18 Oct 2016

It all started as a bit of a game really.

I was relaxing in the spa with my husband Phil one lazy Saturday afternoon when my girlfriend Ronda and her boyfriend Luke dropped in. They had brought a couple of bottles of champagne, and beers for the boys, and as it was such a nice day we decided to all relax in the spa, it's claimed to be an 8 person.

Ronda's about my size, so I found her a bikini that fit, and as Phil was just wearing footy shorts, Luke left his board shorts on and jumped in the spa. We've known Ronda and Luke for many years, we often go camping together and of course drop in on each other from time to time. We were planning our next camping trip, a month long safari to North Queensland, stopping along the way wherever we felt.

Luke said that as we were planning to take the trip with several other mates, maybe we should invite them over to share in the plans. After a few phone calls, Rob, David, Geoff and Phil (no relation to my Phil) came round, they were also prepared with shorts and some drinks. The spa lived up to it's name, there was room for all 8 of us to sit quite comfortably, and the drinks were all in ice beside us, so no one had to walk far.

We started talking about the proposed trip, and with the drinks flowing everyone loosened up a little. There were 4 couples in the group, Rob and David's girlfriends usually come on outings with us but had gone shopping and weren't back yet, they would call in later to show us their bargains. Geoff and Phil no. 2 were singles, and they either went on our trips alone, or took the girlfriend of the moment along. They always seemed to meet up with suitable women along the way anyway.

It was such a lovely afternoon, everyone was pretty relaxed, we'd all been close mates for many years, sharing plenty of wonderful experiences. It didn't take long for the conversation to drift away from the trip, as we usually did around the campfire, and the topic of sex and the differences between men and women was an old favourite.

Geoff always claimed that the male orgasm is far stronger than a woman's because he has to project his sperm with enough force to reach the ovaries and fertilize the eggs. He also has to maintain the blood pressure needed to keep his erection, which is the reason that men usually need a rest period before they can get it up again.

Women didn't actually need to orgasm for procreation, their clitoris, g-spot etc were there for pleasure only, so that they did not reject the advances of the horny men!!! The fact that they could orgasm as well was just an added bonus, it just happened with enough stimulation, and did not require as much physical exertion on the woman's part, most of the work was done by the man.

I knew that Geoff's theories would get Ronda going, she loved a good discussion. She quickly replied that women had to maintain their arousal, and lubrication so they could in fact have sex with several different men, ensuring the survival of the species. Women could orgasm many times in succession too without needing a long recovery period as the men did as a reward for their role in child bearing!!!

I added that I knew from experience that I could have several very pleasurable peaks or orgasms, but they never seemed as intense or left me as drained as I noticed Phil after cumming, and I added that after long stimulation and many of these mini orgasms I sometimes felt a need to pee, which I initially fought off. One time it was so intense that I couldn't help myself and I just let go, and felt the most amazing rush of orgasm, my whole body tingling, the contractions were much stronger and lasted several minutes I thought, and I actually felt myself ejaculate, several spurts of what Phil described as clear liquid.

It was by far the most intense experience, I imagine it was like a man's orgasm and release, and yes, just like a man I then just wanted to roll over and sleep, I was drained. After that first time I now relax with my feelings a lot more, and I have had many of these big squirting orgasms, and Phil loves them almost a much as I do I think.

I could see that David was engrossed in my description, he said that he had heard about women having orgasms so intense that they squirted, and he had seen some on porno movies, but thought they were fake, I said that most of them probably were. He had never been game to mention it to his girlfriend for fear of being thought a pervert. I could tell all the guys were pretty excited by this subject.

All the guys had been paying close attention too, I could clearly see their growing erections under the water, and their voices were definitely higher than usual. I had my hand in my Phil's lap under the water as well, and could feel his growing cock, and it was pretty obvious all the guys were enjoying themselves, and I felt that familiar warmth building up deep inside me too.

Phil no 2 was grinning in the far corner of the spa, and he commented that it was no longer necessary for women to have multiple partners for survival of the species as may have been necessary in pre historic times, and asked me and Ronda if either of us had ever felt the need for multiple sexual partners at the same time. I answered that yes, I had sometimes fantasised about having up to six men taking turns, keeping me constantly aroused, and swapping places as they each came.

Hmmm said Phil, making an obvious count of the men around the spa, just the right number he said!!!

Ronda then surprised us all by suddenly saying that she had actually taken part in a gang bang many years ago, long before she had met Luke, she had told him about it. Kerry, a girlfriend of hers had fantasised about a gang bang, and some of their male friends had taken her offer and organised a hotel room. She had asked Ronda to go as well for moral support, and she didn't have to do anything unless she wanted.

The hotel was a good quality one, the room was roomy and comfortable, there were five men, all friendly and looked to be fit and healthy. After the introductions Kerry and the men undressed, there were plenty of towels and bath robes around if anyone wanted. Ronda said she felt a bit out of place, so she stripped as well, but put on a robe, and sat down to watch.

