Written by Attero dominatus e nomine victoria!

2 Jul 2014

Training Day.

Friday started like any other for 19 year old Jennifer, early rise and straight to uni to study at her Animals Studies course. The day was rather uneventful, a maths double, lunch with her friends and a lot of cramming to get her homework done in school. Just before the day ended, Jennifer received a cryptic message on her mobile phone from her boyfriend, telling her to meet him in South Melbourne asap, that he had a surprise for. Although she had planned on an early night, she was always in the mood for surprises and despite many, many phone-calls all Jennifer managed to wheedle out of Sean was an address.

She took the first train into the city after leaving uni and took a connecting train to South Melbourne. Jennifer as always was quite worried about being lost but she managed to find the address Sean had given her not too far from South Melbourne station. It was a very old looking hotel with majestic Victorian features that reflected the times it had been built in, intricately worked wrought-iron and glass work paired with carved marble and stone.

Eagerly, Jennifer approached the entrance, her heart fluttering and her mind racing as she tried to guess what Sean had planned. She passed through a set of iron and glass revolving doors and entered the hotel only to encountered high ceilings strung with crystal chandeliers, a grand foyer with a brilliantly polished white marble floor inlaid with various mosaics of classic art. Although Jennifer didn't really know much about classical art, she thought she recognized the goddess of love, Venus in one the frescoes. She only gave it a second glance because she noticed Venus was blindfolded and her cheeks seemed flush, otherwise it was identical to the famous painting she had seen somewhere, whether a TV show or a textbook she didn't know. If Jennifer had been more attentive, she may have seen other signs that something was... odd about this place such as another portrayal of Venus with her hands bound with silk rope or another of her with a leather collar around her neck surrounded by phallic mushrooms.

Before she could explore the foyer further she was confronted by a butler who asked her name and handed her a card-key with a room and floor number on it. With a smile, he directed her to the elevator doors. After a short trip in the elevator, Jennifer found herself on level 3. It didn't take her very long to find her room, it was one only one with a key-card reader. After swiping the card, Jennifer reached out and turned the brass doorknob and opened the door of suite 303. She found herself looking at a fairly normal looking and empty suite, a little dissapointed she entered the room and closed the door behind her. On the large king sized bed was a rose and a small white card, Jennifer took both. She smiled as she brought the rose to her nose and almost fainted as the intense, intoxicating smell of the rose made her very light-headed.

Dismissing the light-hotheadedness and the smell of the rose as something she was imagining, she turned her mind to the little white card that accompanied it. "Relax with in the bath with a glass of wine and a little chocolate, I'll be there soon. Love, Sean." said the card, Jennifer wondered why he was gone but she did feel quite ready to relax after a long day at school. Passing by the bed, she opened the door beside the bed and found a candle-lit bath ready for her along with a bottle of wine and a block of chocolate.

Jennifer felt strangely uninhibited as she stripped herself of her clothing in the hotel bathroom, the soft flickering candlelight illuminated her curves deliciously although she couldn't see it herself. As she slipped into the bath, she let out a long, slow sigh, the temperature was absolutely perfect and the steam wafting from the surface of the water smelled of roses, honey and essential oils. With a smile, Jennifer poured herself a glass of wine and broke off a piece of chocolate.

First, she tried the chocolate. It was smooth, rich and creamy, every taste-bud in her mouth seemed to tingle and a shiver of pleasure shot up her spine as she finished it. She loved it, now she would try the wine. Jennifer brought the glass to her lips and took a small mouthful, much like the chocolate it set her taste-buds ablaze with pleasure. She swallowed and it warmed her throat all the way down although it did not burn or kick in the slightest. Quickly, she downed the rest of the glass and found herself savouring the subtle fruity flavour and sweet aroma. Soon the feeling of warmth spread through her whole body, every nerve tingling from head to toe, her head began to swim as she felt quite light-headed. It felt good, she felt good. Stretching a little, she lay her head against the edge of the bathtub and sighed contentedly.

