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the watcher

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Published 9 years ago
She watched him often, the man who lived across the road. His bedroom faced the front of his house, as did hers. It had started innocently enough, one evening as she was closing her blinds. She’d been struck by the site of his lean, wet torso. He’d obviously just got out of the shower and was striding towards his window, wearing just a towel. With a quick flick of the curtains, the vision had gone. But her appetite had been whetted. It soon became a ritual for her. Every night she would turn off her bedroom light and sit waiting. Sometimes she was sure he had seen her, especially when he seemed to ‘forget’ to close his curtains and began undressing, slowly removing his shirt to reveal his broad shoulders and arms that looked like they could hold a woman forever. On one occasion he had removed his jeans, allowing her a glimpse of his taught abdomen and firm fitting briefs. A nice package indeed! Then the curtains would close and he would be gone. She sometimes thought she could see the curtains move, had he indeed peeked to see if she was looking? Oh she hoped so. This stalking behaviour was a new thing, but it gave her a feeling of complete abandon. She yearned to see more of this handsome beast and her fantasy always produced a wetness which she could not avoid touching. The mere thought of her night time voyeurism made her nipples harden and she often stroked her firm and neglected clit whilst watching him. She never orgasmed though. Just touched herself until her breathing quickened and her pelvis rose to meet her eager strokes. Then she’d stop, embarrassed by her actions and quickly retreat away from her window and back to the darkness of her room. But tonight was different, oh so different. Her need to see more of him had become an obsession and her need to orgasm and drown in her own juices was more fevered then ever. She’d watched him arrive home from work, saw him enter his home and also saw him cast a glimpse in her direction. He’d gone directly into his bedroom and begun to strip, this time he didn’t close the curtains. His movements seemed crafted and precise and she gasped with joy as he ran his fingers along the top of his briefs and teasingly began to lower them. ‘Oh My God’ she thought, ‘is he really going to take them off’. He stopped, as if he had heard her, and she felt his eyes peering into her darkened room , knowing that he was searching for her. She stood, showing herself to her victim and their eyes met. He smiled, blew her a kiss and disappeared! Her heart was racing, it was uncontrollable. What had she done? He hadn’t seemed upset by her voyeurism, in fact, that smile had given her the impression that he too was turned on by her activities. How long had he known? Was she being silly? Did he want her as much as she wanted him? Then she saw him, stood just inside his open front door. He had turned on the light so she could see him standing there, in just his briefs. He appeared to be on the phone and was absent mindedly tracing a lone finger down his chest towards his umbilicus and beyond. He slowly turned, revealing a heavenly toned back and a firm butt, and began walking away from the open door. He glanced back over his shoulder and she just knew this was an invitation. But did she have the courage to go over? What would she do? Just walk in and say ‘Hi, I’ve been watching you for weeks and dreaming about you fucking my brains out, fancy having a play?’ Her head was spinning, her thought processes were out of control and well out of the ‘normal’ range. Why the hell not!!!! She daringly removed her t- shirt and jeans and took her trench coat out of the closet. She could feel her abdomen churning with excitement as she covered her naked body with the coat. On her feet she placed a pair of high, black stilettoes. ‘Oh My God’ she thought, ‘am I really going to do this?’ She faltered and glanced over at his house. He was stood, naked, at his bedroom window, staring intently into her room. She wasn’t sure if he could see her, but boy could she see him in his full, naked glory! His penis was semi hard, being caressed by his left hand. It looked very appetising indeed. She wanted to taste it, lick it, stroke it but most of all, feel its hardness inside her oh so wet pussy. And then he waved, seemingly right at her, gesturing for her to come over. She needed no more prompting and headed for her front door. As she crossed the road she noticed he had left the window and the curtains were now closed. For a second she doubted what she had previously seen, but her need was, by now so great, she continued on to the slightly open front door. She gently knocked. No answer. She knocked again and the door opened a