31 Jan 2017

My favourite and ultimate fantasy, is having an unknown man, sent up, walking into my hotel room and just finding me spreadeagled across the edge of the bed, my nice looking, waxed pussy, waiting for him, peeking up from under my raised skirt.

I just love the idea of being fucked by a complete stranger.


The story is that my sexy, horny wife will be waiting, face down, bent over our hotel bed, skirt raised to her hips, in the rented room. She will be waiting for me to send some random stranger up, to come in and really fuck her. I will give the complete stranger the keys to our room, for him to go in and just fuck her, too use her cunt or arse, to empty his balls. She will be waiting, as I said, face down, wearing a revealing skirt and no panties. The stranger will be told to enter and get right onto her, I am sure she will be so wet, in her horny and eager anticipation. He will push her skirt higher for access and spread her legs even wider. She will open herself to him, making her wet pussy available, aching for his cock to enter her. He will waste no time, and he will thrust his cock inside her, bringing her aching pussy relief. She will push herself hard against him and they will fuck with a horny rhythm. My wife will surely moan and groan, really enjoying the reality of this, her dirty scenario.

She will thrust her arse about, encouraging the guy to pick up his thrusting speed and beg him to grab onto her hips for better leverage and depth. I expect he will pound her hard and rough from behind. He won't last long, she is a really horny fuck, and he will end up giving up control and hosing cum, inside of her luscious pussy. Lathering the walls of her cunt with creamy spunk. He must then immediately pull his cock out of her sweating body and walk out, no chat, no thanks.

I am sure he will pause in front of my wife for a second, as he leaves, and as the two fuckers actually look briefly at each other for the first time, for just a moment, I am sure, they will be all smiles.

What a unique and hot situation. Ric.

My dirty Hubby set this all up, he really did tell me to stand spread-eagled, head down on the bed and wait. Boy, oh boy! I did enjoy that our man shot a huge load in me. Still dont know who the fuck he was, but "IT" was great horny fun.

Thanks luv, I really did enjoy...