22 Apr 2019

The Picnic

He took the picnic rug from the boot, she grabbed the basket from the back seat.

They wandered along the path until they found a secluded spot on the bank of the river under an old tree. He spread out the blanket and they both sat down. He lay back watching her, liking the way her breast moved underneath her shirt, her nipples vaguely visible through the cloth. Her skirt had ridden up and he could see up her skirt, catching occasional glimpses of her knickers.

He could feel a stirring in his pants, becoming aroused at the thought of what was hidden by her knickers. She unpacked the food and presented him with a plate and asked him to open and pour the wine. They sat there enjoying the food and wine.

He looked at her, raised his glass to her and pulled her head down to his. His lips met hers, his tongue darting into her mouth, teasing her tongue. He heard her moan against his mouth, as she pushed her body towards his. She leant back from him and smiled at him.

Her hands reached to her buttons and slowly she began to undo them. She pushed her shirt away, her magnificent breasts free.

Watching him, she picked up her wine and poured it over the breast closest to him.

‘Drink my sweet.’ she whispered.

He rose up, taking her breast in his mouth, tasting the wine, using his tongue to tease her nipple, swirling his tongue in circles against her skin as her nipple hardened and pushed against his lips.

He felt her hand on his pants button, undoing his fly, releasing his hardening cock from his jeans. He heard her murmur of appreciation for his cock was thick and long.

He felt her breast pull away from his mouth. Closing his eyes he felt her mouth on the head of his cock. Her tongue teasing, tasting his precum. Her hand slowly wanking the length of him—

Suddenly he felt his cock taken into her mouth, causing him to buck, so sudden and exquisitely pleasurable if took his breath away. He could feel her moving as she licked and sucked the hard length if his cock and just as suddenly as she started she stopped.

He opened his eyes to see her standing above him, the smile if desire across her lips. He watched as she lowered herself onto him. Her skirt pulled up so that he could see the head of his cock push against the swollen lips of her cunt. He watched her lips open to receive his cock, closing around him. He could feel the wetness of her, feel it run down the sides of his cock as she used his thickness to open herself. Looking down he could see her fingers playing with his cock, occasionally slipping up to touch her clit, her fingers shiny with cunt juice.

He watched as slowly his cock entered her now flooded cunt, slowly she started to move up and down on his cock, occasionally making circle movements with her hips, his hands reached towards her breasts, cupping them, running his fingers over her hard nipples.

He lay there, feeling her movements become faster, watching her face, her cunt, watching as her cunt deepened in colour as she came closer to orgasm. Watched her touch herself, occasionally rubbing her clit.

Suddenly she jolted, he felt the muscles of her cunt tighten around his cock, pulling him deeper into her, felt the juice of her flow over his balls. Slowly she opened her eyes and looked into his eyes as she began to move her hips backwards and forward, his entire length buried inside her, she used the muscles of her cunt, squeezing his cock.

She kept going until he felt his orgasm start.... His cock spawned, filling her with his creamy cum, the spasm bringing about her second orgasm that seemed to travel on and on...