Written by frangipaniland

13 Aug 2012

She pursed her lips a little, she wasn't quite sure what was expected of her. The request had been plain enough, but what did he really want?

She imagined all sorts of possibilities and the more she imagined the more she wanted his cock in her mouth. She didn't want it to be just another 'job' however. It had to be special. It was an explicit request after all. She moistened her lips with her tongue and sucked at her lips as she contemplated.

The scent and promise of his taste, his hardness, his heat so close to her face, her nose, her mouth distracted her so completely that she lost all train of thought and her lips parted. Her tongue escaped her lips almost involuntarily but she knew she had to be in control. It was what they had both agreed on... her turn, on her terms, not his.

The tip reached slowly, slowly toward him and lightly flicked the the glistening clear salty sweet drop that had formed and barely begun to slip from his engorged head. She lay back and closed her eyes, savouring his taste.

She knew he wanted her tongue to touch him again, she knew because she could feel the vibrations of every single one of his muscles straining against his restraints as he was forced to kneel before her. And she knew another drop, bigger, much bigger than the first would be waiting for her when she opened her eyes again.

Her own need was beginning to consume her thoughts... wetness was seeping from her. Again her lips parted, an almost inaudible sigh escaped. He heard it.

'You want to suck me, don't you?' he growled, his frustration beginning to show.

'Not yet' she replied......