6 Aug 2019

After my third was born. We agreed; one of us should get snipped. Being a tad old fashioned, I argued it should be me. After all, if I passed or whatever, she could have more. On the other hand; they are reversible. I went in and got it done. Holy crap!!! My knackers were purple-black and four times the size. "Did you bring your tight jocks?" says the surgeon in my room, later that day. "Yessss". I was still groggy. He gets a nurse, who looks after me. He came back that night. I was clear headed; but confused. "Why am I still here?" "Because you have an unusual amount of vessels. I had to go in five times until I felt I had found the Vas Deferens. Even now; I'm not sure." Great! He had butchered my boys.

They felt like he had cracked them open and filled them with boiling water. I couldn't touch them. I was in for three fucking days! Shit! My mates had been done and out in one afternoon! When I was finally released and home; I got all the sympathy from wifey - NOT! Back to work. Walking around with a tight sock; pretending to be normal; even though I walked like I had a stick up my arse (That would be preferable).

Three months later; I had to go back for tests. You see; the knackers don't stop immediately. The surgeon wasn't sure he had got it. So I had to go back and give a sample. How is this done?

In the waiting room. I get called. Into a nurses room. A nurse attends me. "Name?" I tell her. "Date of birth?" I tell her. "OK. Here is a sample container. I will leave the room. Here are some magazines and this is lube. You know what to do?" "Yes. I suppose." She leaves. I get him out and start.

FUCK! I could only get a halfy. It was the clinical smell of the room. It wasn't at all sexy. After 20 minutes, she returns. I had my cock out, working him. "Well. How'd you go?" "No good." "Why? What's wrong?" "It is this room." She takes pity. "Do you want me to get your wife?" I scoff. As if. "No." "We have videos." "No." This perplexes her. "OK. Hang on." She goes to a drawer and gets out more lube. She puts on some medical rubber gloves. "Here; let me."

She kneels in front of me and grasps me. She applies plenty of lube. She gets me hard and starts working him. It felt good. But it felt numb. "What's wrong?" "I don't know." "What else can I do?" "Show me you."

She stands and unzips the back of her nurses uniform. She removes her arms from the sleeves and pulls the dress over her head. She had a green lace bra and matching panties. I felt my boy respond. "More." She removes her bra. Oooohhh my. Perfect natural D Cup boobs. I felt him rising. "More." She turns around and slips her panties down, over her arse. Bending slightly to allow me to see everything. YEP!!!!

She had a waxed pussy. She was very wet. "Now. Lets see." She kneels between my legs and takes my boy into her mouth. "Ooohhh; my poor darling." She works me with her mouth and tongue. I'm still numb; but enjoying it. I reach down and take her boobs in my hands. "Hmmmm" she liked it. I stood up and moved her to the chair; leaning her back and spreading her legs. I kneel and go down. Yuummm. She tasted delicious. My cock was now totally erect and standing straight up.

It took her no time at all to start coming. This brought me on. I raised myself to my knees upright and started working my cock; using him to rub her puss and clit. "Oooohhhhh." I enter her. Deeper. Deeper. Past the cervix. I start to thrust. She reaches for the sample bottle; shaking as she comes again. I thrust harder, until I'm ramming her and my balls are slapping against her arse.

I feel the itch. She knows this. "Keep going." That pulled me up. I withdraw. "What's wrong?" "Nothing." She gets me back onto the chair and kneels. She takes me into her mouth and wraps both hands around my shaft. She proceeds to dyson the fuck out of my cock with her mouth. I look down at her perfect 20 something year old boobs. The itch returns. My balls tighten. I can feel the moisture from her mouth and throat. I get harder. The heat starts. She grabs the container and starts wanking me with vigor.

I explode. She fills the container and then her throat.

In a few minutes, the nurse returns. Puts her gear back on. Gets a label and stores the sample. I get dressed. "Thank you sir. You may go."

The results showed I was still shooting live ones. Another 3 months later; I went back. Still live ones. At the 9 month check, this time I shot blanks. Surgeon said my testosterone levels were unusually high; which was why it had taken so long.

Bugger. Nursey and I had enjoyed the process.

Oh well.