little more. She could hear the shower running and thought she could hear him singing. This eased a little of the tension she was feeling and she boldly stepped over the threshold, closing the door firmly behind her. She followed the sound of the shower and found herself in his bedroom. A room she had only partly seen from her vantage point across the road. The bed was a huge, wooden affair, very ornate and old looking. The linen looked clean and contemporary, obviously best cotton, mmm her favourite. She could smell his aftershave and she felt her pelvis muscles spontaneously contract and relax. A warm trickle started running down her leg. She was totally and utterly aroused. The bathroom was just off to the right, the door was ajar and a whisp of steam was floating out into the bedroom. She could still hear him singing. His soft masculine tones were exactly what she had expected. Deep, virile, horny! She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and entered the bathroom. The singing stopped, but she could still hear the water splashing. Opening her eyes, she could see the shower, the steam billowing out above the opaque shower curtain. ‘Why hasn’t he shown himself?’ she thought, ‘he must know I’m here’. She started to panic. Had she read the signal wrong? Was she about to come face to face with a very irate man, unhappy to find this semi naked stalker in his bathroom? She nervously reached out for the shower curtain, ripping it to one side. The shower was empty! She panicked, turned and was ready to flee when she saw him. He had closed the bathroom door behind her and was just stood there, smiling, seemingly taking great pleasure out of her uncomfortableness. She opened her mouth to speak but before she could utter a single word he was on her. His mouth on hers. Kissing her, licking her lips, his tongue darting in and out of her open, eager mouth. She felt his nakedness press against her, pushing her up against the bathroom wall. His hands searched for her wrists and he lifted her arms above her head, holding them with one hand and pushing his body harder and harder onto hers. She couldn’t move! He had her pinned against the wall, her arms restrained above her head. And oh my god it felt so bloody good. His free hand moved down to the hem of her coat and he deftly pushed it aside, exposing her soaking wet cunt. She could feel her wetness, her excitement, her sex increasing with every passionate kiss, with every hedonistic breath. She pushed her pussy towards his approaching fingers, begging for the thrill of penetration, wanting so much to feel her juices flow, anticipating the feeling. But instead, he stopped and quickly moved his hand to her hair. “So you’re the dirty bitch whose been watching me” he said “well, I’m going to have to teach you a little lesson”. With that he grabbed her hair and pulled her forward, pulling her head down onto his hard, demanding cock. He thrust his hard member into her warm, wet mouth, forcing it all the way to the back of her throat. His hands circled her elegant throat and he squeezed, taking her breath away. He heard her gag and gurgle, saw her saliva ooze out of the side of her mouth, drip all over his cock and fall to the floor. “There you go” he said as he slid his member in and out of her mouth,” suck that cock good”. She felt his throbbing cock pounding her mouth and relaxed her jaw so she could take it deeper. He pulled her hair, jerked her head backwards and covered her flaring nostrils with his free hand. She panted and tried to breathe, but his big cock filled her mouth and his hand kept a firm grip around her neck. In, out, in, out, in, out, he pounded her throat relentlessly. She felt dizzy, she couldn’t breathe, she could feel her conscious mind slipping away and it felt so good, so warm. He felt her body begin to slacken and he quickly released his grip around her neck. As she gasped for air, he pulled out his cock and slapped her lips and mouth, slapping her back into reality. She gasped again and felt her pussy tighten, she could feel an ocean welling between her legs. His dick was in front of her face and she licked his shaft. Starting at his balls she slowly worked her mout all the way up to tip, where she flicked her rampant tongue over the tip, sending a tingle down his spine. He let her calm down a little, just a little, before he recommenced his assault on her eager and receptive body. He squeezed her breasts hard, tugging her nipples to attention, before shoving his cock in her mouth again. He hadn’t let go of her hair and she could feel how her scalp had started to swell. She didn’t whinge, she knew he was in control and she let him use her. This was the horniest thing that had ever happened to her. He looked down at her and noticed a wet sticky substance on the floor, he could smell her