13 Dec 2018

I know not to fight it. My wrists are bound either side of me there's a little movement. My legs are spread also, bound tighter then my wrists. I don't know how long it's been since he left for work, feels like hours yet I know it isn't. He always leaves a DVD playing. Guys fucking girls, girls fucking girls, cock sucking, over and over it will play and it's only on its second time. I could easily sleep to pass time till he returns but I fight the urge knowing he would not be happy with me.

Before leaving for work he played with me teasing me. He flicked his tongue over my nipples, kissed and nibbled on my neck as he slid a 10" inch dildo into my anticipating dripping pussy. I gasped as he pushed it deep into me. Sucking on my ear lobe he whispered "that better still be there when I return" and with that he abruptly stopped and headed out the door locking it behind him. He knew I wanted more, erect nipples and soaking pussy told him.

Hours go by. The roar of his bike pulling into the drive startles me awake. Instantly I realise in my sleep I have let the dildo slip out of me. I know this means a punishment but I do not panic.

The bike motor cuts out, I hear his footsteps fading as he walks away. He does not come check on me. Again with no way to tell time I'm unsure how much time has passed before I once again hear his footsteps, they are getting louder and louder until they stop and I hear him unlock the door. My naked body quivers with expectation, wanting and a tinge of fear.

I watch as he walks through the door, his eyes immediately centering on the exposed dildo, his eyes soak in my naked form as they travel up to meet mine. "Roll over" he demands.

Rolling over, as far as his constraints allowed me. I feel his sturdy thick hand caress my amply soft buttock. I am slightly trembling, excited and expecting, my pussy already juicing up. His hand comes down hard on my left arse cheek, I gasp as the stinging tingling sensation encompasses me. He doesn't allow for the sensation to subside before dealing another and another slap to my arse cheek.

This isn't the first time he has punnished me, I'm still tingling but I know he is finished and ready to explore me, this thought makes me groan, I try to stifle it but to late.

He grabs me roughly not caring that he is hurting me, rolling me back towards him, "You know better then that, I was going to use this as a reward" he teases, holding up what looked like a red christmas tree. I knew what it was I had seen plenty in the stores he took me too. This one was tapered 3 times, every taper bigger then the one before. I quivered with fear and excitement. Never had anyone used an anal plug on me before.

He spread my legs as far as the restraints would allow and leaned in to my pussy, I was anticipating him licking up some of the juices flowing from me. He lent lower and rimmed my arse as his tongue left my skin I felt something cool being inserted. It was slightly uncomfortable as he hadn't used any lube or even moistened my hole enough with his tongue. I didn't cry out I knew that he was punishing me and to make a sound would only make it worse.

Smiling down at me he asked "Do you like that?". Knowing that wasn't permission to utter a word, I nodded yes knowing a no would result in more discomfort.

"You may speak when I ask you a question" he says to me in a commanding manner.

"Yes sir" I submit.

He stands up, and leaves me for a third time.

I hear his footsteps, I know it hasn't been that long, the girl on the DVD hasn't even made the guy cum.

He enters, I see he has a plate, my tummy does flips. I didn't realise how hungry I was. Then I see the glass of water, my mouth instantly feels like a desert. I can see he knows I want them.

He sits beside me and starts to eat, what I can now tell is a sandwich, he has eaten just over half of it, slowly he chews watching my face he can see the hunger I'm sure. He places the plate down, finishes his mouthful, grabs the glass, drinking it he looks my way, I'm salivating.

"Would you like some" he offers the water.

My mouth is so dry I can barely get the words "Yes Sir" out.

He places the glass down and untied my wrists, allowing me to sit up, then he brings the glass to my lips, I start to drink. Barely even a mouthful before he takes the glass away, a little water runs down my chin, he leans in and licks it off. He brings the sandwich to my mouth, not to be denied I take a huge bite, he quickly pulls it away replacing it with the water. I barely swallow my mouthful when he puts the glass to my lips and allows me to drink. Thirstily I finish the whole lot.

