Written by LexiLou

23 Jul 2018

As she stood by the water she felt his hands wrap around her waist. Her body stiffened not knowing who it was.

He whispered into her ear "Your safe, I know you, you know me, enjoy this moment" His voice was soothing and so manly. His breath against her neck was warm and sent shivers down her arm. She began to relax and enjoy the moment, as she had been asked to do.

He kissed the back of her neck feeling her melt towards him. He began to caress her breasts, gently at first getting harder with every touch. He guided her in to the water. Still she was unable to look at him and see who this stranger was.

As they entered the water, his fingers entered her warm pussy. It was warm and wet. Not from the water but from the juices flowing to her love regions. She needed his fingers inside her, she was beginning to want more from this mystery man. She could feel him getting hard against her back. This was turning her on even more.

He could sense she wanted him. He had her in his grips. He turned her around and as he did he told her to close her eyes and not open them until their time had come to an end.. She did as she was told.

She wrapped her legs around him, he took her out a little deeper, away from the few people.

He delved into his shorts and took out his hard member. She could feel it and wanted it even more.

Her eyes were still closed as he entered her. Hard and fast. She was enjoying this. Her eyes still closed, the feeling enhanced by one less sense.

With only a few hard, fast pounds of her pussy. They were both finished. The orgasm intense and full.

He then took her back to the waters edge. Kissed her on the back of the neck and whispered "thank you, I know you enjoyed, see you here next week, same time. Now don't turn around for at least 5 minutes or you won't feel me again"

She waited facing the horizon thinking of what to wear the following week