Written by EroticFantasies

2 Jan 2013

I want to walk in. Not say anything and lead you into the bedroom. I take my bag off my shoulder as I help you sit down. 

I slowly undress you until you are naked. You trust me but I sense your vulnerability. I pit a finger to your lips and then kiss you taking some of your apprehension away.  Out of my bag I take one of my neck ties. I tie your hands together and then help you move up the bed and tie the other end to the bed head. 

I finally speak and tell you that at any time you are uncomfortable to say "penguin".

I then take 2 more ties out and tie each leg to the bed legs. You are spread and vulnerable on the bed. I then get on top of you and kiss you passionately. You reach for me and I tease you. U arch your back to rub your pussy on my crotch but I shift my weight and you are left wanting.  Reaching into my back pocket, I take out a blind fold. Kissing you and putting it on. Your tongue is a little less alive as you try and gauge and think what I am up to. 

I kiss you one last time then kiss your neck. And now I speak, "I want you to lay there and accept the pleasures I have in store for you. Of you resist your senses will not open. Your smell will not come alive, your touch will not be sensitive, you will not hear what may happen. Allow the loss of one sense to make the others come alive!!!".

With that, I get off. You move and struggle a little but then go quiet as you try and hear what I am doing. You hear me at my bag and don't know what I'm doing. You hear me move closer to the bed and then feel something soft and light touching your skin. 

You try to think what it is, and finally settle on a feather as you feel it lightly touching your nipples and neck. I concentrate on your nipples until they are hard. Your ears and lips are next. You almost sneeze with it near your nose. Then I trace it down your body all the way to your toes. I ask you if your ticklish and tell you to block out the tickling and let the feeling go through your body. You do and gasp as you feel the nerve endings open on your legs and finally your vagina. Them moving up I rub it lightly on your pussy lips and then put it between them dragging it over your clit and through all the way. I see how turned on you are by the way he feather sticks together. I trace the now wet feather over your upper body leading to your nipples again. The sensation is different to last time. I then trace on your mouth and you smell, yourself and licking your lips you taste yourself.

What now?

I stop and go to my bag. I pull out something. You hear cracking and then you smell something. You can't quite make it out. I walk over to you and you feel something cold on your nipple. Then it is replaced by my mouth. The ice cold then warmth of my mouth feel hotter.  You still smell the aroma it is stronger but you still are not sure. I repeat for the other nipple and then move to your pussy lips and then clit. I watch your breathing. You are sighing, moaning, almost crying out with the sensation. Then all of sudden you get a ripple of sensations and a mini orgasm runs through you. 

I then take more ice and place it on your ear lobe. Then your lips. Then you put out your tongue and you taste strawberries. This sends your senses into overdrive and I kiss you. You taste like the strawberries. It mouth is cold. I put my fingers inside of you and you almost cum instantly. And I sense your juices leaking out of you. Either it is the ice or you have squirted with the orgasm. My mouth muffled your scream but I know it was there. So do you!!

After your orgasm. I decide you need to be cleaned up. I start to lick you. You just get wetter and hotter. You moan and when you are about to cum I stop. 

I then sit between your legs and take fingers from both hands and put them together. Then insert 1 finger from each hand. Then 2. Arms like pistons. In. Out. In. Out. Hard. Deep. Deeper. Fingers rubbing your g spot. Then your orgasm returns. Stronger than ever. You start to cry out. Calling my name. Then you cry out. Your pussy muscles clench around me. I take my fingers out as your orgasm continues. You are wetter than before. I go down and lick you more ad this prolongs the orgasm. And suddenly you cum big. And you squirt a little (or maybe a lot) as your inhibitions and barriers are completely lowered. 

to be continued