It wouldn't be long before Jennifer felt something strange, something she had never felt quite so strongly before. It wasn't very noticeable at first, after all her entire body was tingling but soon she should've noticed that her nipples had become rock solid and that her vagina had began to leak her juices copiously. In fact, it wasn't until the tingling spread to her clitoris and began to intensify that she took any notice at all. Jennifer was brought back to reality for a moment by the realization that Sean still hadn't arrived. She couldn't help but move a hand to vagina under the water, to just gently touch her clitoris.

She drew in a sharp breath as she spasmed with pleasure and the tingling intensified, Jennifer was soon rubbing her clitoris in slow, lethargic circles as she quivered with ecstasy, never questing for second if this was normal or natural. Her breasts rapidly felt heavier by the second and her nipples ached, craving attention. Unable to help herself, she grabbed her right breast with her free hand and squeezed it firmly as she tugged at her nipple with her forefinger and thumb.

Letting out a long sigh, Jennifer's thighs quivered as she kept rubbing at her clitoris, the smell of roses intensifying faster and faster by the second. It wasn't long before she felt an urge, no a need... her vagina ached to be filled. She couldn't really help herself any longer, it was like she had become possessed. She climbed out of the bathtub and went for the nearest candle, blowing it out before turning it around and rubbing it against her sopping cunt. With only a tiny amount of pressure, the candle slipped deep into her tight cunt although she hadn't even noticed the fact it was quite thick, just about as thick as the black dildo Sean used on her at home. Jennifer grunted as her cunt tightened around the candle and squatted on the bathroom floor, the end of the candle braced against the tiles. Without even a moment's hesitation, she began to bounce her shapely bottom on the candle. Grunting and moaning as she fucked the slick, thick candle, she kept rubbing at her clitoris. Slowly, Jennifer felt pressure building inside her begin to overwhelm her and with one deep thrust, she quivered as she squirted her juices all over the bathroom floor.

"Oh god, more..." Jennifer whispered as pussy pulsated around the candle and it was then something unexpected and terrible happened, the candle snapped as she climaxed and was quickly expelled by her vagina onto the bathroom floor leaving her horny and in desperate need of a toy. "Howhhhhhhhhh!" Jennifer whined as she lay on her back and quickly slipped three fingers into her hot, tight cunt. She was desperate to get off, she couldn't understand it and with every second that passed she became more and more aroused and no amount of playing with herself seemed to help.

She was so intently focused on trying to rub out another messy orgasm that she didn't notice someone had been watching her obscene and perverted display of out-right lust, she didn't notice the pool of girl-cum forming between her thighs and around her ass on the floor nor how she was panting and grunting as she finger-fucked herself desperately, madly.

Before she could resist, Jennifer was seized and turned over, her hands being bound behind her back, then her ankles were tied together and linked to the bindings on her hands. There was little she could do, escape was impossible and despite the shock she was more worried about not being able to masturbate than about being tied. Struggling without any success, she could do nothing as a blindfold was slipped over her eyes. Jennifer felt an arm wrap around her waist and she was soon hauled over someone's shoulder and taken back into the bedroom suite. She squirmed against her bindings as she was put down on her knees, begging to be freed, to be allowed to cum. A ball-gag was placed in her mouth and tied as she rested on her knees, her bindings making it impossible to move at the risk at falling over. Jennifer's head swum and heart pounded as drew in deeper and deeper breaths of that rose scent that had so intoxicated her before. Her lust was self-evident in the way her juices trickled down her thighs in steady streams and the deep red flush of her cheeks.

Unable to see her captor, she moaned into her ball-gag as the feather-light touch and silky softness of rose petals danced across her nipples and breasts, every nerve in the rose's path tingled intensely, burning up with raw, unadulterated pleasure. This only drove young Jennifer even more insane, her arousal began to become all-consuming, it became the only thing on her mind. The rose trailed a path down her tummy, circling her belly button before moving along to her outer hip and then down along the outside of her leg. She couldn't do anything but kneel there, bound and helpless as the rose reversed it's course, crossing her leg and slowly trailing up her inner thigh until it reached the burning, soaking snatch between her legs. Jennifer's captor turned the rose in his hand, the soft silky petals of the rose flicking across her labia as he lightly ran it up and down her slit.