The men stood in line, erect cocks waving in the air, and Kerry placed them in the order she wanted them, then got on the double bed. There was a large box of condoms, the first man put on his condom, and after a quick taste, he just hopped on and started humping!!! Luckily Kerry was already pretty well lubricated. The first man came in a couple of minutes, and Kerry gave Ronda a disappointed look and a sigh.

The second man was ready and waiting, so as soon as the coast was clear he hopped on, he had seen how quickly the first man came and tried to pace himself. The other men started to move around a bit, fondling Kerry's tits etc. Some of them started to lose their erections while they were waiting, so Ronda decided to help out by taking No 3's cock in her hand, gently massaging his cock and balls to keep him hard until no 2 had finished.

No 2 was taking his time, so on a prearranged signal from Kerry, Ronda reached between his legs and tickled and gently squeezed his balls, this did the trick and he came pretty quickly then, pulling out to clean up in the bathroom. No 3 then took his turn, Kerry wanted him doggy so she turned onto her knees and he entered her, using long, slow steady thrusts, this position also allowed No 4 to reach under and rub Kerry's clit, she moaned as she came for the first time.

Ronda decided to keep helping out, so she kept No 4 hard by rubbing his cock and balls until it was his turn, then put his condom on and guided him into position, giving Kerry's pussy and clit a rub on the way..

This went on for several hours, Kerry had brought some lubricant gel which she applied occasionally between men, she was kept at her peak and came many times, too many to keep count, Ronda did her job readying the men, some seemed to prefer this to the actual fucking!!! Only one of them was satisfied with one fuck, all the others had 2 or 3, and one cheeky man came back for a fourth!!!

After all that everyone had collapsed satisfied, and Kerry looked at Ronda and said that she wanted to thank her for being there to look after her, and for helping out, with a grin she removed Ronda's robe, lay her on the bed, spread her legs wide and gently kissed her thighs, working her way inwards until she had her clit in her mouth, sucking and tonguing the tip, easing a couple of fingers inside. Ronda said that was the first time she had felt another woman's touch, but she was so horny after what she had seen and done that she came immediately, and many more times as Kerry kept eating her.

The men loved the spectacle too, they wanted to help by massaging Ronda's tits, she saw their growing erections and took them in hand one by one, rubbing their cocks and balls again, but this time not stopping until they came.

We all sat silent in the spa listening to Ronda's story, she had never told us about that experience, and we had all talked openly over the years about just about everything else.

Ronda looked around the spa and said "Well guys, I hope you liked my tale, what I'd like now is for all of you to stand up and show me how much you liked it." They all looked a bit embarrassed, Phil No 2 was the first to stand, he still had his shorts on, but we could see his cock standing out impressively. One by one the others stood, the last ones up were my Phil and Luke, then I stood too, telling Ronda that I had loved her story just as much as the guys, it just wasn't as obvious.

And it was very obvious, their cocks straining on their wet shorts looked painful!!! Ronda quickly pulled Luke's shorts down and his cock sprang free, I did the same with my Phil, then we did the same to the other guys one by one, tossing their shorts over the side of the spa, and stood back to admire the sight of 5 well-built men, all with raging erections, balls swinging below.

Over the years we had all grown very close, and we had all seen each other naked before, but not like this!!! My Phil was the first to move, saying it wasn't fair that only the men were naked, so he unclipped my bra with one hand as he always does, and slipped off my bikini bottoms, tossing them over the side with the shorts. Luke did the same with Ronda, and there we were, all completely naked, horny as we'd ever been, and laughing hilariously.

My Phil then looked around at our friends, saying to me "Shaz, we've all just heard your fantasy of having 6 men, and Ronda's experience at helping, this is probably the best opportunity to experience it, and I know that everyone here, including me, will be glad to be a part of it." I looked around and everyone was nodding, and it was impossible to ignore all the hard cocks pointing at me.

I took my Phil's cock in my hand and said "Phil, you are and always be my number 1, and the rest in alphabetical order to be fair, David, I'd like you to be number 2, Geoff, you're 3, Luke, you can be 4, Phil 2, you're 5, and lucky last is Rob. Ronny, I would love your moral support, and assistance if you would like."

So, it was arranged, we all got out of the spa and dried off, then went indoors, up to our bedroom which is pretty large with a queen sized bed, large ensuite and plenty of chairs. On the way Phil 2 pulled on his shorts again and ran to his car and came back with 2 large boxes of condoms, trust him to be prepared for any occasion!!!

We were already naked, and I was as wet as I have ever been, so I pulled my Phil with me to our bed, and guided his familiar cock into me, wrapping my legs around his back as we rocked to simultaneous orgasms, all the others cheered and clapped!!!, then David asked to try doggie, one of my favourite positions (okay, they're ALL my favourite positions!!!) so I knelt on the edge of the bed and he entered me from behind, I had never had sex with anyone but Phil, so the feeling of a strange cock and hands exploring me was wonderful, I came several times as Dave thrust in me, and I felt several hands on my tits and clit, but I couldn't tell who they belonged to.