He asks "does that feel better"

"Yes Sir" I breathely reply

"Good" he says as he stands, unzip his pants, releasing the hard shaft from its tight enclosure. "Now you can thank me" he grins as he pulls my head closer to his penis. I lick my lips, part them over the top of his hard cock, slowly I slide my mouth down, down, down and just a bit further down. I work my mouth, kissing, licking, sucking his engorged member. He pushes and pulls my head in a thrusting motion. Momentum building, he thrusts deeper into my mouth. I gag a little, he thrusts again holding back just a little.

He withdraws his dick from my mouth , quickly replacing the empty cavity with his balls. His penis slapping me, he gyrates his groin into my face. He groans with pleasure as he pulls away from me.

His attention turning to her still bound feet.

"Shall I untie these for you?" He questions already removing the constricting ropes.

I know better then to move away, even with no ropes to hold me down I know to obey.

He pushes my legs wider apart, spreading my lips he enjoys looking at my womanly parts.

He brushes his fingertips along the edges of my lips, teasingly his thumb circles my arse ever so softly, he knows this is already sending me into a sexual frenzy, but he doesn't give into my needs. He stokes me continuously, watching my face intently, I close my eye's, he pinches my erect nipple hard, I wince at the pain it sends through me, "open your eye's" he commands, I obey.

His finger starts to push into my arse, just enough that it leaves me wanting, then his other hand comes to dive fingers deep into my pussy I squirm realising the pressure is making my need to use the bathroom an urgency.

He knows me and is aware of the issue at hand. I don't understand his mischievous smile though.

"Do you need to use the toilet?" He asks in a curiously teasing tone.

"Yes Sir" I reply.

He gets up, I know to wait for instruction before I move. None were forthcoming, I can see he is getting something but whatever it is I can't yet make out.

He returns to my side, holds his arms out for me to hold as I get up as he always does. As I stand I notice he has placed a bowl in the middle of the floor and he is leading me to it.

It suddenly dawns on me, this is my toilet, panic must show on my face as I speak for the first time without his approval.

"Apple" I tell him, he keeps leading me to this bowl again more desperately I cry "Apple", he grabs my throat firmly, no pressure, just controlling showing me yet again who is in charge. He smiles and tells me "no safe words today, your mine all mine and I will do with you what I choose".

The panic washes over me, he had never disregarded the safe word before, I'm sure he could see the panic on my face as he had a cheeky smile on his. I knew he would not hurt me physically, my panic was with my safety taken away, what other boundaries would be stripped from me. He is still guiding me to the bowl I realise. So many thoughts running through my head, is he going to watch me, why is he doing this, how will I tidy myself up after. The most pressing thought was how much I needed to go, he pushed me down till I squatted over the bowl, I tried to fight the need, he had never seen me use the bathroom before. I knew this was not about me urinating but more about the total control and degradation. Slowly I let go, I could hear it catching in the bowl, he could hear it, I finished, he washed me up and returned me to the bed.

He sat me on the edge of the bed, standing over me his rigid cock in my face. I parted my lips, running my tongue over them and allowed his shaft to invade my mouth once more.

Every part of me was turned on, the panic that had been washing over me when he took the boundaries away had subsided and was replaced with a new sexual awakening.

I again let my mouth, lips and tongue explore his penis, his hands resting on my head lightly pushing himself deeper his groans of pleasure sending fresh juices flowing through me.

His grip on my head got firmer as he pushed and pulled, fucking my mouth. I knew his intention, he was not stopping, he was going to explode his load into my hot moist mouth, another boundary broken, yet my now dripping pussy told me how much I was enjoying him.

He held my head, thrusting his dick in an sliding back out, his pace had quickened I could tell he was close, I could feel his cock getting harder, thrusting deeper, his groans told me any moment his juices would be shooting out of his tip, into my mouth, down my throat. I was excited, on edge waiting for him to cum.

He let out a deep groan, thrust himself deep into my mouth, I felt his cum, on my tongue, coursing down my throat, it's warm oozy tastes of him. I try to pull back, he holds my head in place, "swallow" he orders. I gulp out of nervousness, realising quickly that I had just swallowed my first load of cum. "You liked it didn't you?" He asked already knowing the answer. "Yes Sir" I replied but it was muffled by his cock.