A familiar voice called out to Jennifer, although through the haze and fog of her lust she couldn't quite place it but she did trust it. "I know what you are feeling and you if you want release from your lust... you will have to do what I say immediately and without question. You will have to submit to my every whim as lord and master and in return you will be rewarded with pleasure beyond your wildest imagination. All you have to do is nod your head and your... training day will begin!"

Jennifer nodded her head almost before he finished the sentence, desperate for release at any cost. She was all-consumed by the urge to feel, by the urge to touch, by the urge to fuck. She heard some odd sounds in the background but paid no head to them. Jennifer felt the binding between her wrists and ankles undone and the she was again carried. This time she was laid down in a leather sling on her back with stirrups to keep her legs supported, spread and leather-cuffed to prevent her from moving over her own volition. The back of the sling was slow enough that she could lie her head back and look up at the ceiling although she couldn't see through her blindfold.

Whatever her captor planned, she wished he would hurry up as her clitoris started to tingle uncomfortably with every passing second that it wasn't touched. Without warning, something warm and rubbery was pushed into her vagina, stretching her cunt lips wide and she couldn't help but grunt as it bottomed out. Jennifer's clitoris wasn't spared either, she felt a small bullet vibrator being stuck to her clitoris with some medical tape. She moaned heavily into her gag as the bullet was turned on, the quivering movements of her hips causing the sling to swing just a little. Jennifer didn't have much time to adjust as another warm and rubbery object was slipped into her ass, she thought it may have been a dildo but couldn't be sure.

There was a loud thunk as a switch was thrown and Jennifer began to grunt into the gag, both of the dildos began to move alternatively, in and out of her. Both were large and rubbed against each other through the thin wall between her ass and cunt. There was constant, unyielding stimulating of her g-spot from inside her vagina and her ass simultaneously. The never-ending buzz of the bullet vibrator on her clit, paired with the constant fucking of the dildos didn't take long to bring her to a messy climax. Jennifer felt streams squirting from her piss hole as she climaxed intensely, shaking, shivering, screaming and moaning. This continued for a short while before there was another thunk and the machine slowed down a little, giving her a little breathing room yet leaving her craving even more.

It wasn't long before the next stage begun and one of Jennifer's breasts was cupped and a small suction cup placed against her rock hard nipple, the other breast was next and it to had a suction cup attached to the nipple. Another thunk was heard in the background and she felt a gentle, periodic suction on her nipples while each breast was liberally squeezed and caressed in a milking motion. Jennifer soon felt warm liquids building up around her nipples before being rythmatically sucked away by the suction cups, she was being milked and she loved it. Once her breasts were emitting a small but steady flow, her captor let go of her breasts and turned the fucking machine back up.

Jennifer heard footsteps behind her but couldn't do much but concentrate on how good it felt to have her nipples milked and sucked while her cunt and ass were being fucked with big, thick dildos that stretched her just the way she likes it. "Now you will suck Daddy's dick and maybe if you take it deep enough, we might move you onto the real fun." Said her captor, his voice familiar but still distant the fog of her lust. Jennifer breathed in deeply as the ball-gag was removed and then she felt the slick, slobbery end of a thick cock pressing against her lips. "Suck Daddy's cock." said the voice. "Yes, Daddy." Jennifer opened her lips and allowed the head to slip into her mouth, it was slick with pre-cum and she loved the taste although she didn't know why or what was different that made it that way.

Her captor began to fuck her mouth in time with the machines, her body swaying back in forth in the sling as she quivered and convulsed, eagerly slurping and sucking the cock that was being thrust deep into her throat. It wasn't long before she was cumming again and again, moaning and grunting as she sucked her captor's dick. "Here it comes, little girl... you better swallow it all if you want Daddy to keep training you!" Jennifer was so consumed by lust that she was determined to follow his instructions, doing her best to open her throat and suck hard, she let him cum deep down her throat. Surprisingly, she coughed and spurted only a little and eagerly licked up the cum that did make it back to her lips. "OH FUCK YES! Daddy's little whore did well! Mmmm, do you want your reward, babygirl?"


TBC - This is where I left off, by time we were pulling into the driveway of our friend's house, she was stark naked in the passenger seat sucking my cock as I drove. >.> We had a great night although our friend drank too much and lost strength early in the evening but we were all a little bit too drunk at the time. lol Tell me what you think!