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The moment my husband leaves...

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3 min
Published 5 years ago
OH my god, the moment my husband leaves, my man comes over and begins to fill my cunt with his hot, creamy cum, again and again. It’s such a full day of being fucked and filled. I am used for his pleasure, until I can barely walk by the time husband gets home. I know my husband will be pleased with me. It’s so fucking good. So good.. My mouth is just the start. I want to be completely covered in this man’s thick, hot cum. I want to crawl into my bed tonight, still dripping, being fucked and used, taken like the cock slut I am. I want to get into our marriage bed with my pussy still oozing so much fresh seed. Mmmmmmm, fuck yes. I love being a naughty girl. This is exactly where I belong. At this man’s feet, worshipping his huge cock. Begging for him to ruin, to destroy, my sweet, wifely pussy then leaving my body with a full load of his thick precious seed. Mmmmmm, fucking, it’s always so hot - I love it!!! I love to relax as I lower my whole body onto his straining erection, I give out whimpering cry's of lurid desire, I will line him up and then drop my entire weight on this upright, thick, bulging organ. For an instant, my tight, glove-like pussy channel will resist the thick, rigid stem of his impossibly thick cock. Then, all at once, I will be reamed open, I will be stretched wide open, my eyes bulge as I feel the unbelievably pleasurable sensation of having my entire tunnel crammed full of pulsating throbbing cock. A wonderful, huge thick wedge of erect meat jammed up inside my slick, now stretched tunnel and instantly hammering hard against my cervix, I am in sexual heaven... Make me tremble, fuck me raw, be brutal with your naked, bareback, cock, do whatever you want to do to your nasty little cock lover, just don’t stop fucking me. Use my pussy, use my ass, use my throat! Cum all over, cum inside, my fucking body, make me a quivering, sated mess of thick cum with a pounded cunt. Mmmmmm, yes. OH FUCK YES!! Ram your big cock inside me, to it's hilt, bury yourself way deep inside of me, send shuddering waves of white-hot pleasure rippling through my body. Your big balls tightening and boiling over, heavy jets of thick jism spurting and splashing, hot and creamy, right up into my tubes, blasting deep into my belly, spraying me full of your thick, rich, potent semen. OH FUCK, there’s nothing better than looking into a lover’s eyes, my cunt swallowing his cock, riding hard, letting him know how much I crave his body, I need him to fuck me so hard, I need his seed inside my body. I want to be at home tonight with my cunt so fucking full of cum. OH YES. I can’t resist being such nasty girl. Mmmmm, fuck yes. It’s so fucking good. All day long, I am so horny, I love being fucked. I spend an entire day taking my lover’s cock into my body, any way I can, anything he will want, I will do, any way he will want me he can have... He is feeding my needs, feeding my desires. I am but a sweet fuck for this man with his nice big cock. Mmmmmm, fuck, I’m so nasty. I'm such a naughty little fuck...LOL!

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