He laid me back on the bed, kneeling between my legs, he grabs the butt plug he had put aside from before, this time he puts it in my mouth to moisten it up and slowly starts pushing it into my arse, I feel it stop as the first tapered bit slides into place. He stops and asks gently "do you want more?"

"Yes Sir" no other reply would have been accepted.

"Greedy girl" he chuckles but does not push the plug any deeper. Instead he brings his face into my mound, I feel his tongue searching out my clit, I'm so wet he groans into me.

His tongue explores me as if it was the first time he had done this, there is no part of me left dry, his tongue trys to soak up all of me, my juices are flowing far to quickly.

A hand encompasses my breast, he squeezes gently on my nipple, rubbing it back and forth between his thumb and finger, steadily intensifying the pressure, his tongue darting inside of me. He pushes the butt plug deeper into me. His other hand then grips my other breast, roughly he tugs and pulls, kneading it, slapping it, flicking my erect nipple. I am riding wave after wave of pleasure, he knows me enough to know I want his hard cock in me, I must wait.

He starts to kiss and nibble, even biting me as he works his way up to my breasts. His mouth takes in as much of my breast as he can, his tongue gliding over my flesh. Slowly releasing his teeth catch my nipple, biting down, I stifle another gasp, he lets go and circles my tender nipple with his tongue. I want to groan and moan.

He looks at me "I want to hear you" he orders.

Finally, a moan instantly escapes my lips as his mouth moves to my other breast, working it over. His attention soon moves up higher, his lips cover mine his tongue darting into my mouth, I can taste myself, so sweet.

Abruptly he pulls back, grabs my legs swinging me back onto the bed, a little discomfort from the butt plug still embedded in my arse makes me gasp. He follows onto the bed, kneeling his penis resting on my pussy, he grabs both my legs lifting them in the air, his hand down at my arse gently pushing the plug deeper, groaning in a wave of pleasure I shut my eyes.

I feel the sting of his hand against my arse "open" he menaces. I obey. He returns to the task off pushing the butt plug further into my tight arse. Finally I can feel the second tapered notch slip into place. Another wave of ecstasy washes over me.

He leans into me, his dick sliding into my even tighter cunt, slowly he glides it in, going deep into me, then back till the tip is almost out. He plays with my nipples, still maintaining his rhythm. He starts to quicken his pace picking up till he is hammering my cunt, I'm on the edge, I can see he knows, he passes me a vibrator I know he wants me to use it on my clit, I obey willingly.

Pounding me, his balls slapping the plug still in my arse he sends me spiralling, wave after wave, I squirt my pussy juices over him bringing him to his climax as he thrusts hard into me.

He does not hesitate he withdraws from in me and kneels in front of me. I take his semi soft cock into my mouth, I suck and lick it all over making sure to get every drop of our juices. As I do this he gently removes the butt plug.

I am spent and from the darkening around the curtains edge I know night is coming.

He asks "are you ready to behave now?".

I know this means he will let me leave my erotic prison "Yes Sir" I reply.

"Hmmm maybe I should clean you up first" he says and turns walks out locking the door.

Returning soon after he has a facecloth and as he puts it down I realise he has a bucket of water.

He starts wiping over my face, cleaning me ever so gently he continues moving lower, washing my breasts my belly, he rinses the cloth and starts cleaning my pussy, princes again and cleans my arse, I let out a moan as it is still tender from the butt plug.

He finishes cleaning me, again leaving locking the door. I'm not sure what to do this isn't our usual game.

He returns again. "Pre-sent" he orders. I turn over onto all fours my arse pointed at him. He ties my wrists, giving my arse a playful slap as he says "Silence" I obey. He slips a blindfold over my eye's.

Thoughts are running widely through my head, I don't know what's coming. The nervous anticipation is making my stomach do flips.

I hear footsteps outside, a knock on the door, surely he won't let them in I think.

He answers the door, I can hear their voices, I know his I don't recognize the other. I breathe deeply, what's taking so long just send them away. Heart pounding I can barely make out what they are saying, till I hear him say come in!