Written by Zorro_3691

24 Aug 2012

... continued from before

... and it is amasing when expectations are raised and not a lot happens. The status quo continued for two stops. My knee constantly against the inside of your leg - just up from your knee - legs apart just a little more that what is normally socially acceptable. No more movement, no more eye contact. In fact I turn my gaze to the window looking at nothing in particular which gives a sense of frustration to you - what now - what do you do.

And then at the third station there is some movement - many people exiting from the train and the usual game of musical chairs starts again and with the seat next to you is suddenly filled as qickly as it emptied.

"Hi, how you going"

Your neck almost snaps as you turn to face the newcomer only to realise that the enquiry is directed at me.

"Good" - standard response to a standard question, but then a surprise "But a bit annoyed at the crap flowing from that party on Satuday. You (the new bloke sitting next to you) were there and know what happened, but the stories I now hear are nothing like the truth - anyway, what can you do"

You are now intrigued and for the first time feel the presence of the new bloke next to you. There is no option for shoulders to be rubbing against each other due to the small size of the seats, but this extends down to his leg - his thigh next to yours applying sublte pressure back against the pressure from my knee. A situation that is not uncommon on peak hour trains, but different because of the earlier interchange.

And I continue "It wasn't my fault - she was pissed and I said no - you know me - that full on, in your face shit is just not my style - and she was way too young - had no fucking idea what she was doing and ..."

A sudden stop to the conversation and both the guy next to you and myself glace towards you and you note my head tilt to the side - "Sorry - didn't mean to swear in front of you - but just tad annoyed with some of the younger members of the human race."

You smile an accepted apology and even before you are aware of what you are sayng you hear "Thanks I have hear worse, but youhave to remember we were all young once - we all made mistakes"

The response obviously catches me and my friend off guard as our reaction in immediate.

More next time - once I work out what the mistakes are .....