5 Mar 2016

After months of talking about it we had finally decided to do it. I spent the entire day alternating between being rock hard in anticipation and a ball of nerves and wanting to call it off. Finally 4.30 arrived and I left work for the ride home, wondering if I would be able to go through with it, or whether you would be there….

I didn’t see you on the platform (being tall I can usually pick people out in a crowd) and didn’t know whether to sigh in relief or regret. I get onto our usual train and carriage and wait to see if you are on board too. Then we see each other through the crowd and move through the standing room passengers until we meet face to face finally. The movement of the train and the other passengers force us hard against each other and you feel how hard it is making me. I am wondering if you are having a similar response and move my hand up against the skin of your leg. You shiver, a good sign I think and smile and nod to me so I keep running my hand higher. As I approach the top of the inside of the thigh my finger feels moisture... I smile and start moving slower. You use the rhythm of the train to slip lower and grind my hand against your clit. I lean in and whisper "looks like someone needs to be fucked right now... "

As a response you unzip my trousers and reach in, grinning as you realise I have gone commando and grab my cock and start wanking it. I follow your lead and I trace the moisture up to its source and slowly insert my forefinger in and as it slides home my thumb finds your clit... You sigh and whisper back to me

" I think I need something bigger than a finger or 2"

After a couple of quick glances around no-one has realised what is happening so I hitch the front of your skirt up and you spring my cock loose, stand on tippy toes and then slide back down, impaling yourself on my cock. We both sigh, its such an intense feeling of pure lust (mixed with a bit of terror) and you whisper in my ear

"Its lucky I wore my highest heels today... What do we do now?"

"Nothing" I whisper back "let the train and the other passengers do the work"

Which is what we do, the motion of the train and the swaying of the other passengers means that the rhythm of our sex is like nothing we had experienced before, grinding our pubic area's together rubbing your clit and slightly adjusting depth and angle of penetration constantly like nothing we ever imagined. We stay like this through 2 stops until finally I lean in and say "I'm close" to which you start shuddering in orgasm which sets me off cumming deeply inside you. Such an intense feeling and the pair of us feel weak. You stand up and I hear a muffled noise as my cock comes out of your pussy. You lean in and say, "You had better zip yourself up because its our stop next..." I do exactly that and as the train pulls up you grab my hand and work off the train with me and my mind starts whirring about what you could possibly have in store for the rest of the night