.

After a moment you speak, "how would you like to show me how you play with yourself, I know you do it all the time and I want you to do it for me now. I'd love to see how a guy pleasures himself.

What could I say, here I am standing nearly naked in front of this stunning girl who I have been pursuing for so long and she wants to watch me masturbate.

"Nothing I'd like to do more for you" is my reply, and I don't need to be told twice.

You sit up again pulling your legs back in, I drop my undies straight to the ground and turn slightly to the right so that I am side on to you. With my right hand I slowly wrap my fingers around my full length and slide my hand back towards my body very slowly pulling back my foreskin so that you can see my helmet all wet with pre-cum that I've released from the excitement of striping in front of you.

With care I start to wank myself, I'm so highly aroused I don't want to cum too soon for you. Slowly up and down my cock I go, it feels fabulous as I gently squeeze along my length firing off those nerves that feel ooo so good.

"Play with your balls for me" you say and I wonder if you have been playing this over in your mind since our dinner date as to what you want to see me do to myself. I hope so!

I continue to masturbate with my right and and with my left I sensuously slide my fingers down my stomach and down to cup my balls. One at a time I massage each testicle in front of you, pulling them down and stretching my balls out, it feels so great as I wank myself at the same time.

"I love to see your balls hang down" you say, "turn around and bend over for me."

I do as you suggest and slowly bend down, holding my knee with my left hand and continuing to play with myself with my right. I can feel your eyes on me as you watch my balls hanging down and swinging between my legs with each stroke I make of my penis. I'm conscious of how exposed to you I am and hell it turns me on.

"I think I'm going to cum soon" I call out.

"Ooohhh really" you reply "well please turn around so I can see your face as you cum"

Turning around and standing straight again to face you I increase the pace of my strokes as I wank, looking at you in that sexy dress, with it pulled right up in the chair so that I can gaze on your legs, is so arousing. My face is starting to turn pink with a mix of exertion and excitement.

You can tell that I am close to the edge,

"cum for me" you say encouragingly.

This is all I need, knowing that you are loving this as much as I am throws me right over the edge. I groan and my cock twitches shooting cum out in short jets onto the floor in front of you as you giggle like a school girl.

Within a few moments I am spent and short of breath, I look at you a bit sheepishly and with a little tinge of embarrassment, I know I'm a bit of a pervert!

"How was it for you?" I ask jokingly

"Good you reply and I can see it was good for you. Would you like a drink?"

"Yes please I reply" and I step towards my pile of clothes.

"Please don't get dressed just yet" you ask me "I like having you here naked"

This takes me by surprise, how fabulous.

I follow you into the kitchen, my cock has softened somewhat now.

"Oh so he does go down sometimes" you remark.

I laugh "yes occasionally" I remark looking down to see my shrinking cock still dripping a bit of cum from the end.

You hand me a glass of juice. "what did you think?" I ask.

"I really actually enjoyed it more than I was expecting, I think I might be a bit of a voyeur!"

"Great", I reply, "can I come back next week?"

"Every week" you say with a slight smile. "but I'm not going to touch you yet"

"OK" I respond slightly down hearted.

"but" you say "you can touch me next time, I might take you up on that massage and see if you can do to me with your tongue what you've just done with yourself with your hands....now we had both better get back to work, go and put your clothes on."

With a spring in my step I walk to the lounge room and pull on my clothes with such excitement in my heart as next week I get to make good on my 10 year promise to you.