sex, almost taste the aroma of her dripping cunt and it made him even hornier. He grunted as he kept thrusting his cock into her mouth. She felt him swell, heard him moan and felt a warm gush at the back of her throat. As she swallowed, he pulled out and continued to cum into her face. She felt his hot sticky come land on her chin, in her hair, she watched as it pulsated out of his cock. But he just kept wanking. She heard him moan again, and felt another splash of warm cum on her face. She had never seen anyone cum like this before and she wanted to taste him. She opened her mouth to swallow and lick. “Shut your mouth bitch”. He growled at her, through his orgasm, “Look at me!” She looked up and stared into his dark eyes. He had a face that told her he was in control. She starred into his eyes, not daring to move or break the stare. His cock started to go limb and he let it just sit on her cum soaked face. He began smearing thecum out and into her skin with his cock and she opened her mouth, expecting to at last taste his salty semen. He smiled down at her and then, to her surprise and shock, he let a thin line of piss stream over her face. She tried to pull away, but he still had a firm grip of her hair and he pulled her head towards him. She felt the warm pee make her hair wet. It felt strangely erotic as it ran down, between and over her breasts, between her legs. His cock emptied and she quickly took it into her mouth, between her teeth and she bit down gently. She looked up at him, looked straight into his eyes and he knew instantly that the tables had turned. “Now I’m in control” she muttered without releasing the firm grip her teeth had on his cock “and if you don’t do what I want you too, I’ll come down really hard.” She felt his hand let go of her hair. She stood, transferring his cock to the firm grip of her hand, and kissed him, smearing her cum and piss soaked face over his face .Covering his face in the load he had delivered to hers. She took his hand and pushed it towards her wet, tight pussy and as he found the moist opening, he slid one finger in. She moaned, her body tightened, but she kept kissing him. The kiss continued as she led him to the bedroom and firmly pushed him down on to the bed. He was on his back. She positioned her pussy over his face, pinning his arms down with her surprisingly strong, slender legs. He could see her beautiful pussy, he felt the warmth of tiny drops of juice dripping down, down onto his face. He could smell her and he wanted her. As if she had read his mind, she began to push her pussy into his face, over his nose, over his mouth and lips .“Make me cum,” she demanded, “ make me squirt!” She felt his tongue wisp around her pussy. It touched her clit and it felt like she was being stunned by a tazer. She pressed down harder into his face. “Keep licking” she moaned. He panted heavily, the smell and taste of her pussy was arousing him again and she could see his cock getting hard again. She slapped his cock with two fingers and smiled. He grunted ,as if in pain, but it kept getting bigger and she noticed that he was still dripping, still ejaculating from his previous orgasm. She smiled. She could feel his tongue lick all around her pussy. “ Suck my clit” she begged. She felt her pussy contract. He sucked her clit in to his mouth while he was licking it and she could feel her juices begin to flow out, over his face, into his mouth. She started to shake. He could feel her pussy contract and he knew she was close. He kept licking vigorously and suddenly her whole body went rigid. He felt her grab his cock hard. She screamed, throwing her head back and pushing her pussy harder onto his tongue. And then she came, he felt a big squirt of liquid coming out from her pussy. It ran into and over his mouth, down his chin. She shook for a while, moaning and gyrating her hips. He kept licking. She kept screaming, loud. Then he stopped and let his tongue just sit on her hard, pea sized, swollen clit. She kept shaking, her orgasm seemed to last for ever. Eventually the cacophony ceased and her breathing began to slow. She opened her eyes, satisfied and rolled off his face. She turned to face him. His face glistened with the mixture of pussy juice, cum and pee. He too looked satisfied, but she noticed his hardening cock and knew that round 2 could soon be on its way. She leaned over and kissed him, briefly exchanging tongues. He smelt of her. She stood by the bed, pulled her coat over her shoulders and picked up her shoes. She smiled down at him, knowing he was ready for more. Turning away, she blew him a kiss and headed for the door, leaving him lying there, with pussy juice running down his cheek and a hard on. The End. Special thanks to Surfsmurf for your major contribution xxxx

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