Written by warmblood61

14 Feb 2012

I knew my gf, Toni, was a nympho as she was always eyeing off other men and wanting my cock where ever and whenever she could get it. Wasn't unusual to fuck 6 times a day. All very good at the beginning, but after a couple of months she was wearing me out. Sex on waking, during my lunch break, after work (she loved the work sweat smell) , before she went off to work and again when she got home. We were partying hard too and came the day I knocked her back due to exhaustion, in fact a few times in a couple of weeks. I needed to reset the pace.

We were living up in the tropical north, opposite a beach and Toni was working nights as a waitress at a bar/restaurant.

Depending on the night and how busy they were, she would get home between 11 and 12.30, mid week early and weekends late. A couple of times one week she came home very late. "Functions" was the reason she gave. The second time I noticed her black skirt stained with a whitish substance dribbled down it. She said it was cream from a desert. I didn't believe her as I'd seen those sort of stains before, my cum stains where she had dribbled giving me a blow job.

The next week I asked her if the restaurant had any functions on. She mumbled that she thought there might be one that night. Now Toni was getting a lift home from a couple of co-workers who lived nearby, a barman and another waitress. Depending who finished when, would depend who she got a lift off. This night, a usual warm one, I went across the road and sat on edge of the beach dune with a longneck about the time she was due home, Before long I noticed the barman's car pull up in a car park about 100 metres up the road. It looked like two occupants got out of the car. I decided to investigate. I walked onto the beach and with the cover of the dune, some beach scrub and trees, I soon found myself looking into the car park from a hidden vantage point.

The car was parked parallel to the green pine poles and beach. Sitting on one of the cross poles was the barman getting his cock sucked by my Toni ! Behind her, another guy I didn't know, had her skirt hitched up and was fucking her doggy. After a couple of minutes they swapped positions and the barman lasted about a minute before he blew his load. The other guy blew his load a minute or so later. As they redressed and straightened their clothes I quickly headed down the beach and back across to home.

I left the lights off when I went out earlier to the beach so didn't turn them on when I returned. I peaked out the bedroom window and waited. As Toni approached home on foot about 10 minutes later, I jumped into bed. Toni came into the bedroom and thinking I was asleep, she started undressing. I pretended to wake up, said hi and told her I was horny as all fuck (which I was ) . She said she wanted a shower first and I argued she never bothered before, that she usually jumped on me as soon as she got in the door from work. I grabbed her arm, pulling her to me. Kissed and hugged her close with one arm. My free hand dived straight into her undies, fingers spreading her very sticky lips. (Slut! They didn't use a condom !) She tried to wiggle away insisting she wanted a shower. I was having none of that! I pulled off her knickers and in a deft movement found myself on top of her, her legs spread and my rock hard cock ready to penetrate a very sticky pussy.

Holding her arms above her head, I stabbed her hard and deep with my cock, the other guys cum providing the lubricant. I banged into her cunt hard and fast, the way she liked it and it wasn't long before she came. Her cumming nearly tipped me over the edge but I pulled out, poised to return. When her orgasm subsided I again penetrated her, slowly this time, all the way in, my weight pinning her down. I then told her I saw her fuck the barman and the other guy. She looked astonished and said "What?" . "In the car park down the road. I watched you fuck and suck them" I replied with a wry smile. Before she had a chance to let my confession sink in and make a confession of her own, I started pounding into her. It didn't take long before she came again and I had my best orgasm ever.

I've listed this story as fiction, but like all my fiction stories, it has a strong element of truth.