After a while I reached back and grabbed Dave's balls, they felt so silky smooth, and I fondled them, and his slippery cock until he came with a groan. I looked over and saw Ronda making sure Geoff was up and ready for me, she had his cock buried deep in her mouth, and his balls bumping on her chin.

When she saw that I was ready she gently rolled his condom on and asked me to lie on my back again, with my legs raised. She then got Geoff on his side, and guided him into me in a scissors position, then as he thrust in and out she rubbed my clit and lips, lubricating her fingers from his slippery shaft as it came out. The feeling of another woman touching me was so different, I came several times again, then she went back to her work, making sure Luke was ready for his turn of duty. There was no shortage of willing hands to fondle my tits and clit, I was in heaven, all had to do was lie back and enjoy.

I could see that Luke was a bit nervous fucking another woman with Ronda there, but she encouraged him, and I stayed in the scissors position as Ronda guided him into me, then she gently held his balls, and rubbed my clit and lips until we both came together, I saw that Phil 2 had positioned himself behind Ronda and was sucking her clit, I had to call to him that it was his turn!!!

Ronda rolled a condom on him, taking her time I saw, making sure it was on properly, giving his balls a good feel too, then a quick deep throat, and Phil sat on the bed with his cock pointing straight up, and I straddled him, feeling his thick cock slide right up inside me,

We rocked together for a long time, I came a few times and saw him gazing into my eyes each time, it felt like he could see right into my soul, then he thrust into me faster and harder, I could feel every millimetre of him deep inside me as he came with a rush, his cock throbbing as it shot his hot cum into me.

Ronda was looking after Rob, making sure his cock was hard and ready for me, then she rolled his condom on and he asked me to lie back on the bed missionary style, he knelt between my open legs and slowly rubbed the tip of his cock between my lips, from my opening up to my clit and back, firstly just the tip inside, then a bit deeper every time until he was completely inside, then he tilted his hips up and down so his cock was rubbing on my clit as he moved in, and then the tip ran along my g-spot as he moved out.

I had no idea how many times I had cum, but I could see the guys standing round me watching, and I could tell from the erections that there were plenty more to cum. I was still very wet, and Phil had brought a tube of gel from the bathroom as well if needed.

When Rob had cum, pumping with long powerful strokes that brought me over the top again as well, Ronda said that it was her turn before anyone wanted seconds. Before anyone could object, she kissed me deeply, my first passionate kiss from a woman, and I could taste cock, no doubt from her work keeping the guys ready for me, then she gently sucked both of my tits on her way down to my wide spread legs, I felt her gaze on my pussy, then her warm breath, gently on my lips, my clit and down to my opening, I knew that I was spread as wide as I could go.

I felt her examine every detail of me, without actually touching, I was so aroused that I arched up towards her, but she just teased me by backing away, the guys were all quiet around us, leaning in so they didn't miss a thing. I felt Ronda's breath get hotter on my clit, then just the lightest touch of tongue on the tip, or was it? I wasn't sure. Then I felt her hot breath exploring firstly along one lip, then the other, still not touching, no matter how high I arched up.

Then the lightest touch of tongue running up one lip, down the other, I felt her position her own lips over one of mine, and then she sucked it in, rubbing it with her tongue as she slid her mouth up and down the length of my lip, I thought I was swollen already from the fucking, but I felt myself about to burst.

Ronda had no sense of time, she was just enjoying herself sucking my lips, one at a time, savouring the softness, feeling them swell in her mouth, then I felt her tongue start to circle my opening, I knew that I was dripping, and could imagine the taste, I loved to taste my juices whenever I played. I could tell that she had tasted my juices as well, and that she liked them, her tongue roaming deeper and deeper, then starting to explore further up my slit, lifting away the higher she got, until the tip of her tongue just barely brushed the tip of my clit.

I wanted her so much, wanted pressure on my clit, wanted something hard and hot inside me, wanted to burst!!!

I then felt her lips lightly close over my clit, the pressure getting harder, her tongue touching the tip, her mouth sucking me into her, and then something, a finger? More than one? Slowly enter my opening, exploring my inner walls, particularly my upper wall and g-spot, increasing the pressure and speed until I just couldn't take any more and burst!!!

Yes, I just let everything go, I know that I screamed, I cried, I felt the build-up, then I just came with a rush, I let go and felt myself cumming so hard, shooting my juices high in the air, spurt after spurt, all my muscles contracting as Ronnie kept sucking on my clit, and her fingers kept pumping and pumping until I slumped back on the bed exhausted, covered in my own cum, a ring of smiling faces and hard cocks looking down at me.

Before I slipped into a deep relaxation, I said to Ronda "Your turn" as I smiled up at our newly intimate circle of friends.