20 Sep 2020

Laying satisfied on the bed i can't but stare at your body, naked next to mine. The curves in the light begin to arouse my desires, my hand runs up your side and cups your breast as i lean over and kiss your shoulder, i reach out to touch your face and you turn toward me.....i kiss you passionately, tasting and feeling those inviting lips.

I whisper in your ear "touch yourself"

You do without hesitation, i lay closer on my side as you stretch out on the soft bed. Running my fingers over you i tease your hard nipple and request you continue until you cum.....looking at me i again whisper

"i'll talk to you but i don't want you to verbally reply, just suggestive body language....i want you to play and go where my voice takes you, no questions asked" staring at me with those big brown eyes your already excited and give me a gentle nod of acceptance.

I begin as my cock hardens against you, your free hand grips it firm and slowly strokes as my story starts.

"I have another surprise for you", my voice shallow and husk," i've arranged a special treat based on the excitement you showed from the story i wrote you where your doing a BBQ. Remember???

The thrill as your mind wondered about the three men in line??", you nod as your eyes remain closed still working your pussy with rubbing and occasionally sliding a finger inside.

Your legs widen

You excite me more as i watch you drift into total pleasure

"Tomorrow night i'm going to tie you to the bed with your wrists and ankles bound as to restrain you, a blind fold will heighten your senses and you will be totally naked and unable to communicate as a gag will prevent this" I blow a stream of air onto your neck and your body arches

" i've arranged for three men, carefully selected for different personalities and sexual orientations"

i pause to see your reaction.....legs open a bit more and a slight swaying from side to side as you become more vigorous with your pleasuring.

I continue knowing i'm on the boundary

" each will have the opportunity to pleasure themselves and you in their own way, firstly Michael.... Michael is first as to his gentle nature and need to fulfil a woman s desire not his own" my cock stiffens and are so keen to roll on top and penetrate your inviting pussy.

"i selected him because he says he can cum by fingering and licking a pussy without his cock being touched, but saying that they all have large cocks, believe it necessary for your fulfilment" our cheeks touch and i gently bite your neck....

"next....David, a fit man with staying power and loves to let a woman feel his cock, slow and with purpose. After Michael i think you will need some physical presence inside you and you will feel Dave inside"

You begin to moan, unclamping your hand from my cock you use it to help masturbate by opening your pussy lips....forcing your pelvis off the bed i see two fingers disappear into your endless hole.

"Then after Michael's long solid cock departs your wet cunt, William will display his wares. Apparently Will loves pounding and fucking a woman as hard as possible giving her no breathing space or time to recover...Relentless and unforgiving, he even told me that half the women he fucks end up squirting"

My cock is so hard, if your fingers weren't so far up your pussy then my cock would be....

I know your close so i finish

"then after their all done i'll unbind you, remove your blindfold and gag and let you feast in a orgy of muscle and stiff restrictions.....your pleasure"

Just as i go to say a cock in cum, shoulders roll back as your head rocks from side to side

You leave your fingers on your pussy lips, stretched open, exposed wanting the men to take you....slowly you leave the fantasy and return to me.

"fuck" the only word i do, i enter you and fuck until i'm exhausted, we both drift off to sleep without a mention of the story.


"baby, you awake"

You roll over,"yeh"

I'm just going to get some coffee, be back in a moment.

The door closing wakes you more, the sheets so warm from my body heat attracts your body to roll in my position.

The sun has risen and filtering through the curtains onto your skin. Sitting upright your arms stretch upward shaking off the drowsiness, standing you pull the curtain fully open to see the fresh day, momentarily you absorb the suns rays on your naked skin before noticing a near naked man in the window directly opposite first startled you wrap the curtain over your breasts....he just stands and you pay more attention to his body, young and fit. A wetness forms down below and you wonder what the hell your thinking, then the story comes to mind, the different he one?

is he gently?

is he fulfilling?

is he rough?

before you realise you remove the curtain and stand naked before watch as his hand slides under his've aroused cup and squeeze your breasts as for a brief moment he pulls his cock out and shows his reaction...a full erection, you put a finger in your mouth and can taste your juices from the night before, you simulate sucking him as he strokes....suddenly a figure interrupts from behind him and a young woman walks into the room, she glances over and you hold your nerve. In slow motion she takes him by the cock and they fall out of view.

How many can see me you wonder, how many watched us last night???

The door opening alerts you to my entry,

"coffee baby"

"first sex hun, please"

The day passes bye, some shopping, lunch, a quick lick,suck and fuck and before we know it it dark and the evening is bringing more unsuspected pleasures.

