Written by anon

17 Oct 2010

The Flasher decided to go to Footscray Park in Footscray

because he heard that strange people tend to hang around it.

He arrived at noon. Lunch time seems to be a busy time

there since it's next to a Campus. He left his car at

the carpark next to the river(Maribyrnong River) and

started walking up the path towards the main part of the park.

There were all sorts of people there, including some students,

but nothing too exciting.

After some scouting he noticed some movement behind

some bushes on the grassed area.He walked towards it and

as he came closer he realised that there were two people

doing something behind those bushes.

This got him interested.He wanted to find out more.

His heart started beating faster as he thought of

what could be next. The unknown.

He started doing fast calculations in his head....

Where is the wind blowing from... Which way are they

facing...are there any bushes to hide behind....

There was a large bush just to the south, just meters

from those people. Flasher decided to slowly walk to it

as if looking at the birds and flowers. The couple in

question were much too busy to notice him.

He slowly inched himself into the bush and started

observing. Now he could see it all very well.

There was a beautiful girl and a guy that was possibly

her boyfriend.They were kissing passionately. She was

wearing a very short mini skirt and sneakers with

white socks.She had large breasts too.

That sight has aroused our Flasher.His penis becoming


He observed the couple for a while and then took

his penis out and started to slowly masturbate.....

Suddenly the couple became more amorous and looked around.

The flasher thought that they have noticed him, but no.

They were making sure that no one is around because they

had something in mind. And so they begun having sex

on the grass in full view of the Flasher without knowing that he's there.

He could see the guy thrusting his

huge penis into the girls swollen vagina. She was moaning

in pleasure.Lifted her shirt and was playing with her lovely

soft breasts.

The Flasher was very excited and he couldn't stand it anymore

and walked out from behind the bush while still masturbating himself.

The guy noticed him, but was too busy pumping the girl to say anything.

He couldn't stop. The Flasher continued walking towards them until

he was about two meters away.

Then the girl realised he was there. But she was enjoying being fucked

so much that she was like in a daze. Our hero couldn't take it any longer.

This was so erotic for him, so he blew his load all over the lucky couple.

Some of the hot sticky sperm landed on the girls face and some

on the guys hair and ear. The girl took it off with

her nice finger and tasted it. At the same moment she

has reached a climax. She made a lot of noises and

her face became red and sweaty. The guy orgasmed seconds

later blowing his cum inside the sexy girl.

Our brave hero started to walk away from this in a

rather quick way but then looked back at the scene

before disappearing.

As he looked back.... the guy winked at him and

the sexy girl waved good bye!

This was totally unexpected for the Flasher but he was happy.

It was a great day. And as he drove home he was

full of pride of his achievement. Not only did he

cum, but also made a pair of total strangers


When he arrived home and before falling asleep he

thought of the days events and masturbated himself to sleep.......