Written by EroticFantasies

9 Jan 2013


I ask if. You would like a drink. You say yes please and I walk out of the room together water. While there I raid the fridge and then creep back into your room. The blindfold is working and heightens your senses and you hear me. I help you drink some water and then reach into my bag and grab an atomiser to spray a light mist of water over your hot body. The cooling sensations shocks you at first and even causes little goose pimples to form on parts of your body.

I then turn to what I have found. I look at them and think I need to prime your body first. Get it ready for what it will receive. First I place a finger inside of you. The suddenness shocks you as you were not anticipating it would happen. Your breath is taken away. Then I put two fingers in. Satisfied you are wet enough. I move around the bed. You hear something but don't know what it is. A slight snap and then tearing. You smell something a little sweet but can't make it out. I then move so that you can feel my breath on your vagina lips. This coupled with the mist is cooling but you are hot and wet with anticipation.

I then slowly insert the object i have. You don't know what it is that but the shape makes you wonder. It goes in easy and seems to keep going in. I put it in so only the tip remains out. I then move it in and out carefully so that it doesn't break and you are squirming, moaning, and tensing up your muscles. I warn you to be careful and then bend down to lick and find your clit. You arch your back and I think you are almost going to cum. I stop and then push the object a little deeper. You feel it at the very back of your vagina. It's curve rubbing against the inside. I then pull it out a little, this causes you to exhale and moan. I bite a piece of the proposing object off and you hear me eating. I then bit a little more. You are straining to hear. It tastes wonderful. A mix of the sweetness of the food and your taste. I bite off a little more this time holding it in my mouth. Moving up the bed I move to your lips. You feel mine against yours and then as you open your mouth I let you take what I have. The first taste is you and it excites you. The second is familiar and as you bite down more you taste the banana. You know there is more inside of you.

I tell you I am not going to take it out of you but want you to use your muscles to push it out. As you do I will help a little by biting a bit off and pulling at the same time. As I bite I ask if you want more and we share the remainder. The last pieces have your musky taste on them more than the others. As you take those in your mouth I sit above you. You feel my cock on your clit. The taste of you mixed with the feeling makes you orgasm without me being inside you. It is a quick fast me and as it subsides I enter you. This causes another wave to rush over you. This is what you have been waiting for but it is only short lived. I take myself out. I then move up and you sense it near your lips. You take it in the same way you took the banana. You take me inside tasting yourself and then tasting me. I take myself out but see some pre-cum and then give you a chance to lick it off.

More .....

I am at my bag again. I laugh a little which makes you squirm as you don't know what is tickling my fancy. I can't decide if you are ready for what I have next. I need some thinking time.

I pace around the room and you get unsettled by this. You ask what I am doing but I don't answer. You hear me at the side of the bed near at the same level as your head. I stop then you hear something else. I am masturbating. You can hear my hand stroking me. You know I am hard. I look down on you and then reach down to loosen the blindfold. I want you to watch me now. As I pull on my had cock you lay there not being able to contain yourself. You move and slide on the bed wanting to be part of the action. But you can't. You are tensing and loosening your muscles all over your body. Your mouth is open. Wanting me...

As quickly as it starts I move to let you suck me. You hungrily take me in. Taking the tip then more as I move above you. I ask if you can take more and your eyes say yes. I slowly push in deeper and you gag a little. Pulling out at the same time I replace the blindfold. Then inserting the tip for you to play with I reach and find you are super wet. I give a couple of tweaks to your nipples and then put a finger in you. Now you are ready...

I get off leaving you completely unsatisfied and needing more.

to be continued