The local pub brings us to a moment of togetherness, small table some drinks and really into us....the world disappears until you ask..

"that story, it was just a fantasy right?"

"well, to be honest no....drink up"

we do and both pretty tipsy go back to our room.

Once inside i turn to you and encourage you to raise your arms, a little persuading and your beautiful dress falls to the ground revealing the lack of underwear. I kiss you and run my hand through your hair.

"don't say a word" i whisper

you answer "promise, i'm whatever you want to do"

I pull out a blindfold and you giggle, raising my finger to your mouth i you do

laying you on the bed you seem to know whats about to happen and you position yourself in a giving position.

I bind your ankles and pulling tight your legs spread, pussy parts and already wet. Wrists next,firmly tied to the bed you soon realise your lack of power to resist. I kiss you once more before the gag is feel very vulnerable and think surely not.....but then you hear the door open and whispering. All off a sudden you feel uncomfortable and try to close your legs from embarrassment.

"He can see my pussy" is your first thought as your knees try to close....your panicking but realise your pussy is dripping wet and nipples rock hard. You just want your legs firmly together.

The bed moves and you lean away.

A slight brush on your inner thigh alerts more moisture from your opening but as much as you try your legs won't close...then....the first touch

a firm tongue stimulates your clit not once but relax a little....again force applied to your clit.

You begin to want it, the story returns to your memory " Michael, this must be Michael"

A hand rests on your inner thigh, you part your legs as his tongue continues to excite you, his good a very pleasuring you want to be unbound not for modesty but so you can wrap them around his go back to the fantasy and enjoy the occasional finger slide inside as he sucks your clit.

His flicking tongue appears to be working as you thrust you pussy forward for just want to touch him, feel his muscles...his cock, he licks engulfing your entire pussy. A hand fondles your breast as the other explores your lower region, long slow rolls of the tongue drink up all the wetness before he concentrates on your clit pressing against it in circular motions.

your mind wonders, size, length, shaven, circumcised oh god please fuck me....a finger slowly enters your arse as he sucks more. A slow fingering takes you to the edge and you cum when you feel his cock accidentally touch you with what you think is cum.

You feel him lean over you and kiss your neck then mouth before movement on the bed signals his retreat.

Wow you think....somebody please fuck me

Again whispers as a door opens...this time you don't retract but arch your pussy forward to show your desire to be entered.

"What was his name,, Dave thats right oh great i know what his going to do" you thoughts arouse you.

The very first thing was a sensation of hands running over my body, a deep breathe just above me then...the head of his cock rubbing on your pussy. Your moistness invites him to enter and you can't help by moaning as his member stretches open your pussy, his length seems to take forever to sink to the bottom of your cock hungry pussy. Waves of estacy flow through your body as his slowly raises onto his arms and his cock is so sensitive on the walls of your pussy....he fucks you slowly for a good 30 minutes with each stroke bringing a climax closer. He rubs your clit as he speeds up obviously about to cum. Clamping your pussy you want to extract cum from you'd love to see this beautiful cock in your cunt...he grunts

balls slapping on your arse he quickens before extracting and coming over your breats. You quiver with pleasure, feeling his cum you just want to rub it in and taste it....

You know who's next and you pull on the restraints, you desire to claw this one as he pounds....squeeze his butt to encourage him not to hold back...

The whispering excites, you forceable trying to undo the restraints.

You feel him close....

A pause confuses you...where are you!!! your only thought

Then the mattress sinks, before you know it his cock is deep in you which takes your have no time to recover as he just drives deeper and deeper thrusting his thick cock for his own pleasure...

Your mouth gaps open under the gag and leaves you breathless...his fucks with more intensity, relentlessly pounding and using your wet cunt for his enjoyment, you adjust but he only seems to grow feel every millimetre of his manhood, can you take any chose he steps it up a notch and the slapping against your swollen, thirsty, exploited cunt drives him to cum. But like his fucking style his hard on his cock with his hand as he sprays cum over your face and slaps you with his lump of meat across your cheeks.

You Rest....

The door closes and my voice stirs in your head

"baby, ready for your orgy of cock and muscle. I'll let them all in together and free you"

You nod

i take the blind fold off and you soon realise that all three men were me, You see the sweat on my forehead and deflated cock with your juices all over it.

"oh my hun"

I lay back on the bed as you peer out the window...that mans watching again and probably seen the whole thing. His naked and erect, behind him a young naked woman with round perky breasts is wanking him and looking on. You move closer to the window and can see glubs of cum spray from his dick onto the glass....the woman waves softly and the lights go off.

You cuddle against me as we drift off, what if it was real...OMG....

Your pussy moistens!!!!!!!!