Written by maturebis

18 Sep 2012

D and I slide the door open, walk on in and see you tied to the bed and blindfolded. We take a good close look and nod to each other that we approve. We kick off our shoes and slide our pants down, then slip off our shirts. D gets on the bed between your legs and I go for the head of the bed.

While she starts teasing your genitals with the whip we brought along, I stroke my cock to semi-hardness, then bend over your chest and start rubbing it over your nipples and up to your chin. Soon you open your mouth as I stroke upwards, a clear invite. I slap my hardening penis on your face and wipe the head over your keen lips, teasing. Looking at D, she slaps your crotch with the whip, lightly at first then firmer, tantalizing not hurting. I get on the bed and crouch down over your head, dangling my balls over your face, nose, blindfold, then into your mouth mmm...you lick and suck my nutsack, making me harder still.

I slide my cock down bringing my asshole over your nose to your mouth; D see's your reluctance and whacks your genitals hard with the whip...getting the message you poke your tongue out and lightly lick my arse, making me moan. As a reward D rubs your sex with her gloved fingers, causing you to leak the juice you have built up whilst waiting. The more you eat my ass the more D rubs you; eventually I can't wait any more and I push my rock-hard penis down into your mouth. You can taste my pre-cum, nice and rich and silky mmm. D brings her mouth to your upper thighs and licks big strokes up to your oozing sex, flicking and teasing at you.

I stand and turn to line my 7" cock up to your mouth then slide in slowly, the whole length going in and causing you to choke a bit. While I get you used to deep-throating me, D puts on her strap-on harness fitted with a 7 inch dong. Your red face is covered with spit and pre-cum as you try to be a good slave and swallow all of me, then you feel her finger wipe your asshole with cold lube. AARrrr you call out as she inserts it, but this earns you another series of whip-strikes, the hardest yet! Strangely stinging but stimulating at the same time, you flinch but want more. She rotates her finger in your anus, widening and loosening it up, then slides a second then third finger inside. Meanwhile I have continued fucking your mouth and started playing with your nipples, twisting and pinching them hard. I stop and get something out of our bag, and tease your left nipple up before putting a spring peg on it, causing you to jump and moan again. You know what that means and WHACK sure enough, a hard slap over your belly from the whip...you tense up as I pinch the other nipple to erection because you know what is coming...I rub the peg over it a few times then clasp it in there ooooh! You instinctively lock your jaw on me, close to biting my cock but not quite. I start to thrust all the more, deep and building up speed, I can hear you choking and see the tears appear from under the blindfold...I pull out now and again to let you breathe...

D has your asshole wide to where she wants it, pulls out her fingers and shows me they are clean - obviously you followed instructions and had an enema before we arrived, like a good slave should. D smears some lube over the knob of the dong and presses it to your stretched ass lips, then starts pushing...slowly she thrusts it into you, in a fucking motion that has her leaking juice out of her pussy and down onto the bed. She starts fucking you back and forth, slowly at first but when she sees that you have become comfortable with having a cock inside, she speeds up and plunges deeper. I pull out of your mouth to watch the show...she gets to fuck you full-on for about 10 strokes then starts cumming, pinching her tits and nipples and shoving the dong so deep it's impacting the twists of your colon inside! Exhausted, she unbuckles the harness and rolls away, the cock still in your ass. I decide to join the fun and step over into it, my penis poking out above the front strap. Soon I'm rooting the plastic cock into you while rubbing my own...D recovers and lights a candle, and begins to lick your chest and nipples around the pegs. In time with a thrust from me, she pulls the pegs off! OWW you cry, then realise that the real pain comes after they are removed. I continue fucking you, masturbating myself and rubbing your sex with the strokes of my hand. D picks up the candle and starts dripping it over your chest in circles around your nipples; I reach out with my free hand and tweak on nipple then the other; I feel my cum boiling now and start grunting with pleasure so D quickly undoes the harness snaps, rubs lube over my cock, then all at once I whip the dong out and shove my cock into your open ass..she pours hot wax over your nipples at the same time and says the only word of the whole evening - CUM. Its your instruction not mine, and your raise your hips up to meet my thrusts and rubbing hands as I blow my spunk deep into your asshole, your juices burst forth, and D rubs herself to a second orgasm!!! The moans come out without reserve and we all collapse in a panting sweaty pile, gasping for breath.

A few minutes later your partner emerges from the wardrobe with the biggest smile and helps us clean up by licking D's cunt and my cock, before we dress and leave you exhausted and sticky in a pool of cum. Later that night you send an email saying that it was the best sex session of your life, and can we return next week...I reply Yes, but only if both of you are our slaves.