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The Glory Hole

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4 min
Published 9 years ago
I travel a lot, and I’ve seen some really weird shit in airport bathrooms. So I was stopping off in Melbourne to change flights for a commuter trip into the boondocks. I needed to piss and hit the bathroom, which looked pretty clean for such a shit-hole of an airport. So I’ve got my cock in hand and I’m pissing, trying to shake off a hangover. Then it happened. I didn’t believe it was happening, because it’s one of those things that happen to other people. But it did. “Hello,” a female voice whispered. “I’m here in the second stall.” “Huh?” I muttered. “What the hell are you doing in the men’s room?” “I’m a nympho, dumbass,” she replied. “If you go into the next stall down and lock it, you can use the glory hole I’ll suck you dry.” I spent a minute looking around. Fact is, I saw headlines running through my head. “Dumbass Gets Nailed by Undercover Cop in Shit-hole Bathroom in Nowhere Midwest,” was the first headline that flashed through. Then there were more. But, I figured the joint was pretty much empty, I had a couple hours layover, and what the hell, you only live once. So I decided to let the slut slobber on my cock for a while. “I don’t have any condoms,” I said. “Don’t need any,” she said, “I love cum.” So I went down, opened the stall next to her’s and locked it. There was a glory hole, sure enough, and she had her lips in it making a kissing gesture. I walked over and unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. “Hey,” she began, “A couple of rules to follow. Don’t make any noises, and if someone comes in, freeze.” “Ok,” I said and shoved my cock in the hole. She was great with her tongue. She was licking the head as my hard on came to full. Then she started sucking it slowly. I guy walked in and we froze, he washed his hand and walked out. Then she started sucking again, laying a ton of spit on my throbbing cock. I was thinking for about two seconds that this is stupid; she could be a psycho who bites off cocks in airport bathrooms, or something. Then she started throating it, and my mind shifted back to an awesome blow job. She stopped. “Hey,” she said, “You want to fuck me?” “Uh,” I replied, “Kind of hard to do through a hole.” “I’ll do all the work,” she said, “You just stay hard.” “Ok,” I said, “Go for it.” “Pussy or ass?” she asked. “Uh,” I said, thinking, “Pussy.” She slid her wet pussy on my shaft and I could hear her ass cheeks slapping against the wall as she fucked herself with my cock. “Let’s do ass,” she said after a few minutes, “Just tell me when you’re going to come.” “Ok,” I said. Why argue? If the dirty slut wants to ass fuck herself with my cock, who am I to object? So she slid it in and fucked herself hard with it. I could feel it was really tight and she was giggling with excitement. And her cheeks were still hitting the wall. I could see her red stiletto heels close to the wall. “Getting close,” I said. She pulled off with a pop, spun around and started sucking like a machine. I blew a load all in her mouth and she swallowed every drop of it “Thanks,” I said “My pleasure,” she said. “Make sure to tell your friends I’m here. “Travelling alone,” I muttered as I zipped up my pants. “Pity,” she said. “Have a safe flight.” I walked out, sure that I looked much happier. A guy saw me coming out and walked over. I got nervous and thought I’d been set up. He smiled as he walked up. “How was she,” he asked. “You a cop?” I asked. “No,” he replied. “She was awesome and swallowed every drop,” I said. “Great,” he said. “That’s why I married her.” I nodded and walked away. Airports are full of interesting people. Just keep an ear out for an opportunity, if you know what I mean.

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