27 Mar 2020

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The evening began with a conversation over the internet and a hotel room being booked, before long Hannah was at the hotel room getting ready for the night to come. She decided to get up... Unlock the door and begun tying her own hands to the bed end.

She knew everything was set the door was unlocked, she was positioned on the bed ready for the stranger who she just meet (micheal) to explore her body as she lay there blindfolded.As she lay there with, thoughts racing, she imagined his hands running up the inside of her leg, inner thigh and stopping just before his fingers would feel her wet panties...

Wearing a sexy revealing top, barely covering her breasts and black underwear the only thing covering her moist wet vagina. Micheal does a soft knock of the door, cracks it open and whispers “Hannah!”. She Replies “I’m in here waiting” Micheals heart racing with excitement and tension as he’d seen the photos and was longing for this moment.Hannah feels Michaels weight on the mattress, making her roll slightly to one side... Pulling on her bound wrist... She could hear him breathing heavily. She again feels weight on the opposite side of her body and his warm breath on her bare stomach... He was over her, but not yet touching...Still not touching her he said “you like it rough don’t you” pulling on her hair as he leant down and began biting on her neck as she lay there bound to the bed helpless, feeling his warm hands running down her body squeezing her and now focusing his attention on her large breasts covered by that red top. He proceeds to....Tear that shirt from her body as gives a little struggle as she really liked that top, but was too horny to stop, feeling the man above her clasping breasts in his hands as he pulled gently on her pierced nipples, she loved the way this felt. The way he was allowed to explore her without limitations. He could see she was enjoying it and said “you like that don’t you” she replies “....Yes, please don’t stop” now sliding his hand down to vagina just stopping short, she lay there trying to move her body up the bed to stop the teasing, Michael had other plans he flipped her over onto her stomach and bent her over and began spanking her. He was really giving her nice firm spanks as he held her to restrain the Hannah writhes ever so slightly, her gorgeous ass, red, and hot. Michael feels his cock so hard inside his trousers. He removes them, but resists the enormous temptation to enter her...gently lifting Hannah's hair off the back of her neck he gently kisses slowly down her spine, running his tongue across her gorgeous, smooth skin back towards her amazing ass...stopping and caressing the small of her back, mesmerized by her perfect curves...loving the sound of Hannah's quiet moans of pleasure...She want pressing against him, feeling his hard penis as it slid past her vagina between her legs stimulating her clit. She then tried moving forward to allow his penis to slid into her wet swollen vagina that was aching to take his penis inside her, but was held back by Michael as he’d grasped her hair and pulled he back, saying “naughty girl” as she let out a moan, he proceeded to give a spank as punishment which only served to make her moan more and press harder against his body. She was so close to orgasm when he rolled her on the side and lifted one leg up the other straight along the bed and her vagina so wet and inviting, he could no longer resist the temptation of which was Hannah the absolutely stunning curvy woman in front of him. He penis slid effortlessly into her were she gave a loud moan as the girth of his penis was quite wide, she could feel her vagina being stretched as he drove it further into her moist vagina. The moans only got louder.....Her body, moving forward with each stroke to feel more of his penis inside of her. She’d been close before but this was a completely different sensation she was shaking with each stroke inside her wet vagina till she gave out a loud moan, when she began to cum all over his penis, she’d never been able to squirt before until now. Feeling the rush and extreme wetness of Hannah, Michaels body stiffen and a huge load of sperm filled her vagina, mixing with her cum as he did the last strokes, pulling out to watch the waterfall of semen leaving her body. Her still blindfolded, micheal placed the key from the bedside table and left the room before she was able to un-restrain herself.

Was it even Micheal or was it really a complete stranger?

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